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Coastal Commission Meeting

[Sep 12]

Wednesday at 9am at Town Hall, F.B. the California Coastal Commission will decide what will happen at the mill site.

Thank you Norman de Vall for bringing this important meeting to everyone's  attention. I would like to echo what Norman determined after reading  between the lines of Caltrans' permit application. This application is  for a Categorical Exemption/Categorical Exclusion Permit (not a  Mitigated Negative Declaration or an Environmental Impact Report).  The Town Hall is located at 363 N. Main Street. If the Town Hall is full the City Hall Gymnasium has overflow seating  available (not for people that are hard of hearing, comments can only be  made from Town Hall. Map of locations and parking at

The CA. Coastal Commission (CCC) meeting starts at 9am, you need to be  there beforehand to get a seat, fill out a form to speak (2-3 min.) or  fill out a form and give someone else your time. If you want to speak  about an issue not on the agenda you can do so (2-3 min.) during the  Public Comment period at 9:00am for items not on the agenda.

Item #10a: The Coastal Commission will hear Caltrans' Application to  conduct a geotechnical investigation to rehabilitate/replace the last  timber trestle bridge on CA's highway system, the historic Albion River  Bridge. It will involve drilling of up to nine 70-125 ft. deep bore  holes within 6 specified sites (very noisy); removal of major vegetation  (about 120 eucalyptus trees, some are holding the steep hill side  together) and grading. The noisy helicopters will take off, land and  refuel at the Little River Airport; will deliver steel platforms, drill  rigs, equipment, supplies and personnel to 5 Drill Sites (drilling  itself is a noisy activity) and at times hover over the drill sites or  over the ocean. Caltrans will construct temporary access routes to  boring sites, do seismic refraction surveys, and replant cleared areas  (see pictures) adjacent to Highway 1 on both sides of the Albion River  Bridge. In addition traffic on the Albion River Bridge will be stopped  whenever a helicopter will need to access any of the sites (up to 30  min. at a time).

For more info see You can make comments online until Sept. 5 at 5 pm. by clicking Submit Comment under # 10a Coastal Permit Applications Application No. 1-16-0899 (California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), Mendocino Co.) You can access the staff report at: The exhibits are at:

Item #7: During the North Coast District Director’s Report the Director  will give Caltrans a de minimis waiver from Coastal Development Permit  requirements to spread rock over the lead containing sandblast waste  that surrounds Salmon Creek Bridge (it will later be dealt with properly  with the help of the Department of Toxic Substances Control) and  Caltrans will place a gate next to a residence to temporarily contain  the toxins.

The Salmon Creek Bridge is also slated for replacement and Caltrans just  sent out an invitation for the public to attend a scoping meeting in  preparation of the Environmental Impact Report on 9-11, 6-8pm at the new  Albion School at 30400 Albion Ridge Road to give input for the  Environmental Impact Report. For more info call Liza Walker at  707-441-5602 or e-mail <> Written comments are  accepted until October 5.

Item #9a attendees will be briefed by CCC and the City of Fort Bragg  about the Mill Site comprehensive planning efforts for redevelopment of  the approx. 400 acre former Georgia Pacific mill site, along the Pacific  Ocean, west of Highway One.

Item #9b City of Fort Bragg Local Coastal Plan (LCP) Amendment No.  LCP-1-FTB-17-0077-1 (Mill Site Planning Process) submit comments online  and click on link for more info.

Item #9f City of Fort Bragg LCP Amendment No. LCP-1-FTB-18-0031-1  (Riverview Building LLC) submit comments online and click on link for  more info.

Item #11 Permit Amendment Permit No. A-1-MEN-07-28-A6 (Jackson-Grube Family, Inc.) to amend permit  granted for development of inn to (1) convert ranch manager’s residence  and associated guest cottage into an innkeeper’s residence with two  full-time inn units, (2) convert existing Innkeeper’s residence, office  and part-time inn unit into two full-time inn units with Innkeeper  office and kitchen remaining, and (3) add three parking spaces adjacent  to the existing ranch manager’s residence at the Inn at Newport Ranch,  31502 North Highway 1, north of Fort Bragg. Submit comments online and  click on link for more info.

Show up and comment in person and online. This is democracy in action.

Annemarie Weibel

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