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Sewer Smoke Testing

[Oct 24, 25]

The City of Point Arena Sewer Department will be cleaning and smoke testing the sewer collection system this year. Smoke testing will occur Wednesday October 24 and Thursday October 25.

This project is being done in an effort to limit the cost of sewage treatment plant expansions that will be necessary over the next few years. The sewer trunk lines and mains will be jetted clean, so the problems won't be hidden by debris and silt. This operation will be started at School Street and will work south through town. When the cleaning of the system is complete, smoke testing will begin.

The smoke testing will start at the north end of town working south. The smoke testing is an integral part of this maintenance program aimed at reducing rainwater and ground water infiltrating the sewers. The smoke will escape through cracks, breaks, storm water tie-ins such as rain leaders, and uncapped clean-outs.

The smoke is not toxic and will not harm anyone. However, occasionally smoke will come out of drains in houses that are not piped properly. If this happens at your house or business, it is advised you contact the building inspector and a plumber to fix problem as soon as possible.  If the smoke gets in your house, so will sewer gases which could be toxic or explosive if the right conditions exist.

If there are questions about this project or process, please call (707) 353-0062.  Asking the crew as they perform the cleaning and testing will only slow the process and prolong the project.

Daniel Lee, Chief Plant Operator

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