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Letters (Oct. 10, 2018)

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The eyes of the nation are upon you. Don’t think that the powers of corporate interest are not here, for it is and has raised its evil and corrupt head already. I just don’t talk about the Supervisors themselves, but the ones really in control. I don’t need to name names for anyone who is awake knows whom I talk of.

Anyway, in a normal candidate race I’m sure that John Haschak would be fine. Unfortunately, these are not normal times.

We need a Supervisor who cannot be bought and has the wherewithal to stand up and confront the forces that plan to pay off politicians to control the fledgling business of legal cannabis. 

That person is John Pinches! Make no mistake, like Britain in the 1930s we need the dogged determination of the bulldog to defend us from the forces that will do us harm!

The Mom and Pop business of marijuana has taken care of this county for a long time and John Pinches has always done his best to protect us.

Make sure you vote and vote for John Pinches! That will be a vote for the Third District, Mendocino County, The State of California and ultimately a vote for our great nation, The United States of America!

Roy Leone

Kwon Jang, 3rd Degree Tae Kwon Do Teacher


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Hello Book Lovers!

It's Jay Page here, at your favorite bookstore in downtown Ukiah.

Thanks to the very kind and thoughtful Jerry Karp, and his many years of bulding this business, leading up to his retirement, we have an impressive collection of books to offer the community. Thanks to you Jerry, this is possibly the best bookstore ever!!

Now that my dad and I have bought the business, and have been extensively trained by Jerry, we hope to keep the books flowing as smoothly as ever.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you find what want.

Jay Page


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I was saddened to read the article about the Albion River Bridge lawsuit. How are we to repair our decaying infrastructure when residents oppose such efforts at every turn?

On the other hand, what are residents supposed to do in the face of greater and greater corruption within our governments at the cost of the safety and stability of our society? Who can we trust?

Given the power differential involved, I am inclined to call on all government officials to make the first move and make acting with transparency and integrity a top priority.

I hope we are not too late to avoid falling into complete disarray as the circus that is our current national administration continues to erode standards of behavior throughout the country.

The way these local disputes play out means everything, because it is this decline of good faith that enables destructive populists to seize power.

Alexa Riner

Santa Rosa

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My wife and I, and presumably everyone else in the neighborhood, heard an air-raid siren at 10 a.m. Tuesday. We immediately looked outside to see what was happening. Tornado maybe?

After we lost our house in Fountaingrove to the Tubbs fire, we moved to Evanston, Illinois. The siren was the monthly test of the natural disaster alert system. Had there been such a system in Santa Rosa on Oct. 8, we might have been alerted of the fire coming our way at midnight, giving us time to collect family photos and papers that are now lost to us and our family forever. Instead, we had to flee with the fire a block away and bearing down on us.

Sirens should be a simple solution to creating a natural disaster alert system.

Stephen Test

Evanston, Illinois

* * *



By affirming Brett Kavanaugh's appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court, a spineless, gutless, shameless majority of United States Senators has sent a chilling message to the American people:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are predators and all women are prey."

"Get over it!"

"Long live Kid Kavanaugh."


Don Morris


* * *



The president loves to rave about the roaring economy, and those who support him clap with glee. As with many things coming out of this administration, it is a based on false premises.

I will only mention three concerns. First, by all but eliminating science from the Environmental Protection Agency, and bulldozing toward deregulating the protections we need for safety and the health of the planet, discharged carbons will continue to accelerate.

Second, the so-called middle-class tax cut, which benefited the wealthy and big business, has deficits soaring. The dishing out haphazardly of tariffs has the administration giving our tax money to farmers who didn’t want these tariffs in the first place.

Lastly, the assault on our workforce, especially the immigrants and lower-rung folks, will leave vital work undone. Who will clean the hotel rooms, cook the food served in restaurants or pick the food from the farms?

By ignoring the consequences of these policies, the economy is roaring toward disaster. This is just a hunch, but in two years, by the end of this term, even the GOP base may be ready for the incredible repair work that will need to happen.

Noel J. O’Neill


* * *



Proposition 6 (gas tax repeal) is a hot topic in this year’s election, but I think it’s important to do some math on the financial impact of this fee or tax if you wish, before you vote.

Assuming you drive 12,000 miles per year and your vehicle gets 22 miles to the gallon, you would consume approximately 550 gallons of fuel; at 12 cents per gallon, the recently enacted fee will cost you $65 per year, $5.45 per month or $1.05 a week. If you drive one of the hybrids and get 40 mpg, your cost plummets to $36 per year, $3 per month and 70 cents per week.

With its continuance and with many projects already underway we will find better maintained and safer roads and bridges and our cars will last a lot longer, and therefore I conclude that repeal would not be in our benefit.

Louis Bartolini


* * *


Hey liberals,

How do you like it now? We got a real man in there for the Supreme Court. We got a real man for president and he is slowly but surely getting rid of all those Obama leftovers so he will have pure Republicans in the White House with him. There might be a rino or two left. A rino is actually a Democrat, a liberal Republican. He talks like a Republican but votes like a Democrat, like a liberal. He should be hung from a lamppost in the middle of town and left there to rot. You liberals better watch out now because we are getting our feet under us and we will be coming back. Republicans will be on the offense for a change, not the defense. You bastards take advantage of everything and protest everything. Most of you liberals are on welfare and food stamps and Medicare. You are not afraid to bite the hand that feeds you. And someday it will all end for certain people.

Thanks for the good work that the gangbusters are doing. Luis Espinoza and is buddies. We need more groups like that so we can get this country back on track and take it away from the criminals running all over the country. You can imagine what it will be like with Jerry Brown and people like him in office like Gavin Newsom making this a sanctuary state. It's just sad that we have to have governments like the one in New York or California in the United States because the people who run those states are ugly, they don't know how to treat people except themselves. They pass laws that only benefit them. That's the sorry thing about Jerry Brown. He's a sorry sorry human being.

Congratulations to Raleigh Chaix from Willits and the letter he wrote about Brown. Congratulations also to everyone else who writes letters I agree with.

Jerry Philbrick


* * *


Dear AVA Editor,

Thank you for printing my letter and for your response. Although most of it was beside the point, I found it interesting that you observed a human intersex condition at a tender age, given the opinions you volunteer every week. And you still avoided answering my question: for the third time, what in your opinion is the gender of a freemartin?

Milan Hopkins, MD

Upper Lake

ED REPLY: Frankly, doctor, I have no opinion on the gender of the freemartin. I confess I don't know what a freemartin is. A bird? Freemasons, however, are male, at least my grandfather was, if you happen to have confused species. You seem to be suggesting that the freemartin's gender is fluid, but how exactly does that presumed fluidity in a wild creature pertain to human sexuality? Of course, I am aware that there are a number, and apparently more all the time, creative permutations of the basic male-female human construct among, however, only a tiny minority of human-type people. But you, doctor, seem to assume we don't really come in two standard models — male and female. You seem to be suggesting that, kinda like Henry Ford's first motor cars, we've suddenly evolved into sexual Hudson Hornets! Are you suggesting some kind polymorphism is natural to us humans, that we're really earth-bound freemartins struggling to be free, no longer mere variations of Donald and Melania? Your point, sir?

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