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Our Lady of Perpetual Fun

Take Hwy 1 north to Maple Street.  Take a right and follow it to where the road becomes a T.  See that huge building you're facing that looks like nothing you've ever seen in Fort Bragg?  That's the one.  Find a place to park because this is where the magic happens.  And you thought you had to go to Disneyland.

The pool.  Some of you are like, "Well of course, I have a monthly pass.  I swim laps and do Zumba twice a week."  But I know others of you are feeling a little twinge of guilt because you keep meaning to check it out but, well, haven't yet.  Believe me, I am a mom.  I know how busy things get.

I also have also heard the rumors about Our Lady of Perpetual Fun being in a bit of a bind, financially.  To that end, I totally understand the practice of not letting yourself falling in love with something if you believe it doomed from the get-go.  However and despite this, I encourage you to put aside your fear of heartbreak and (oh my goodness I am going to say it) take the plunge.

Amid that nasty storm this afternoon, we loaded up our gear and headed over, no matter how torrential the rains.  It was packed. There were piles of splashing children, grinning teenagers and adults in line at the water slide, noise reverberating off the water and walls as peppy rock music filled in the gaps.  This place is a gem.  Just go check it out.  You will love Our Lady of Perpetual Fun as much as we do.

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