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Valley People

LOOKS like the Philo Mill may be gearing up to mill again if the replenished log deck at the mill is any indication. Timber provided work at livable wages for 150 years on the Northcoast, and it could again if and when the economy comes back.

IF YOU'RE WONDERING why Alex Wood is walking real, real slow lately you must not know the guy is recovering from back surgery performed recently at Stanford.

ERICA KANE will deliver an introduction to beekeeping workshop at Ludwig's Irrigation and Landscape on Saturday, September 25th, noon to 3; and again on Saturday, October 2nd, noon to 3. At a mere $45 this instruction is a bargain. Info at 894-9174.

LAST THURSDAY, the 19th of August, marijuana raid teams pulled up 20,675 pot plants from a series of gardens in the Yorkville area. The cops say the gardeners were living among the weeds, so to speak. So far this season, raid teams have uprooted 542,388 plants, grabbed 594 pounds of bud, made 50 arrests, confiscated 66 weapons, all of which may or may not withstand close statistical analysis, but if even half the stats resemble reality, a lot of dope has been interdicted, perhaps even enough to keep prices at about $2,000 a pound, more if you buy your cannabis at medical marijuana centers.

IQBAL SINGH and Barjinder Kaur are the new owners of Pic 'N Pay, having taken over the busy store from the always personable Shaukat Ali.

A CALLER ASKS, "How about doing an interview with Robert Fullbright, born and raised here?" Robert's on our list, as is Rod Balson and a whole lotta people, some of whom are shy types who'd rather not be interviewed. Myself, I think we've got just about the most diverse, and interestingly diverse, cross-section of people any darn where, Frisco included.

HELEN LIBEU called again. Helen, now in her ninth decade, and a person of means, again insisted that her stepsons, Carl and Jack Libeu, both of Sonoma County, are trying to sell the old growth redwood acres Helen owns about five miles up Peachland Road. Her property is on the market, she says, for $500,000. "They seem to hope nobody notices," Helen says, "but I haven't signed anything and I've always been under the impression that I owned the property." I've shared Helen's impression for many years, having visited with her at that very place. I asked Helen if she had an attorney. "Yes, I do," she said, "but he doesn't seem too interested." $500,000 is a figure likely to attract the attentions of most lawyers, but maybe this guy is the type who doesn't hear old ladies unless they lob wads of cash directly at him. "Grab him by the throat, Helen," I suggested. "Do what you have to do to get his attention, because if you're being swindled you're going to need more than a newspaper to get the wolves away from your door." I made what inquiries I could, and what I found was this: Helen's descendants are trying to sell the property, sort of, but they are fighting among themselves to the point an actual transaction is, at this time, impossible.

PANTHER FOOTBALL 2010 kicks off Saturday noon at the Boonville Fairgrounds with a three-way scrimmage between Anderson Valley, Point Arena and RVC. The Panthers are coached by Logo Tevaseu, John Toohey and Bill Nobles. And thank you to Boonville football's number one fan, Palma Toohey, for dropping off a season schedule.

LISABETH ELAINE MARYA LYON, 28, and Jeremiah Johnson, 29, both of Philo, have taken out a marriage license. As have Joanna Joyce Temple, 27, and Colin Matthew Anderson, 29, also both of Philo.

STATUS of the Navarro Streamgauge: Friends of the Navarro Watershed are raising funds to assist the county in continuing the operation of the United States Geological Survey gauge on the Navarro River. That commitment to raise contributions of $4,000 in public funds is going well. The Mendocino County Water Agency supports this arrangement and combined with the county’s reduced contribution, funding from the USGS, and Mendocino Redwood Company we can assure that the 57-year operation of this vital information source will continue. The Mendocino County Water Agency is presently working on a contract with USGS they will present to the Board of Supervisors at the end of September. We believe the Board is supportive of this effort and with their approval of the arrangement; the donated funds will be given to the county. We are half way to our goal in donations that are coming from all spectrums of the community. We thank those of you who have made contributions and encourage the participation of those who wish to contribute to this effort. You may make checks out to Mendocino County, and mail them to Friends of the Navarro Watershed at PO Box 449, Philo CA 95466. For more information, contact: Steve Hall 895-2735 ( or Daniel Myers 895-3887 (

ANDERSON VALLEY BREWING Company's 14th Annual Legendary Boonville Beer festival, through its’ non-profit entity, The Bahl Hornin’ Foundation, has raised another $118,500 to help support local non-profits. Ken Allen, founder of Boonville Beer, and founder of the Legendary Boonville Beer Festival held each May, has supported good things in The Valley via the annual Beer Festival going on a decade now. Mr. Trey White, Anderson Valley Brewing Company’s new owner and President assures us that he will continue to support this annual fundraising event. “As the new person in the Valley, it has been a pleasure to observe how the folks in the Valley are able to pull together to put on a truly unique event. An event which not only provides entertainment for thousands and provides participants with the opportunity to consume a wide variety of world-class beer but more importantly creates a tremendous source of greatly needed funding for a our local community during these challenging times. The folks of Anderson Valley should be proud and the festival attendees commended for their participation in such a wonderful event.” This year the funds went to the Anderson Valley (AV) Lions Club, Parent Teachers Association, Elderhome, Education Foundation, Sports Boosters, Animal Rescue, Senior Center, Historical Society, AV Fire Department, Volunteer Firefighters Assoc, AV Ambulance, AV Sheriff K-9, Kimmies, Navarro River Resource, AV Land Trust, AV Health Center, AV Housing Authority, Tapestry and the Mendocino County Fairgrounds. Many of the grateful recipients made note that their non-profit would not be in existence without the generosity of Anderson Valley Brewing Company. The Boonville Beer Festival began in 1997. The inaugural event was such a success that the next year Boonville Beer decided to invite other breweries and charge admission to raise profits for their community. The 14th Annual Legendary Boonville Beer Festival featured over 80 breweries and record attendance with 6,500 supporters despite the worsening condition of the overall economy. Next year's event is Saturday May 14th, 2011. For more information please contact: Debi Paslay, Administrative Assistant, Anderson Valley Brewing Co. 895-2337 or

A DISC GOLF Tournament at the Anderson Valley Brewing Company, corner of Highway 253 and Highway 128, is set for September 4th and 5th. Local disc golfers will be pleased to know that the event is titled The “2010 BoontFling!” Disc Golf Tournament. Hosted by AVBC, the competition will be brought to you by Delta Windjammers. Pre-registration is required. Camping offered on site. Please contact or call 88-207-BEER for details, information and to sign up. Bahl Hornin'! – Debi Paslay, Administrative Assistant, Anderson Valley Brewing Co. 895-2337 or

FEELS like an early winter to me, not that Fair Manager Jim Brown wants to hear anything like 'early winter.' Was it the winter of '72 when it started raining the first week of September and didn't stop until the first week of May? That year it was umbrellas and raincoats at Fair time.

YOUR BELOVED community newspaper will maintain a booth at the Fair this year featuring our writers and their latest books. The books will be on sale, not the writers, although some of us are negotiable. We're working on Daniel Handler, author of the wildly popular Lemony Snicket who sends us an occasional piece of fiction, but we'll have a complete roster of appearees and the times they'll appear in the issue of the paper the week before the Fair kicks off. All us regulars will be there, as will Bruce Patterson, Peter Plate, Robert Mailer Anderson, Todd Walton, and, I hope, Dayla Hepting, if we can lure her west from Montana.

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