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Going to LA for WomanUP!®

I’m going to WomanUP!® in LA this week.  I haven’t done anything like this in a long time; in fact, not since I worked at Century 21 and went to a one-day event.  That was about eight years ago, so perhaps I’m due?  The California Association of Realtors® is hosting this event.  It’s for women brokers and women who want to be brokers.  The idea is to share experiences, successes and failures, and to support and empower one another.

It’s the second year for this event and I’m not completely sure what to expect.  It actually is only about a day and a half long.  I know it will be good for networking and it sounds like I will have a chance to listen to other women who run their own brokerages.  I hope to learn a lot and return inspired – we shall see!

I’m flying down on Thursday morning very early and I fly out again very early on Saturday morning; I’m actually flying to Redding.  My husband’s nephew will be getting married and the engagement party is this weekend in Cottonwood.  I feel excited to see the family; however, my sister-in-law informs me that it is going to be 107° there.  Yikes.  I’m sure I’ll be very happy to come home to our more reasonable temps.

Also, quick follow up – my foot is in fact broken – or at least, one of my sesamoid bones is.  However, as it has likely been broken for a long time there is nothing to be done short of surgery.  I’ve opted to hold off on that for now; it doesn’t affect my bicycling nor my day-to-day walking.

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