The Big Red Truck, Part 3 — Epilog

After all the attempted thefts and failed installation of cameras and night lights - including a motion sensor that activates an obnoxious flashing light on the front bumper, and now, in the middle of construction of a fence behind which to hopefully, finally, conceal the Big Red Truck, the truck is wrecked, totally. 

The irony of it all is that Big Red was hit by someone else's Big, very similar Truck. 

What I get from hearsay is that the second truck jumped a guardrail or other barrier of some kind and slammed into the Big Red Truck. Both trucks, I hear, are total wrecks. The neighbor with the Big Red Truck spent a night in the hospital but apparently came out in one piece. The other guy, I don't know, but wonder - if either of them saw the irony in the wreck of their fabulous vehicles - and if the other guy had a similar obsession. 

Two nights ago - maybe he didn't come out in one piece after all. It was still light out when a fire truck and an ambulance pulled up in front of his house and he was wheeled out, put in the ambulance and taken, apparently, back to the hospital. I'm not curious or nosy enough to explore this in depth. I only know what I see. 

Last night - he's back, limping but mobile, but this is degenerating into neighborhood gossip. He's obviously not too badly hurt. That's something, anyway. I doubt the Big Red Truck will be back. 

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