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Letters (Aug. 22, 2018)

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Does anybody really know what socialism is? It's when the government takes over everything, it runs your lives. That's what the liberal, anti-American, pig sucking left-wingers want. They're all about converting our country to socialism. Unbelievable. People take our freedom for granted. They need to support the law and get behind Sheriff Allman and his good deputies. We need them now more than anything else because Jerry Moonbeam Brown’s sanctuary cities have allowed criminals to be deployed throughout our country. Leave Trump alone. Let him do his job. He will provide peace and prosperity. Liberals just want trouble, mismanagement, and other crazy stuff. Don't blame Russia. Russia will be on our side if war breaks out, count on that. Get your stuff together and let President Trump straighten this country out, the world will be better off, trust me. I've been right about everything since Trump started running for office and I'm not done yet.

God bless Donald Trump

Jerry Philbrick


PS. Anybody out there having problems with moles? Those dirty little bastards push mounds of dirt up in your lawn or yard. They are incredibly smart. I have been fighting them in Comptche now for 50 years. I was up in Laytonville awhile back gathering some cattle. We were driving the cattle down a canyon and I was up on the ridge with my horse making sure no drifters got away. All of a sudden I looked down at the ground and there was a mole pushing up. I pulled my .357 Magnum out of my back pocket and shot at him. All hell broke loose! The horse bumped me off. The cattle stampeded and went into a fence. Some of them got into the highway and blocked traffic for hours. I was laying on the ground not far from where the mole pushed up gathering my senses and I heard a little voice coming out of the dirt saying, “Kiss my ass, kiss my ass!” And that just about did it. When I came home I was on a real tear, trying everything in the book to get those sneaks: gas, water, bombs. I've got one out here I cannot catch. He’s smart. But I will get him! When I do I will have him mounted!

* * *



There are none as blind as those who do not see. Those who deliberately do not see, I call them notsees. They are the true enemies of the people. 

Most of Trumps base fit into this category. They do not see that a U.S. Federal Judge has ruled that Trumps policies of separating children from their parents is illegal and unconstitutional. 

These Trump notsees are so blind, that they see no problem in treating refugees like the enemy, but then say "God bless trump".. Bad notsees! 

God was very clear about this, we are to treat the less fortunate with respect and kindness. Trumps demonizing of refugees is immoral and his policies are illegal and unconstitutional. 

This is not a liberal vs. conservative issue, but rather a clear moral one, good vs. evil. 

The Trump degeneracy is so evil that it's shifted the war on terror to the war on the poor refugees. Those who bless this evil behavior are they themselves cursed and damned by the very God they claim to believe in. 

God also told me to mention that Trump has now made 4,229 false, misleading or outright lies in his statements over the past 558 days, according to the fact checker at The Washington Post. Evil! 

Best Regards,

Rob Mahon


PS. Philbrick is completely wrong about the homeless problem being caused by "liberals." He does not see that it was Reagan who closed the mental hospitals with the help of the so called conservatives, and their decades of cuts to funding for rehabilitation services. It's a national problem and so S.F. is a destination for the U.S. homeless, and now looks horrible. Scapegoating of liberals is an old lame trick.

* * *



Having just returned from two weeks in Belgium, Finland, Germany, mostly Finland, I saw democratic socialism at its finest: well-maintained infrastructure, highly educated, happy.

Finns are provided first-class, free education from preschool through universities. They are known as the happiest people on our planet. Yes, they pay high taxes, but do you think there may be a connection between most highly educated and happiest?

Please, take a good luck at democratic socialism in practice elsewhere. You may change your opinion.

Donna Diehl


* * *


Dear Mr. Philbrick:

It’s good to know you read the AVA. I’ve been eyeballing your righteously loco plastic-flag-waving cracker Trumpkin letters to the AVA ever since Bruce the Editor wrote you a blank check so many long moons ago. In these pages I’ve denounced your Mobius strip of extreme rightwing bullshit more than once. Now you reply with gibberish.

You wear your “Christianity” like a Cub Scout merit badge and yet I’ve never caught even a whiff of Christian sensibility in anything you’ve written. “God bless Donald Trump” as your prayer for the USA? God as “your” God? God, like the syllogisms orbiting in the black hole of your mind, as just another item of private property, a marketable guardian angel, trustworthy oil company lobbyist and silver-tongued political advisor? Well, I’d like you to give us sinners even one reason why Jesus of Nazareth — he who walked on God’s Green Earth — would bless a lying sack of abominations like Emperor Trump the Magnificent and his ass-licking kennel of Pharisees.

Regarding your phony version of American patriotism: who do you think you’re kidding? Your worship of the Stars and Stripes is idolatry. Real Christians — and real Americans — know they are humans first and last just as Jesus, and our Declaration of Independence, made absolutely clear. And your “sacred” Pledge of Allegiance and painfully outmoded and vainglorious National Anthem are just two of the putrid conceits the old and deluded use to delude the young and the gullible. As if living as self-serving, smallminded, bigoted and clueless as your great, great, great granddaddy makes you a patriot. Not even close, dude. Not here, not anywhere. Ancestor worship masquerading as patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels.

If I was you, old man, I’d retire from proselytizing for scumbags. If you’re so determined to help your Emperor Trump, stop calling him right honorable in public and send him some money instead. Everybody paying attention knows Trump’s greatest pleasure is pocketing other people’s money. So put your money where your mouth is. Seal your lips and you just might wind up a whole lot better than just another sinner in the hands of an angry god.

Bruce Patterson

Prineville, Oregon

* * *



This little piggy went to his twitter account

So he could declare what the world is about

It mattered not what truth might be

He cared little for that or of history

He clamored and yelled, he spat out his venom

At those that he chose, we'll kick 'em and skin 'em!

They've rigged the game, they're all hunting witches

Let's lock 'em up tight, the dirty sons of bitches

Everyone knows and they know without doubt

He's done nothing wrong his entire life throughout

So why investigate him, an innocent lamb

It's an outrage, a witch hunt, an unholy scam!

So listen and watch, this will be fun 

He'll hire a tongue to spin what he's done

He'll twist and he'll posit, he might land on his fanny

He's a practiced deceiver, his name is Giuliani

He'll distort the stories for which the piggy is known

Proclaim his innocence, build him a throne

They'll bend truth to their will, facts won't endure

They'll build a great wall to keep the race pure

They embrace our enemies and turn on our friends

They trample the press and make no amends

They lie, cheat and conspire democracy's end

Convince the naive it's what the framers intend

The gullible, the blind, those who condone

Bow down to the piggy in his tower of stone

They don't know, they're all so confused

Not the slightest notion that they're being used

By a conman, a cheat, a thief in the night

A feral retard who urges them to fight

Our guardians, his opponents, whatever the case

These are the unfortunates known as his base

They see him on stage and think he's for real

But it's just TV, to mesmerize and steal

Their hearts and minds for use as his bludgeon

They know not the truth of this wicked curmudgeon

This little piggy…

Jake Rohrer



  1. Pat Kittle August 23, 2018

    Chose one:
    1) Demand open borders.
    2) Demand a smaller carbon footprint.
    3) Demand both & reveal yourself as the irrational coward you are.


    • Pat Kittle August 26, 2018


  2. Jeff DeVilbiss August 24, 2018

    Mr. Philbrook is Funny, Foolish , and fanciful about his leaders. Shooting at moles while mounted on a horse above a group of gathered cattle, all the while believing the world he lies upside down on is better because of Trump. ????????????????????? A little Castor oil, a little soap in a gallon jug of water;pour some of this where moles work and they will soon go elsewhere. You sir need to go somewhere else too.

    • Pat Kittle August 24, 2018

      True, Trump (like Hillary) is a pawn of the Israel lobby, with all that entails.

      But he’s at least trying to stop catastrophically unsustainable immigration-fueled population growth.

    • George Hollister August 24, 2018

      Telling Philbrick to go somewhere else is like telling an ancient unchanging boulder in the middle of a river to go elsewhere. It’ll happen, eventually, but a long time after the rest of us have washed and tumbled down the river ahead of him.

    • izzy August 25, 2018

      Jerry Philbrick, with his perpetually tortured logic, memory of imaginary times, and blind allegiance to our most deranged President yet, serves as a weekly reminder of the many millions more who share a similar perspective. And then, of course, there is the other side of the coin. Whatever America used to be, it’s now gone, and will not be coming back.

  3. michael turner August 25, 2018

    Pig sucking?

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