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Crime of the Week

Shortly after one last Thursday afternoon, 92-year-old Marie Cleveland of Redwood Valley cranked off a round from her .38 into the tire of an RV parked on her property.

She said she wanted its occupants to leave but they wouldn't leave. The RV was unoccupied when Marie opened fire on it, a fact that obscured her demand since its recipients weren't home when it was delivered.

Two deputies soon appeared.

Marie gave each of them a belligerent shove as they disarmed the old lady and drove her to the County Jail where she was booked on a hundred thousand dollars bail.

Marie, presumably without her .38, was soon back in her home where, just as presumably, the people Marie had been trying to get off her property had gotten her message and left. The only question now is, Will the NRA get her gun back?

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