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Letters (Nov. 21, 2018)

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The last of the best of the online comments reminded me of when I was first thinking about trying to do Caspar Inn. l asked one of my best friends, and subsequent investors, if they had any words of wisdom to impart. They responded, "The unforgivable sin in Mendocino is going for it, don't be surprised if they turn on you." Unfortunately, she was correct. 

Peter Lit


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How about we take our dedicated soldiers down at the southern border and bring them to Northern California to build tent cities ASAP before winter sets in? They could use a real purpose. Winter will be here, and it will be as horrific as the fires with the risk of mud slides. The Army knows how to create a safe, dry, warm place for the friends and families who lost everything.

Liz Hey


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When I was growing up, PG&E constantly advertised how, in the not-so-distant future, all electricity would be underground. I never thought about the danger; I just assumed they would do it to hide the ugly wires. However, as a firefighter for 25 years, I have seen how insane it is to have high-voltage wires strung from pole to pole along our county roads. I have responded to an untold number of vegetation fires caused by cars crashing into poles or winds causing branches and trees to fall on wires.

Then, instead of dumping limited resources into the soul-destroying work of moving encampments, we could reallocate existing police, fire and health services personnel to support the new community.

We would all benefit from a more humanitarian response.

June Gerron

Santa Rosa

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To the Editor:

I am thoroughly disgusted by the lowlife political cartoon in the Veterans Day Ukiah Daily Journal depicting President Trump urinating on the torch of the Statue of Liberty. Like the man or hate the man, he is still the duly elected President of the United States and should be respected as such. In my opinion, trash such as this cartoon is probably about the best that can be expected from a poor excuse for a newspaper like the Daily Journal.

David Anderson


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I’d like to know when and how “no problem” became the response to “thank you.” The young generation of our community answer the salutation “thank you” with this disgusting response of “no problem.” I didn’t know there was a problem. Our world could make huge improvements in the way people communicate.

You’re welcome.

Sue Hart

The Sea Ranch

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To the Editor:

This summer I traded my house in Redwood Valley for a home in Ukiah so I could bicycle everywhere. After enduring the city’s cobblestone streets I discovered the “rail trail” was a “slice of heaven” and 99 percent of the people (whether they have a home or not) are a pleasure to greet. If anything negative ever happens to this treasure, I’m moving back to Redwood Valley. (Thank you Mo for your recognition of the trail.)

Ralph Blanchard


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Thanks to the on-line comment person for bringing up the driving while distracted nightmare. 

Some of the traits of psychotic behavior include; self-indulgent delusions of omnipotence, and a lack of concern for or awareness of others. 

Over-used as it is, narcissism is a pretty useful description for the majority of people who’ve been constantly indoctrinated by the mind managers of corporate consumer capitalism. Few have been spared. 

People who think they’re so special and so important that they can drive while playing with their phone without incident, are in the delusional invincible mode of psychotic mentation. The mobile phone will soon pass drunk driving as a cause of mayhem and manslaughter on our roads. I know two people who’ve been taken out by smart phone dummies. 

Remember how disgusting it was when big tobacco had taken over nearly every nook and cranny of our society. A nicotine addict on every corner, an ashtray and lighter in every car. Apparently, millions upon millions have been fooled by the bright clean odorless packaging of this wireless invasion of society. Gadget addicts abound. 

On-line asks, “How do we deal with this problem?” We deal with it the same way we’ve always dealt with the garbage dumped on us by corporate negligence. We will pay the price in broken lives and in the fun house of having all civic space turned into a damned phone booth. We don’t deal with it, we are it and willingly bought into it out of a fear of being left behind. 

The consumer is responsible for being turned into a mindless response mechanism programmed and triggered by marketing puppet masters. As if Apple didn’t know how this would turn out? 

Let’s give crack and guns to the roiling LA ghettoes and sit back and watch. Let’s sell weapons of mass murder and destruction to religious fanatics and act shocked when things blow up. Why not give razor blades and ice picks to a room full of two year olds! 

The errant corporations don’t need moral or ethical compasses. All they care about is the rich resource of gullible fools who will obediently pour their money into the bottom line. None of the reckless wireless wizards will be held accountable for the death and destruction they created. As always, socialize the cost and clean up; privatize the profits. 

So where are all these overpaid over-rated high tech yuppie shitheads now? Now that they’ve created a public safety disaster. Doing really very important useless things like going to Mars or making driverless cars. Could it be that the driverless car is the remedy to having profited so obscenely from creating incompetent multitasking morons who drive cars? Wow, no doubt about it, technology will save us! 


Ross Dendy


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How many times have I said before about the dangers in our midst created by the environmentalists and the lack of support for people who know better about fire protection? No more grazing of livestock. Roads abandoned, The Forest Service abandoned roads and you can't drive on them anymore. Locked gates. How do they expect people who can't move to fight fires? How do they expect people to realize they need fire protection when the god damn environmentalists shut everything down? It's a shame! People don’t understand what these bastards are doing to this country! 

California voters voted down the gas repeal tax! How dumb was that? How stupid can people be! 

Now we have Gavin Newsom — eight more years of Jerry Brown. I hope you people love it. I hope you suffer and sweat and scream and moan. You’ve got Newsom for eight more years. I'm happy because he's our governor and you people are going to get what you deserve. 

God bless Donald Trump. 

Jerry Philbrick 


PS. I can't imagine the sorrow of the people who have lost all their homes and loved ones. Imagine the tragedy of losing everything you've got and you are sixty or seventy years old and have nothing to live for. Imagine all the animals that died. Maybe a few more of the cities where the idiots in Southern California live need to burn so they’ll realize how to vote for competent people to run this country. 

PPS. A bunch of liberal know-it-alls have moved up here from the Bay Area. They buy a piece of property, lock it up, no livestock, let grass and brush grow up to the door or the house wall while they squeeze toe-jam out from between their toes, smoke marijuana, thinking how great it is to be free — you wait and see what happens in the next few years or sooner. If a fire ever started near Philo or Navarro with a brisk wind blowing Anderson Valley would be a big pile of ashes. If people around here don't get wise to the fact that they are sitting on a time bomb, then let it happen. I'm sorry for them. And I'm sorry for the locals who have to put up with all these idiots — and I mean flaming dogshit crazy idiots! -- who come up from the Bay Area, including the wine people! Including the vineyards! 

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