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Why is Tim in jail?


My soon to be wife and I  find ourselves in an unfor­tunate situation due to Mendocino County detectives failure to perform their full duties as peace officers.

My name is Tim Taber and I am currently in the Mendocino County Jail being charged for a crime I did not commit thanks to our officers who did not do their duty and perform a proper investigation in a crime. I now have to continue my wedding while in jail. My lovely wedding and maybe my future not only has been put in jeopardy but maybe its ending.

On July 2, 2009 my lady and I were arrested in Santa Rosa for a stabbing in Ukiah. The funny thing is that the detectives knew I lived in Oakland at the time.

The victim of this case stated three times that “I know Tim Taber and it was not him who stabbed me.” His girlfriend, the eyewitness, was shown a photo lineup a second time and did not stop to even glance at my picture. The cop did not like that so he took the picture only of me and blew it up and showed it to her. She still said, “No. That is not him who stabbed my man.”

The cops still bring in the FBI, SWAT and gang officers to track me and my lady down. They found us in Santa Rosa visiting family and friends. We were arrested for a crime we did not do and the victim, and eyewitness said we did not do it. I’ve been in jail for four months for this crime I did not do. There is nothing that can even lead them to think that it was me except seven witnesses stating I was with them out in Menlo Park, not even in Ukiah. And yet I’m still looking at life in prison. What is wrong with the justice system? If I have seven people saying I was out of town, the victim saying he knows Tim Taber and it was not him, the only eyewitness saying it was not me. Why was I put in jail facing a life sentence in prison?


Tim Taber

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