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Letters (Jan. 23, 2019)

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I was saddened — but not surprised — to read “Monarch butterflies’ drop stuns scientists” in a recent Chronicle story. My husband and I used to look forward to visiting Pacific Grove each winter just to see this beautiful species of butterfly but noticed a steep decline in their numbers during our last trip a year ago. 

This news story should be read by anyone who claims that climate change is a hoax and that it isn’t impacting our planet in ways both big and small, since higher carbon dioxide emissions have adversely affected the milkweed that the monarch caterpillars feed on to survive. More and more species are on the brink of extinction because of global warming caused by man-made activities. Someday, hu9mans might also become a casualty of this crisis.

Agatha Abernathy

Palo Alto

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I was pleased and interested to read Larry Livermore’s “Does Marijuana Make You Stupid?" I almost always found his newspaper from Laytonville in the 80s and 90s to a good read. I have no doubt that the movie "Murder Mountain" gives vivid proof of the violence of prohibition.

However, in our view herb was a great facilitator in the emergence of the hipneck culture. In the late 60s and early 70s the new settlers (hippies) were quite outrageous and offended many (but not all) of the locals. The smoke soon drifted to the home boys and girls. Almost all of them were mellowed out through its effects and soon embraced the beautiful countercultural vibrations, the friendly women and men, and later the economic rewards.

Herb in the 70s to a certain extent fueled the anti-Vietnam war effort and helped make land payments and gave our bare-bones local economy a much-needed lift. Weed was a merry good news kind of high that seemed to make music and poetry more profound, sex more enjoyable, and life better in all ways. Some of our leading doctors, teachers and "thinkers" agreed.

Alan ‘Captain ‘Fathom’ Graham


PS for Ruth Weiss: "Nana Bertha"

I asked her, "Give me wisdom words." She turned around, a nod, a knowing glance, and said, "Child, you are young. I am old. So take heed and learn this lesson well. Learn not to tolerate people but to love them. Guard others as alone you would guard yourself. For a rich life comes only when you are the giver of gladness to others."

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Stranded at the airport

I flew from San Diego to Santa Rosa, my first time using the local airport. Never again. While the flight and the airport itself were more than adequate, I had a difficult time getting from the airport to my home in Petaluma.

I had chosen the Alaska flight to allow a connection to the SMART train from the “airport” station. Several taxis were lined up in front, but none would take me to the station.

I tried Uber, but apparently it isn’t allowed on the airport grounds for pickups. I called seven taxi companies from a list from the Alaska agent; no one would take me to the station.

Last, I tried to get a taxi to my home. The Uber price was $125. I had to beg Yellow Cab to send a “friend” to take me to my home for $80. The driver seemed afraid that I was going to turn him in for driving me.

I am an experienced traveler, and nowhere have I experienced such nonsense. I sent an email to airport management, but no one responded. Can someone please tell me why there are, apparently, so many prohibitions about transportation from the airport?

James Pointer


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It must be great to be a Democrat and have the mainstream media in your pocket. Thirty congressional Democrats and 109 lobbyists went to Puerto Rico for a weekend “retreat.” Supposedly they were checking on the progress of restoration after the 2017 hurricane. They also attended a special production of “Hamilton.”

There have been a few news stories about this retreat. Now, let’s suppose that it was a group of Republican legislators. The story would have been all over the news, with accompanying stories about government employees not working and not getting paid.

It appears that Democrats in Congress don’t believe the information about the incredible drug smuggling, human trafficking and people from all over the world coming to the United States through the southern border. It is a fact that everyone who comes across the border illegally is known by the drug cartels, because those people have paid the cartels.

Another caravan has started in Honduras. Mexico is planning to make sure this caravan doesn’t cross into Mexico.

Congress needs to deal with the entire immigration system, so that our country is safe and we know who is entering. Maybe they should meet in Puerto Rico.

Edelweiss Geary

Santa Rosa

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Gavin Gruesome Newsom is going to put a tax on tap water. You can't catch rainwater. You can't trap any rainwater anymore. 

There should be no trials for cop killers. Kill them on the spot. I can't believe they arrest cop killers and take them into custody and put them in jail and feed them and blanket them and shower them after they just shot an officer. Are you kidding me? If it was me, I'd put a bullet between their eyes. No trials for anyone who kills anyone, especially an officer of the law. It's disgusting. 

People who are trying to destroy the Constitution and America and our freedom should be brought up on treason charges and shipped out of the country, people like Pelosi, Schumer, Kamala Harris, Maxine Waters, that guy Booker, Feinstein, Ocasio-Cortez and all the rest of the far left, miserable liberal Democrats. They need to get out of the way and leave the rest of us alone for the good of the country. Get rid of the far radical left movement. 

Thanks Flynn Washburne for the nice words, but I am who I am. I believe in the Constitution, the national anthem, Pledge of Allegiance, law enforcement, the military, the American flag, respect for elders, being a good person. I don't like far left radicals like George Soros and Tom Steyer who create trouble with their money. They brag about how anti-American they are and you can't do anything about it because they're so rich and cause so much trouble. I love President Trump and what he's doing. I hate the social media especially the Washington Post. They are anarchist terrorist anti-Americans, the scum of the earth. I am me. I'm good at what I'm saying. 

Thank God we have a President Trump. MAGA. 

About 15 or 20 years ago, CDF started expanding to interfere with all kinds of logging operations and making up all these rules to get rid of loggers, and lumber prices went up. It was a mess. They should be spending their time and money on preventing fires. If they had spent half the money they spent getting rid of logging jobs on preventing fires there wouldn't be any fires. 

How can you blame somebody like PG&E who has 100,000 miles of wire criss-crossing around Northern California for a couple of sparks here and there? If the right-of-way had been cleaned the way it should have the fires wouldn't have happened and you can thank Jerry Brown for that, okay? 

The EPA is also responsible for the wildfires because of the crap they pull on the American people who got so rich off of Bill Clinton's donations which then went to Obama to hire lawyers to interfere with timber operations in California. And hunting. And ranching. And construction. It didn't matter. The EPA lets trees and brush and grass grow and that's why all those fuels are out there creating fires. That's the EPA. Let's get off the BS of blaming PG&E and blame the right people. 

God bless Donald Trump

Jerry Philbrick


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Hello to Everyone at the AVA,

I don't know who the current editor is but I remember Bruce Anderson as the editor when I last had a description. Whatever the case may be, I'm writing to request a complimentary subscription. I have no family or relatives alive to assist me in here. But I do have a lot of postage stamps which I would be glad to send you to cover mailing costs or even the cost of the subscription. If you can work with me on that level I would greatly appreciate it. That's all I have as a means of money. I have read the AVA for years off and on in the past and it really is one of the best and I love it and I miss it. I also write short articles about the prison system as viewed from the inside and I try to show what really goes on in here, not the usual mainstream lies and misconceptions that is the norm. I have several articles ready if you might be interested in them for possible publication.

Thank you for your time and understanding. My current situation is that I expect to be released in August of 2020.


Daniel Holmes #BG1158


California Substance Abuse & Treatment Facility/State Prison at Corcoran

P.O. Box 5244

Corcoran, CA 93212

* * *



Attention ye old jailhouse periodical,

My name is Jewel Dyer and I am rotting through the sixth year of detainment for the pending involuntary manslaughter case of my knife-wielding father. The trigger-happy one who liked to tell other people's machete-wielding related war stories of robbery over and over in Laytonville.

I noticed I'm not allowed to be my own attorney or file motions for appointment of indigent medical/water treatment experts to investigate the Low Gap infirmary.

USA v. Marion says that in appropriate cases evidence concerning poor jailhouse conditions is one of the four factors used to determine a denial of six amendment speedy trial violation along with: physical delay, responsibility of the cause of the delay, and the assertion at court on the right by refusing to waiver your quick trial.

Upon submission of my motion all the court did was entertain an unrelated argument between the judge and prosecutor regarding whose fault it was to be that documents were being withheld from me.

As for the reason that I am experiencing substandard medical conditions: since my detainment the bombardment of antibiotics has incrementally increased my body’s repair time and immunities for simple cuts and scrapes, among other weird problems such as permanent rashes, bloody mucus, et cetera.

Back to my attempted constitutional motion: the court then proceeded to tell me that they all of a sudden can't read my handwriting after several approved "foreplay" motions that successfully changed my plea, granted pro per status, etc.

My new public defender, Jeffrey Aaron, even says this revocation was shady but alas I am denied trial again well into May.

I am convinced this is all an elaborate plot to punish the victim.

Jewel Dyer A#20559

951 Low Gap Road Ukiah, CA 95482

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  1. Pat Kittle January 24, 2019

    Agatha Abernathy:

    Choose one:
    1) lower carbon emissions
    2) open borders

    It’s time to play grown-up. We can’t have both.

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