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Valley People (Oct. 31, 2018)

VETERANS DAY OF REMEMBRANCE. Presented by The American Legion, Kirk Wilder, and Steve Sparks, with help from friends. At The Evergreen Cemetery, Anderson Valley Way, Boonville, California. 10.30am, Sunday, 11th November, 2018. A Two-Minute Silence will be observed at 11am. “The Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month.” Valley folks are encouraged to attend this important Service of Remembrance. This is not a political or religious event. It is simply an opportunity for the community of Anderson Valley to show its support and gratitude for both the men and women who gave their lives or were wounded in the service of their country, and also those who have served or continue to serve, so that we may have the freedoms and liberties that we enjoy today… We hope to see you there. Following the Service, there will be a gathering at The Buckhorn and also a complimentary BBQ at the Veterans Hall hosted by the AV Veterans. (Steve Sparks)

CT ROWE of Peachland Road, Boonville, will be in Judge Nadel’s Superior courtroom on Monday, November 5th, 9am. Young Mr. Rowe, a Boonville native and a graduate of Anderson Valley High School, is being sued by the Anderson Valley Land Trust, several of whose members he’s known all his life. The Trust alleges violations of Trust rules as applied to Rowe’s Peachland property.

WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER: Managing Rural Landscapes for Fire Resilience and Water Resources

Please join us for a free workshop at the Anderson Valley Grange #669, Thursday November 8th, 7:00-8:30 pm. Information will be shared on fire preparedness and increased water security, including: Tools, resources and strategies for managing your land, and how to best respond if and when a fire occurs. Presentations will be given by the Mendocino County Resource Conservation District, Mendocino County Firesafe Council and Anderson Valley Fire Department. For more information call (707) 462-3664, ext. 103; or email This workshop is supported by funding from the North Coast Resource Partnership through a grant from the California Department of Water Resources.

DAY OF THE DEAD /DIA DE LOS MUERTOS AT LIZBBY'S in Boonville. All week through Friday, November 2. Set up an altar to remember a loved one, 3-8pm each day. This one is muy autentico, the real deal.

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NORMAN CLOW stopped in last week, having flown in to the Bay Area from Texas to arrange care for his ailing sister. He and his wife Ruth spent Thursday in The Valley visiting old friends and relatives, of whom they have many. The Clows presently live in the greater Houston area where their two sons, Austin and Casey, and a pair of grandchildren, also live.  During an hour’s reminiscences, Norm produced the name of the “handsome man who looked like Clark Gable” who ran what is now the Cal Fire station south of Boonville, a question vexing some of the younger local old timers. “Van Bartlett,” Norm said. “That’s the handsome man.” But Charlie Hiatt, another young old timer, identified the handsome man as Gene Crawford. “Bartlett looked like me,” Charlie, a dead ringer for Richard Widmark, said modestly. A lady old timer remarked, “No, I do not remember the name of the guy at the Forestry Station.  If he looked like Clark Gable I really missed my opportunity by not setting something on fire. Oh well…miss a few now and then.” As a newer old timer who hopes he looks like Gene Hackman, I remember Bob Groves as the man at what was then called the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, and many of us of course remember Mrs. Judy Groves, who worked for years as a secretary at Anderson Valley High School. The Groves were a handsome couple, certainly, and handsome individually, too. But everyone in these parts knows, that as a population, the people of Anderson Valley are better looking, and certainly more intelligent, than any comparably-sized population in these United States!

FUTURE FARMERS DRIVE-THRU DINNER, Thursday, Nov. 8 at the High School Parking Lot. 3:30-5:30pm. Single dinner, $15, includes: ribs, baked potato, cole slaw, roll, and cookie. Tickets available from AV Ag students or via email:

MEMO OF THE WEEK: “I’ve decided what I want to do as my spiritual job, to make a living out of my spirituality that best suited my skills, as a philosopher, healer and visionary. I've decided to start my own cult (lol) registered religion as a non profit cooperation. Temple of the Rainbow Warriors will host and celebrate all religious and spiritual holidays from all around the world under one roof. As a business entity, I want to channel donations by the donaters choice a percentage up to 10 percent to the upkeep of the temple, the rest goes to projects to install renewable energy generation into poor people's homes and community infrastructure and local foodforest planting projects. I'm in the early stages of officially founding this project and I have what I feel could be a really wonderful idea to initiate positive change.  I need help and support, I am not a great business man, I don't have any money right now, not even a bank account, but I do have a portable temple in the form of stones I can lay out in any place of any size perimeter.  If you feel like you would have time to guide me on this journey in regards to helpful business advice, legal protection and funding opportunities like grants or compassionate investors, then your comments and private messages are most welcome.  I will by the end of this week post more about the philosophy of my cult which at this time doesn't include any kind of ritual sacrifice or suicide pact, or promise of eternal life from Angliens but does offer the chance for at least a little peace here on earth.” — Aaron Joseph Olivier, Boonville  


Last week AV Seniors took a trip on the Skunk Train via Willits Depot. Special thanks to Chief Skunk, Robert Pinoli, for discounting the tickets to make it possible for so many of our seniors to participate. Also, thanks to Dolly Pacella for setting up the trip and Gina Pardini for driving the bus.

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THIS FARGEY CHARACTER signed himself up, through Paypal, for an AVA online sub. Then a month later he claimed it was an "unauthorized purchase."

Star Fargey

At that point we refunded his $25 and closed the account. A week later Paypal notified us of an additional $20 chargeback fee (ostensibly from Fargey's credit card company). We protested, but to no avail. So we got dinged for $20. We subsequently learned that this chargeback scheme was a scam running through Paypal at the time. (Courtesy of Know Your Neighbors, Boonville)

THE NOVEMBER 11 AV ELDERHOME FUNDRAISER at the Boonville Hotel starts at 2pm with an optional cottage tour, followed by a reception at 3 with wine, oyster bar, mushrooms, goat cheese, trout, cauliflower soup with chermoula, then dinner of pork loin, apples, escarole, horseradish and sage, root vegetable salad with gribiche, lemon and herbs, then dessert and coffee. (Vegetarian option available). $150 per person with funds going to complete the interior of cottage #1. Call Brian (510-388-9103) or Scarlet (895-2541) to reserve your table.

FACEBOOK was crackling last week with a rumor out of the Elementary School that a disturbed child had cut itself with a razor in a manner indicating the potential for suicide. Everyone who might for sure know the true facts went immediately silent, but we have it reliably that it was all a misunderstanding. You really can’t blame the deep pockets authorities, especially schools, for dummying up because they’re damned if they do, damned if they don’t. Whatever they say can, and probably will, be used against them in a court of law.

EXPLORE LITTLE HENDY GROVE with this self-guided treasure hunt (quest) for kids of all ages.

Anica Wiggle

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  1. Marshall Newman November 1, 2018

    Charlie Hiatt is correct; “the handsome man who looked like Clarke Gable” who ran what is now the Cal Fire station south of Boonville in the late 1950s-early 1960s was Gene Crawford. Thank you Charlie, for the answer and thank you Norm, for helping.

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