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Mindfulness Meditation

[Nov 10]

Saturday, November 10th from 10:30 am - 12 pm (reoccurring monthly) We'll be meeting at: The Gathering Place, in The Company Store 303 North Main Street (back hallway), Fort Bragg.

Mindfulness meditation is based on the four "mindfulnesses" as taught by Master Ji Ru abbot of Mid American Buddhist Association (MABA). (see more about MABA at )

The four mindfulnesses are:

Mindfulness of the body; Mindfulness of the feelings; Mindfulness of the mind; Mindfulness of what is mindful

Initially, we are starting with mindfulness of the body and work primarily with the breath, intent and sense contact during sitting, standing, walking and laying down postures. Master Ji Ru meets in Oakland, CA a few times a year to teach his method. He has suggested I start my own group up here to meet regularly between his visits since I’m too far to attend the regular group meetings in Oakland.

Master Ji Ru’s approach is an authentic form of Buddhist meditation innovated for a modern world and modern people. His concern is making genuine meditation assessable and practical to everyone interested, in a way that will lead to fruition.

Please be aware we will not be meditating during the entire time. Our meetings will consist of instruction on meditating in the four postures of sitting, standing, laying down and walking, and the corresponding time of day that's best to practice each of these postures. In addition, we will cover the breathing exercises (qi gong) that are associated with the meditation, which help revitalize the body and oxygenate the brain so we can be fully awake for the meditation. If time permits, we’ll cover the yoga stretches as well, which help to unblock stuck parts of the body to further enrich your meditation.

Donations are greatly excepted [sic].

Here is a link to a Youtube video of the Master. I encourage you to watch this before attending the meeting:

All my best,

Kurt Baker, 350 S. Franklin St, Suite A, Fort Bragg CA, 95437 (707) 489-6892

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