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No on Hamburg

Dear Editor:

There are recurring questions about Dan Hamburg's qualifications for electoral office. He has had inaccuracies on his financial disclosure declarations now and 18 years ago. He blames his “bookkeeper” and refers to the appeals court judge who brought this to the attention of the press as “some retired judge”. When his past issues with unemployment fraud were again brought up he responded with allegations of “personal animus” but did not address the issue. He stated that it was the same old smears but did not address the issue. When his former marijuana grow partner/employee, Calvin Walker had to take Dan to court to get his fair compensation he besmirched Calvin in the press with accusations that were just plain false and slanderous. Dan makes it sound that he took Calvin in and did him a favor. The facts are that over the ten years that they were associated Dan obtained a lot of financial benefits from Calvin's labor. Did Dan pay unemployment taxes for Calvin? Calvin built and remodeled multiple structures at the Hamburg “compound”. Did Dan get building permits for these? Rather Calvin had to live in a shack that even by third world standards would be considered primitive and inadequate. One does not have to go '''global” to see exploitation of the poor by the wealthy. Just look at the fringes of the 5th district where the Hamburg “compound” is located. Dan Hamburg has had no visible income other than from his marijuana for years. The newspaper reports on the bust on his property described plants, trimmed weed and cash far in excess of what would be allowed for medicinal purposes yet due to a technicality charges were not filed but this is not a court case. This is an election. According to his “master grower” Calvin states that substantial amounts of money were involved. When asked by a reporter what the medical condition was that warranted the medicinal marijuana Dan smugly replied that it was between him and his doctor. Man up Dan. Do not chastise those voters who ask you legitimate questions. Deal with the issues at hand.

Will the real Dan please stand. Tell us again why we should vote for you. We are not your political enemies but rather inquisitive voters who think that our elected officials should be honorable and law abiding.

There is a viable alternative: Wendy Roberts is well credentialed, honest, hardworking and does not have any skeletons in the closet. She will make an excellent supervisor. Character counts.

Aldis Baltins

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