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Leaf Us Alone

Joy Greenfield, the victim of the Covelo DEA raid, was recently at my river garden for a joint interview with a French reporter.

For show and tell, I pulled out my uncomplicated hand-crank wheat grass juicer, which I got off the internet for $50. I pulled some indica leaves off my garden plants, making them totally fresh, and began to crank them thru the grinder, stems and all. It took a lot of cranking to get a partial shot glass full for the three of us, Armelle, Joy and myself.
High CBD leaf juice is quite bitter in the spirit of true medicine, but not too much to handle.

I insisted that it not be diluted. Concentrated medicine is the best test. We drank the juice together. A shot of bitter was invigorating!

Joy called later that day with this news:
"Pebbles, I have to let you know, by the time I got to Willits from the coast, my sinuses were totally cleared, like I have never experienced.
"By the time I got to Covelo, suddenly water was pouring out of my left eye,
my bad eye, down onto my shirt, there was so much of it. It was some kind of healing.... I think you're on to something. Now I won't have to make teas. I'll just drink the leaf juice to keep my pressure up. Your garden is beautiful."

Joy has uveitis and glaucoma, a congenital eye condition since childhood.

When she drank the leaf juice, the high cannabidiol dose didn't get her "high" but it healed her.
I am humbled by this development. This is evidence that "throwaway leaf" from a small backyard garden can produce the basics of healing.
We have created a mono-culture of bud, to the detriment of the whole plant.
Breeding plants for high psychoactivity THC with resinous bud has been overemphasized for decades to the detriment of low psychoactivity CBD (cannabidiol), which is more highly concentrated in leaf than bud, and is known to aid pain, arthritic and spasticity conditions, even migraines which have vomiting at the end, a spastic release.
CBD leaf may prove to be the most important part of the medicine for numerous conditions, despite being shunned on the market because there's no money in it.
(I was carrying pounds or ounces of leaf all 10 times I was arrested--I considered it providing a medicinal touch at an affordable cost.)
Project CBD is well underway among pro-cannabis doctors doing research into how CBD sustains health, despite low psychoactivity.
Backyards, like mine, small strictly organic natural laboratories, are doing hands on research toward a common goal.

All we are saying, to put it in slang, is Leaf us alone.

Pebbles Trippet


  1. Pebbles Trippet September 27, 2010

    Because of a near-prohibition on cannabis research, there are no studies that I know of backing up high CBD (cannabidiol) as a healing agent for glaucoma & related eye diseases, where a lowering of the pressure can cause blindness.
    There is increasing evidence of positive CBD effects in calming pain symptoms and anti-inflammatory conditions like arthritis.
    As anecdotal evidence, Joy Greenfield’s healing experience was a massive cleansing of her eyes and sinuses from a single swallow of pure concentrated high-CBD Indica leaf juice. It convinces me to adopt a daily regimen of marijuana leaf juice and let the anecdotal evidence spread the truth.
    Another approach is chewing the leaves fresh off the plant, even if you spit out the bitter bulk after getting the value of the juice. It has strings like celery and may be hard for some to digest.
    The CBD Project now underway will change the equation with the formation of a group of pro-cannabis doctors to research differences between high-THC and high-CBD cannabis, both being among the 70+ cannabinoid molecules found in the plant to date.
    THC makes you high, CBD does not. There is great demand among patients who want the medicine without the high that the switch is in process. Soon the days of leaf being the flower’s stepchild will end and CBD will come to the fore to take its place as true medicine, not “throwaway leaf” or “incriminating bulk”.

    For more on CBD, check out William Courtney MD at

    The current issue of O’Shaughnessy’s has a front page article on the CBD Project and is sold at Down Home Foods for $6.
    Or get a copy snail mail for $3 from MMMAB PO Box 2555 Mendocino 95460.

  2. Pebbles Trippet October 1, 2010

    There is some confusion about what cannabis leaf juice is.
    It is not tincture of cannabis (the medicine Queen Victoria was prescribed for her menstrual cramps by her 19th century doctor). Tincture is usually preserved in alcohol or glycerine and best delivered in drops under the tongue.

    Leaf juice, on the other hand, is a drink, imbibed either straight or diluted in carrot juice or some other medium that cuts the bitter medicinal taste of leaf.
    Like wheat grass juice, cannabis leaf juice is nutritionally optimum when fresh and drunk directly after being juiced from the plant or frozen immediately after juicing.

    There are so many options to increase the level of non-psychoactive CBD in the bloodstream as a nutritional supplement, recommended by Dr Courtney.
    As the marijuana economy moves toward becoming a food-based, medicine-based infra-structure, away from a bud mono-culture, the heretofore lowly leaf will find ways to become accessible and sustainable to thousands of medical users through small family outlets and other legal dispensing collectives.

    People will travel distances for their morning cannabis leaf juice and eventually, taking the high humanitarian road, dispensing collectives will deliver leaf juice to their elderly and severely disabled patients as a compassionate service.
    Since the leaf option is not a money-maker, it has been slow to catch on.
    But with Dr Courtney’s voluminous research and anecdotal evidence, like the Joy Greenfield healing, it is sure to become the wave of the future. pt

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