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Be Not Afraid

Well everyone, it’s still harvest time and now we’re getting into the hardy winter warming vegetables. If you come to the Boonville Farmers Market Saturday mornings from 9:45 to noon at the Boonville Hotel Parking lot you can purchase some of those delectable vegetables, not to mention fall fruits and so much more. Cindy Wilder will bring her sweet, crispy Asian pears, Petit Teton is once again sharing their juju bees and seckle pears with us and if you’re unfamiliar with seckle pears you MUST try one. The sweet honey-like flavor is like no other pear. Of course, the apple press will be there for all of your leftover fruit after making pies and sauce and jam. Barbara Lewellen was there last week pressing her bounty to ferment into vinegar. (You go girl: resource, resource, resource.) If this is your first year in the Valley you should know it’s also time for Tom Brewer’s chestnuts. He brings buckets of them to the Market along with ones he’s roasted for you to taste. Mmmm!

Don’t forget about all the rest you get to enjoy if you come out to the Market: crab cakes, onions, Bill’s famous salad mix, beautiful Yukon potatoes from Brock Farms, kale, did I say onions?, herbs, peppers, pumpkins, and if we don’t have a good freeze there will still be tomatoes and purple tomatillos.

Special news at the Boonville Farmers Market: Hal­loween is on a Saturday this year and falls on the last Market of the year at the Boonville Hotel. (There will be a Market at the Philo Grant on Sundays from 12-2 throughout the winter.) Historically, there is a costume parade and a jack-o-lantern contest AND a potluck afterwards. We are keeping with tradition this year and hoping to see you all there wearing your costumes, carrying your carved jack-o-lanterns and filling your bellies with wonderful home-cooked local food. Michael and Leslie Hubbert will be there to lead the parade.

Hmmm. I wonder what costume I will put together? Batman? Sea monster? Captain Rainbow? I think it should be some Boonville celebrity. You’ll just have to come to the Market and see.

Happy harvesting — and eating and sharing.

PS. I almost forgot. The subsidized program though the Boonville Community Supported Agricul­ture ran out of money this year and we had to put it on hold. We have recently received a generous dona­tion that will reinstate the program. So all of you who have used the program and all of you who feel a need for some financial assistance and want fresh local healthy food, come to the Market and sign up to receive your Market bucks.

— Taunia Green

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