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War on Terror


  1. Pat Kittle January 27, 2019

    The “War on Terror” won’t stop until we identify who’s behind it. So far most people are afraid to look.

    “9-11 — ISRAEL DID IT”:

    — [ ]

    That’s right, The Terrorist Theocracy of ISRAEL did 9-11, precisely to suck us into fighting these criminal wars for “Greater Israel.”

    Peek between your fingers & take a look:

    “Greater Israel –
    Zionist Quest for the Mideast”:
    — [ ]

    “Neocons & Israelis Are Pushing America
    into Perpetual wars for Apartheid Israel”:
    — [ ]

    Am I “antisemitic”?
    — [ ]

  2. Matt Van Slyke February 11, 2019

    Last November 6th,The Southern District of New York(City)’s US Attorney “will comply” with the petition for a Special Grand Jury to proceed on the crimes of 911. Last April 10, a non-profit, public interest group, the Lawyers Committee for 911 Inquiry, filed its federal court petition containing 57 exhibits of scientific evidence and expert witness, first responder testimony from dozens of the 118 who were completely ignored buy investigators and exempted from reports to Congress. See the petition for yourself at . TH I S is what we need to stay focused upon — supporting the brave men and women of the Lawyers Committee. Not doing this means you are not conscious and you don’t deserve citizenship in this country. This is our civic duty! The Deep State will do 911 again and again, until they destroy America.

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