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Sports Notes

Finally the 49ers won a football game last Sunday after five straight losses. Even though the game versus the Raiders was ugly and sloppy, the 49ers prevailed in Candlestick Park l7-9 to post a 1 win, 5 loss record for the 2010 season so far.

Going into last Sunday's afternoon game, the 49ers led the league in turnovers with l6. 10 of the l6 turnovers were tied directly to QB Alex Smith. The 49ers were penalized 149 yards in their victory over the Raiders.

I felt like I was a lonely voice in the forest screaming that Nate Davis should get his chance at starting a game because he is the best QB the 49ers have even though he is on their practice squad at present. But, finally, Lowell Cohn, the star sports columnist for the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, said essentially that Singletary should be fired at the end of the season unless there's a dramatic turn­around. And, Nate Davis should be given a chance because if they went to Carr (the second stringer) they wouldn't have real answer because they would be trying out another “Smith” type QB.

Also, Dan Jenkins of the SF Chronicle wrote last Wednesday, “At this point, speaking of reasoned crazi­ness, I'd like to get a look at Nate Davis. He doesn't quite understand the playbook? Good. Maybe he'll wave off that call for Frank Gore on first down. He has moxie, style and charisma, each a precious gift, and at this point there's no harm in seeing exactly what he has.”

In a preseason game, I recall Nate Davis having a ter­rific game, but he made one mistake. He was scrambling against pressure from the opponent's defense and he went into the QB slide just short of the first down marker. Singletary shouted into his face angrily, “You've got to know where the first down stick is!”

Nate Davis showed with his body language that he knew he had screwed up and would have accepted an even keel reprimand, but Singletary's over the top anger bothered him and he replied, “Give me some practice time.” Davis' body language also showed that Singletary didn't intimidate him at all.

At that early point in the preseason, Singletary didn't want anybody who wasn't intimidated by him. He wanted a platoon and he wanted to be the Drill Instruc­tor.

The 49ers are loaded. In every game they’ve played, with the lone exception of Atlanta, they have been favored by several points over their opponent by the level-headed, cold-hearted Nevada bookmakers. Dennis O'Donnel, the KPIX Channel 5 TV sports reporter, picked the 49ers to beat the New York Jets in the Super Bowl this season.

Baseball — It is such great fun to watch Tim Lincecum and Buster Posey and the rest of the enthusi­astic Giants play baseball. It is the first time in a long time that baseball has grabbed my heart.

Tennis — Many years ago I predicted in the AVA that Roger Federer would become the greatest player ever. He is the most balletic, flowing, elegant and beau­tiful tennis player ever and also the best tennis player. Pete Sampras set a record of Grand Slam wins at l4 championship titles. But Federer set a new record of l6 Grand Slam Championships early in 2010.

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