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After the season opening loss against the Seattle Sea­hawks, Head coach Singletary should have fell on his sword and accepted responsibility for he debacle by saying “when it's fourth down and less than a yard to go for a TD, I decide if we go for it or we kick a field goal.” This statement would have stopped the week-long soap opera of finger pointing and web gossip in its tracks. It is also an accurate statement. Coaches and players always look to the Head Coach on a play of that much impor­tance. Yet, the Santa Rosa PD and the SF Chronicle never put forth that decisive factor of NFL pro football protocol. They let offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye twist in the wind so long that Raye had to appear in front of reporters to prove he could speak clearly. The PD basically expressed the observation that while Raye spoke, it was hard to understand him and Singletary preened like a powerful lion. The PD is sitting on Singletary's lap. I thought he was acting like a diva.

Mike Singletary was a great Hall of Fame middle line­backer for the Chicago Bears in the 1980s, but he was an over-achiever as a player.

For a middle linebacker, he was small at 5'10” 220 pounds for his position. Since he had such a ferocious intensity and excellent quickness combined with lots of film study, he became great at his job.

But he is learning to be a Head Coach while he's on the job. I think he can't understand Nate Davis because he can't understand that Davis can't learn through inten­sity and hard work like he did. Davis needs a tutor and a mentor who can aid his NFL education because Davis is dyslexic. Then Nate Davis will become great.

As far as Singletary being a truth teller — does any­body believe that 49er tight end Vernon Davis just hap­pened to blow up W.R. Crabree's insulated serene world with a bunch of F-word bombs? Then Singletary said he was glad Vernon was taking his team Captaincy seri­ously but his actions and words were wrong. Then a short time later Vernon Davis receives an extention to his contract with a huge raise in pay.

I didn't see any way for the 49ers not to win the weak NFC West Division. But, if they don't want to change to a spread formation to play between the 30-yard lines (which Jimmy Raye wishes to do), quarterbacking and coaching can possibly stop them — as we all understand now.

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