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Valley People 7/29/2009


SHERIFF ALLMAN and everyone in Anderson Valley wants to keep our new deputy, Craig Walker, but County administration keeps on saying that Allman's going to have to make personnel cuts, making it clear that they want the Sheriff to lop off his new hires. Supervisor Colfax needs to hear from the community on this one.

THE BOONVILLE BREWERY is now offering “Huger Boont,” an ale sure to make you, well, huger but thirsting for more.

COUPLA TILL TAPPERS robbed All That Good Stuff last Sunday, one of them distracting the clerk while the other rifled the cash box and the clerk's purse. The two crooks were so good at it that nobody could offer a description of them.

TWO COLLEGE kids trying to make some school money over the summer have been told by CalTrans they can't put their modest sign advertising their even more modest car cleaning business on the sidewalk near 128. The pair of young guys are still in business, no thanks to the officious CalTrans guy who warned the enterprising students that they displayed their sign at their peril. But if you need your vehicle cleaned like it just came out of the showroom, Boonville Auto Detailing or BAD, will get it done for you. Turn in at Zub-Zub and drive 25 yards east to the barn on the right. Prices range from $15 for the basic wash to $75 for the fine tooth comb, and a heckuva bargain, both.

ANOTHER GOOD DEAL coming right up on Saturday, August 8th is the KZYX fundraising luau at the Boonville Fairgrounds, 4pm. You get it all, autentico food and music and hula dances for a mere $45.

LAUGHED OUT LOUD at this caption beneath a photo of a pear-shaped slo-pitch pitcher: “Bud Light's Bobby Moore pitched five shutout innings ........” How can you pitch five shutout innings in lob ball? Or even one shutout inning?

IF YOU'RE AMONG the dwindling number of book people still at large in America and Mendocino County, you'll want to stop in at Mulligan's Books, Ukiah, proprietor Dave Smith, *the* Smith of Smith & Hawken.

PATRICK UPCHURCH visited family and friends in Boonville last week who honored the combat veteran of multiple deployments to the Iraq War with a barbecue thrown for the young soldier by Kelly and Wayne Hiatt. Sports fans will remember Upchurch from Panther football where he was among the best all-round linebackers on the Northcoast. He's still in the Army based in Colorado.


YOUTH FOOTBALL sign-ups began Monday July 27 at the Little League field at the Fairgrounds. Tony Pardini, former Panther and Logger quarterback, and William “Willie” Housley, once upon a time among the finest running backs on the Northcoast, are serving as head coaches. They could use some help. Anderson Valley field two junior teams, the little guys who are called the Panther Cubs and the bigger little guys who are called the Junior Cubs, ages 9-11 and 12-14 respectively.

WHEN VOLUNTEER crew members of the Anderson Valley Ambulance Service needed a new defibrillator, Dave Severn reports, they turned to the George & Ruth Bradford Foundation for funding. (George and Ruth are the grandparents of local rancher Peter Bradford.) The timing was perfect as the Bradford Foundation’s board was set to meet on Friday of the following week. One week after that meeting the Ambulance Service received a check covering the full cost of a new, top of the line piece of life saving equipment. The Bradford Foundation, Box 720, Ukiah CA 95482.

THIS FORT BRAGG guy writes in every week threatening to sue me. He's represented, or was represented, by a law firm based at Pier 5, San Francisco, a formidable law firm to be sure because it's partners include the legendary Tony Serra and Omar Figueroa. So when these two gents walked through the door Tuesday noon I thought that their office's wacky client, the Fort Bragg guy, had persuaded them to pay me a personal visit, subpoena in hand. Nope, we had a nice visit and not so much as a chuckle about Mr. Seat Belt Violation.


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