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Valley People (June 20, 2018)

RUBEN THOMASSON was in court last Wednesday morning for an entry of plea on charges of attempted murder on a police officer, having been arrested over the weekend in an armed standoff with deputies from the sheriff’s office and firing at least two shots in the direction of the officers. Public Defender Linda Thompson had taken the case when Mr. Thomasson was arraigned on Monday, but assigned it to Deputy Public Defender Eric Rennert, as her (Thompson’s) last day on the job is tomorrow, June 14th. There was some delay in transporting Mr. Thomasson as he was confined to a wheelchair, and when his case was finally called Mr. Rennert said that his office was declaring a doubt as to his client’s mental competency, and the matter was put over for a few weeks pending a psychological examination. Mr. Thomasson’s wife Beryl Thomasson died recently and the incident over the weekend occurred when Thomasson claimed to have seen ghosts at his home on Ornbaun Road in Boonville. Mr. Thomasson’s two adult children, Jennifer and James Thomasson, were both present. They said they intended to contact the Department of Veteran’s Affairs local liaison officer Will Van Zant, to find suitable treatment and placement for their father. (Bruce McEwen)

AV HIGH SCHOOL’S awards ceremony was nicely organized by school staff led by high school principal, Jim Snyder, complete with artfully arranged bouquets from Beth Swehla’s horticulture class and a lush smorgasbord post-event. Awards have been separated from the annual graduation, mercifully I would say, to make both events reasonably endurable after years of graduation ceremonies that were painfully lengthy.

IT WAS GOOD to see Khalilah Ford after so many years. The daughter of the late Sheri Fish, Khalilah was on hand to award a scholarship in her mom’s memory. I’d hope to talk with her post-awards but she’d disappeared. Khalilah was an intern with the mighty ava when she was a high school freshman, circa ’93. She was already a good, clear writer, the kind of kid whose errors we only had to correct once. We used to joke about Khalilah’s seriousness. She was all business as a 14-year-old. (Her tutors at the AVA were immature 60-year-olds.) I wrote in March, 2001: “There are certain young people one encounters that prompt one to think, ‘This one has something special.’ Khalilah Ford affected me that way, so the other day when I met Khalilah's mom, Sheri, at AV Market, I wasn't in the least surprised to learn that Khalilah has graduated with top honors from Georgia Tech and has been commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Marine Corps.” And, from what we can gather from a crude internet search, Khalilah made a career with the Marines and, as of 2018, will be Lt. Colonel Ford-Thomas! 


ON THE SUBJECT of gifted young people, and there’s a bunch in the class of 2018, Angus Fraser, who we recall as a rambunctious little kid stomping up the stairs to our office with his older brother, Otto, now a firefighter/para medic, grabbed his diploma and took off for Nashville to fulfill his ambition as a sound engineer.

NO ONE can say that the Anderson Valley does not value its young people. Many thousands of dollars in scholarships were disbursed last week, with the remarkable young bi-lingual scholar, JT Carlin, garnering almost enough to pay for four years at Boston College, even in these inflated times. (See accompanying list.)

PEACHLAND ROAD repairs stemming from the big rains winter of 2016 are underway and will be complete next year.

Walla Walla Onions, Lettuce, Spring Mix
Leeks, Sugar Snap Peas
Rte 128 & Holmes Ranch Rd (17.45 mm)
(707) 895-2071

LITTLE DOG SAYS, “Yessir, here's one little dog who loves Sierra Nevada World Music Festival. I got my dreads going, got my ganja, got my Bob Marley, got my Sister Yaz! One world, baby! Jah!”

BACON SEEDS FOR SALE. Mendocino Heritage Pork Co. has a few extra bacon seeds for sale. I have a litter of mangalitsa x Berkshire, about 12 weeks old , 50 lbs +\-. $175 each or $150 if you buy 2 or more. We also have a litter of pure Mangalitsa ready to be weaned. $250 each for butcher pigs call John 707-376-5563

MORE AND MORE tour buses are stopping in Boonville, Mendocino County's most happening community. A big shiny job was spotted disgorging a cargo of gray hairs at Pennyroyal in SoBo last week, just in time for the very nice lunch Pennyroyal offers.

WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY MAKES! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to all the volunteers and donors supporting our Love Your Park Day. It was an amazing success thanks to everyone coming together to make a big difference. We couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you doing your part, dedicating your Saturday to a remarkable feat! Come down to the AV Community Park (next to the AV Health Center in Boonville) and experience for yourself what a difference a day makes! Stay tuned for future Park Events & Activities! In the meantime, invite your friends and family and come down to enjoy our newly revitalized picnic and play areas and have a wonderful summer at the park.

LISA KUNY and family celebrate Christian Kuny's graduation from Anderson Valley High School.

OUR SCANNER crackled to life Sunday about noon to summon all emergency hands to Camp Navarro for the report of an unconscious 34-year-old male suffering a “syncopal episode, altered.” The AV Ambulance crew drove the unconscious man to a waiting air evac chopper on Masonite Road which flew him to Ukiah Medical Center where he was presumably unaltered.

THE ANDERSON VALLEY'S born and bred lawman, Luis Espinoza, has been promoted to Sgt. by the Mendocino County Sheriff's Department. Sgt. Espinoza is assigned as a detective to cases throughout Mendocino County.

HEDGEHOG BOOKS IS OPEN! The last train car behind Boont Berry Farm Store. Affordable books in English & Spanish. Copy/scan/e-fax services. Kids, young adult, fiction & non-fiction. M,T,W,F 12:30-5:30. Sat 10:30-2:30.



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