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Fair, Not Falling & Fall Again

The County fair two weekends ago was a fun one; the nicest weather in a long while for the fair was enjoyable too. My husband and I went down on Friday evening and explored as much as possible in a few hours – this means we saw the ag building, the arts building and the flori-culture building but not too much else. The flower building looked the best it has in a few years and the fountain at the front a real stunner. We also enjoyed the kissing booth!

I skipped the fair on Saturday and did the Bell Joy mountain bike ride in Annadel Park instead. What a fun event; Bell Helmets sponsors the monthly ride. We met at the Trail House pub/bike shop and split into groups by skill level and headed off with fantastic leaders. It’s a social ride, with the goal of not leaving anyone behind, so there was also a “sweep” to make sure no one got lost. We did in fact lose one rider – but that is because she opted to head back early. I joined the beginner group but I think a true beginner would have struggled. We rode 11.5 miles with over a 1,000′ elevation gain.

It was my first time in Annadel, which is really beautiful. It’s also really rocky and my nerves and skills were challenged greatly; we took one trail down a very rocky path with a ravine on the side and I had flashbacks the whole time. Luckily, the leader is also a great teacher; she walked us all through what to do (and not do) and how to do it. Despite my nerves, I made it in one piece, only falling once, at the end, going slow and not getting my foot out of the clip before I hit the ground. Nothing but a bit of dirt to show for that. I came away with a new skill set and a better understanding of how I fell in the first place.

Sunday morning I volunteered in the fire department’s booth helping with hamburgers during the sheep dog trials and the parade. I headed home soon after, too tired to do much more.

The past week has been busy; a new listing is getting a lot of interest and showings. I sneaked in a few bike rides and I picked up my new eyeglasses over the weekend. I’ve really enjoyed the cooler weather, though our grapes are enjoying the current heat. I think our harvest will be a late one this year, not early as in the past two. And, at long last, the tomatoes are coming in. I put up 19 pints on Sunday and there will be more.

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