Oh Willie, Where Art Thou?

To think that in this America a man like Willie Nelson has the right, yes, the right, to choose who he supports in an election! How dare he assert his right as an American to choose who he backs as a candidate and then to appear on stage with him. Beto O’Rourke is Willie’s choice to run against that paragon of “Repuglican” virtues—you know what those are, right? 

Once Willie made his choice, the twitter and Facebook phalanx of haters flew into full press court denunciations. How dare Willie support a, well you know the word, Democrat! In Texas it is not supposed to be that way. If some Texans had it their way, they would run every Democrat out of the state. To them, that’s patriotism at its best. Forget the American way, that pesky ethic that says every person has a right to choose and support the candidate of their choice. There are Texans who seem to believe that the OWNED Willie. Now that he’s shown his true colors, Commie-Socialist-Anti-Klan person that he is, I suppose they are going to haul out their stack of Willie Nelson hit songs and burn them, like the Nazis burned books. Oh well, who needs their sort sitting around on Klan night spitting out their stuff?

That our political discourse has come to this (I use the term discourse loosely, given the circumstance) is another sign that that creature in the White House simply must go. Oh, it probably won’t happen. After all, it is probably true that less than half of the electorate has the stomach for it. We know that the Congress under Ryan and McConnell does not. But what they hey! Get Willie to fire up the troops, except in Texas, and who knows what could happen.

Meanwhile, we live in hope as Deep Enders that Dave at the Navarro Store will somehow, someway, put a loop around Willie and have him on stage. What a night that would be. In the meantime, let’s hope the good citizens of Texas, those who can’t stand the idea of every person making their choice without rancor, turn blue. Blue is a nice color, right? Let the Republican stay red in the face from apoplexy just thinking of Traitor Nelson. Pop a blood vessel or two. And, so it goes. 

2 Responses to "Oh Willie, Where Art Thou?"

  1. Jeff Costello   September 19, 2018 at 11:41 am

    Every time a famous person musician-actor etc., makes a political statement or action, lots of people get all in a huff and say “they should stick to show business.” And who is saying this? Plumbers?

  2. Kirk Vodopals   September 20, 2018 at 8:49 am

    I always liked the Nelson-Parton (Dolly) political bumperstickers. Good job Willie! Keep Texas weird!


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