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Gualala Peace Demonstration

[Nov 9]

South Coast People For Peace And Justice invite everyone to join our Peace Demonstration in honor of Veterans Day on Friday, November 9 at noon in front of Red Stella (the old post office) across Highway 1 from Surf Supermarket. We respect, support and honor all Veterans of all wars and we say, "We must end all ongoing wars and occupations and BRING ALL TROOPS HOME SAFELY and take care of them when they return!"

The cost of US wars is out of control. The US spent $700 billion on the military in 2017. Since 2001 there have been 6,800 U.S. troops killed in combat. Since 2001 ongoing U.S. wars have cost $5.6 trillion. Trump's NATO military spending request would add $600 billion to military spending. The war in Afghanistan is costing U.S. taxpayers $4 million per hour. Each Air Force F22 fighter jet costs $60,000 per hour to operate. At an average of 300 hours per year, the total cost is $18 billion-- for each jet. Add to this $350 million in production cost for each of the 187 F22s. (from

Let's imagine what our country could do with this out of control military spending: Provide Universal Healthcare for all our people; Free tuition for all students; Housing for every unhoused person in our nation; Renewable Energy research, expansion, worker retraining and ending fossil fuels extraction and saving our planet; Prioritizing caring for LGTBQ folks, People of Color, Women, Children, Seniors, Low Income People, Disabled folks, and all marginalized and disenfranchised people in our country: Fixing our Voting system, new voting machines with paper trails, adding more polling places; Legal access for poor people; Repairing our infrastructure, roads, buildings, hospitals, schools, earthquake and climate change preparedness and retrofitting; Raising the minimum wage to at least $15.00 an hour; Workers rights, immigrants and refugees rights, People Rights instead of ongoing war which benefits no one except arms manufacturers and the Pentagon.

Please join us on Friday, November 9 to stand for PEACE and support of our troops of all wars, past and present. Bring signs, musical instruments, your friends and neighbors.

Information: 884-4703 and 271-9170. See you there!

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