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Sports Notes

I think Raiders' head coach Tom Cable won over his players' locker room in Napa, in the training camp of '09 when he busted the jaw of Al Davis' rat. Then Richard Seymore came to the Raiders from New England and a quality player with class was introduced to the team. Al Davis has stayed out of the limelight. Finally, the team is improving.

Sam Prather, AV's own and the world's top breeder of Columbian sheep verified and proven in world com­petitions whose younger brother Mike's children have Al Davis as their godfather. For many years, Mike's wife was in charge of the Raiders Fan Club.

Troy Smith, new 49ers QB is a miniature Nate Davis. Nate could also be a pocket passer. T. Smith is too short to pass over defensive players' raised hands from the pocket. It was personal and sinful pride for Singletary not to put N. Davis on the playing squad when Alex Smith went down with a separated shoulder.

As a player, Singletary was courageous. As a coach, he is yellow.

He is afraid that if N. Davis ever got on the field, he would be so good and so fun to watch, he would be shown a fool for not playing him sooner.

I still believe the 49ers should have taken Dez Bryant as one of their two first round picks in last year's NFL Draft. D. Bryant had been hampered by two high ankle sprains this season but in the past three weeks, he has ran two kick offs back for TDs and is making great catches at his receiver position for the Dallas Cowboys. Bryant's Combine 40-yard-dash time of 4.27 seconds is the sec­ond fastest time ever...behind only DeSean Jackson's (of the Eagles) 4.25 time.

Mike Shanahan should never have hired his son Kyle to be his Offensive Coordinator for the Redskins. The travesty of yanking QB Donovan McNabb from a close game with two minutes to go then losing the game was stupid and insulting to everyone in the Washington Red­skins' organization but especially to McNabb.

Russ Limbaugh was fired from NFL football com­mentary for implying that McNabb wasn't smart enough to play the QB position in the NFL; McNabb is a Black QB.

McNabb was having an off day with three intercep­tions but Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, both had three games with three interceptions. Brett Favre has had five games with three interceptions. None of these QBs were insulted by their head coach by yanking them from the game.

I don't think Redskin's coach Mike Shanahan would have either — blathering he's not in shape — bad ham­strings, not in good enough cardiovascular shape to run a two minute drill after the game in his conference with sports reporters. M. Shanahan is not Bill Bellecheck, the great New  England coach, but neither is anyone else. Shanahan is a very good coach. But when you have your kid in a high position of responsibility, anything your kid does, you probably have to back him up or the dreaded, “You never loved me” emotional blackmail starts.

The reason I think the ignorant insult of yanking a star Black QB at a crucial time in a game was his son Kyle Shanahan's call and pop coach Mike Shanahan couldn't explain sensibly why it happened.

An added thought about the new 49ers QB Troy Smith. It was good to see a charismatic guy behind cen­ter who played happy in the competition. And, it's not T. Smith's fault that I love Nate Davis.

I do hope Singletary's job is not saved. He is a funda­mentalist preacher. He is a drama queen and he talks the talk.

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  1. Francisco Reveles November 20, 2010

    yeah, Nate Davis kicks ass!

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