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MCT: Friday, February 22, 2019

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DRY CONDITIONS will persist through this afternoon, followed by showery weather spreading across the North Coast tonight into Saturday. Moderate to locally heavy rain will be possible across northwest California Sunday and Monday. Wet and unsettled weather will continue next week. (National Weather Service)

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by Mark Scaramella

Short answer: No. Long answer: Noooooo.

Why?  Because Mendo has a track record of doing nothing and now they’re turning over the important subject of housing to yet another overpaid, out-of-county consultant. And when staffers say there will be “challenges,” that means: “never happen.” 

Not in Mendo anyway.

Mendo’s “Inclusionary Housing/Housing Element” (of the General Plan) is supposed to identify “impediments to affordable housing,” because, according to the County’s new (and very expensive) Planning Director, Brent Schultz, the existing one “has resulted in no new housing in our county.”

Which directly contradicts a statement Mr. Schultz made later, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

But Schultz’s blunt statement didn’t stop Mendo’s crack planning staff and commissioners from pretending Mendo's housing for people of ordinary means is somehow better than average at Thursday’s Planning Commission meeting.

Julia Acker, Mendocino County Chief Planner, a true daughter of Elk, and therefore a true believer: “The timeframe we are embarking on right now [for the revised Housing Element] is for 2019 to 2024. We have an RFP prepared and that will be going out very early next week to seek an outside consultant to prepare our housing element for us and looking at the barriers for entry for affordable housing projects coming into the County as well.”

Fifth District Planning Commissioner (architect) Diane Weideman (replacing Hamburg’s appointment Steve Hall who has apparently retired): “I'm not really sure, but I got the impression it was going to come to us — or when it's going to be addressed or when it needs to be completed…?”

Acker: "We will be bringing that forward as soon as the housing element is complete. We are thinking that we would be coming in front of you [the Planning Commission] the end of this year or very early next year. The hope [sic] would be that we would come in at the end of this year. [Laughs.] But just time permitting, so —”

Silly us for thinking there was an actual deadline. 

Weideman: “Will we get preliminary drafts, interim drafts, before your final presentation draft?”

Acker: “You would not.”

Of course not, we can’t have people who live in the County pestering the out-of-county consultant about what they’re doing for Mendo! God forbid!

Acker: “We typically bring it to you after we have conducted our staff review of the consultant’s document that they prepared; we would bring forward a draft to you, it's still a draft until it's formally adopted, we would bring forward what's been reviewed administratively and what we feel is a complete product for your consideration.”

So the consultant will prepare something that complies with legal requirements but has no meaning to the general population of Mendocino County.

Commission Chair Marilyn Ogle: “I remember when we went through this inclusionary housing program before. Do you know at this point if it will be similar? If I'm not mistaken this is — there are existing areas where we want to infill with additional housing. Will it be similar to what we had before? Or do we know yet?”

Acker: “We will be determining that as we move forward. Our numbers, our regional housing needs assessment numbers, it's a very high number this year. So there is going to be some challenges [sic] for us to be able to find areas that meet these requirements. But really right now we are putting a little bit the cart before the horse because our consultant will be looking at this fully and seeing where we have those opportunities and whether or not we have any challenges and whether will be able to meet those needs.”

Ogle: “Do you feel like the numbers are high because of the fires and how much housing was lost, or do you think it's just because we didn't manage to do it?”

Acker: “The state sets those numbers. We went back to them and asked them to reconsider those numbers and they did not. So there was also a discussion with the County and the various incorporated cities in the County to discuss how those needs will be allocated across the various jurisdictions and again we did try to get some reductions on that acknowledging that we are down a lot by the fires but there was no shift. I'm not 100% certain on how they came up with that allocation number. I wouldn't want to speak out of turn.”

Planning and Buildling Director Brent Schultz: “All I can tell you is that these housing elements— I did them many years ago and this is a document the state is going to be watching. You've already heard your governor say that they want — they are looking at taking away transportation funding if we don't try to produce housing. I'm really pleased coming here new and seeing all these housings that the county has been doing, you have been producing affordable housing…”

Absolutely false. Not one thing has been done to produce housing in Mendocino County, much less “affordable” housing. (Although Ukiah just got a $5 mil-plus grant to build a forty or so unit housing for seniors, "our most vulnerable citizens." The only housing project that’s in the works is the now seemingly stalled Lovers Lane project and it’s far — very far — from affordable. It’s a collection of single-family homes averaging $400k or so.

Try getting a mortgage if you make less than $60k a year, and it isn't easy even with a bigger income and perfect credit.

Schultz: “Some areas of the state are doing nothing. And the state is using these housing elements to make you identify where you are going to build it. It has to be zoned and the general plan has to be in place. You can't — we used to be able to identify a site and the zoning and general plan didn't even allow it. Now you have to rezone it and update the general plan. We will do a good job with that document [the housing element of the General Plan] and there will be a lot of good information in it and we will submit it for review.”

Ogle: “I did notice that the Sacramento Bee had a recent article on this. And actually Mendocino County was not one of the counties that was targeted for not meeting goals as of now. I was pleased to see that because I know we've been through this.”

Yes, “we’ve been through this” before. And got exactly nowhere. Ms. Ogle is probably referring to when the local legal aid attorney Lisa Hillegas sued the County for a non-compliant Housing Element that was just as Mr. Schultz described: sites listed for the sake of the paperwork that were not zoned for housing nor in the General Plan for housing, and which had no water and sewer capacity and for which there were no plans for water and sewer. Official Mendo has never taken housing seriously. And this latest consultant exercise will benefit one person and one person only: the consultant.

Housing, much less “affordable housing” (which typically just means apartment complexes, not single family homes) is so far off, if ever, that Mendo might actually get one of those letters from Governor Newsom’s staff saying that transportation money is jeopardized. (Not that anybody in Mendo would notice much if it was cut…)

If Mendo was serious about "affordable" housing, they'd designate former Supervisor John Pinches as their "consultant" and ask him to develop plans for trailer parks. The rest of this purely academic exercise is a waste of time and money.

* * *

HOW MODESTO IS DOING SOMETHING about their homeless folks…

* * *


by Mike A’Dair

Willits Director of Community Development Dusty Duley confirmed last week that the City of Willits has received an application for a 10,000-square-foot cannabis cultivation operation to be sited at the old Remco facility, located at 934 South Main Street. The large industrial facility sits across Main Street from Safeway on the west side of the Willits Arch.

The cultivation application was signed by board members of GNT Industries, a corporation with an address in Brea, in Southern California. GNT Industries, incorporated in July 2018, lists an “agent” and two board members with Willits addresses.

Building co-owner Ed Mitchell confirmed a cultivation application had been submitted for the old Remco site. When asked if he and Remco site co-owner, former Willits Mayor Bruce Burton were planning to open a cannabis dispensary on the site, Mitchell said: “No. We aren’t going to do that.”

Burton identified Mitchell’s son, James Mitchell, as project manager for the renovation of the building. Both Burton and James Mitchell declined to comment for the record on GNT Industries’ cannabis cultivation application. 

Duley said the building is being renovated and the GNT application “is in the building permit process.”

“We’re still in the construction phase,” Burton said of the work that has been going on in the building over the past year. “We’re still doing remodeling work. We’ve been working for the past year or so, working to make smaller spaces out of the one big space that was in there.

“We re-roofed a big portion of the old roof, and we are going to be re-siding a big portion of the exterior walls.”

The Remco property was purchased by Burton and Mitchell in July 2016, doing business as Archway Properties.

Established in 1945 by Willits businessman Robert Harrah, Remco was a chrome-plating facility specializing in plating large components of military hardware. For decades, it was a major employer in Willits.

During its 50-year lifespan, Remco was bought and sold by multiple corporations, finally becoming the property of the Pepsi-Cola Metropolitan Bottling Company.

Remco closed in 1995. Soil and groundwater tests confirmed that soils and groundwater at the Remco site and on properties surrounding Remco had been polluted by discharges of chromium VI (hexavalent chromium) and by a variety of volatile organic compounds.

In January 1996, the City of Willits sued Pepsi-Cola in federal court, demanding Pepsi pay for and administer cleanup of the site. In August 1997, a federal judge ruled in Willits’ favor and issued a consent decree which clarified the work to be done and who would pay for it.

Primary investigation of the site was completed in April 2002, and cleanup was well under way by the fall 2003. A Final Remedial Action Plan and a Final Remedial Design Report were issued in June 2015.

Work connected with remediation continues at the Remco site, as well as at the Page property near Red Hill, formerly a dump site for the City of Willits. In 2015, it was estimated final cleanup at Remco would take “up to five more years.”

Ann Farr, chief administrator of the Willits Environmental Remediation Trust, has not yet replied to requests for an updated estimate of when the North Coast Regional Water Quality would issue a “no further action” notice for the Remco site.

A “Project Schedule” document posted on the WERT website on February 20 – part of the annual “Report to the Court” for the reporting period from January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018 – lists “finish dates” for various elements of the cleanup in 2024 and 2025.

A budget request posted by Farr in December 2018 includes an estimated $945,000 to be spent on the Remco cleanup in 2019.

(Courtesy, the Willits Weekly)

* * *

ATTENTION MR. WASHBURNE: What a wonderful description of a car wreck. Your continuing tale of personal and vehicle self-destruction is compelling. Some of the best crash stories I’ve ever read. You have the gift of intellect and words. However, you state: “I want to be clean.” Mr. Washburne, let’s face it, the chances of your ever being “clean” are not realistic. One in ten? Thus, have you considered a different drug? Meth is at the bottom of my list for drugs a writer might use. Bad teeth, paranoid intellect, death at an earlier age, perhaps from itching yourself to death. You know all of this better than I. Phillip Dick used amphetamines, but he was a science fiction writer, a genre I’m not interested in. Currently, my favorite writer is German (was) Hans Fallada: “Wolf Among Wolves”; “Alone in Berlin”; etc. Morphine was his choice. Charles Dickens was into opium; Coleridge was into laudanum; Sherlock Holmes, cocaine; Kesey, acid; Hemingway was a boozer, but not with pen in hand. Stephen King was or is into marijuana, which is, as you know, the most boring drug on the planet. Have you read any of Stephen King’s books, or endured the tedium of a Stephen King fan? Mr. Washburne, perhaps opium would be best for you. You could write straight all day and dream away your nights. But where to get it? Chinatown? Start a garden? I’d skip heroin and fentanyl. Strolling across our imperceptible border, the Mexican cartels have cornered that. It could be cut Ajax, it could be cut with what? And, you’ve already enriched these dangerous hombres with your current drug of choice. Yes, I’d say opium is a good choice. Or mushrooms. Aldous Huxley was into mushrooms. I can’t advise you on which ones you should pick, but they grow abundant and free in our woods. Jim Crumley, an old writer pal of mine, was into cocaine. He spent a fortune on that snow. However, he once was quoted (I forget where) that “Writing was the best drug of all.” You might exclusively fall back on that. Forgo your tedious and boring quest for meth (your readers are beginning to yawn) and switch to a better drug.

(Mike Koepf)

* * *

THIS SEA LEVEL RISE CHART appears in Fort Bragg’s latest “plan” for the old GP mill site:

According to the accompanying analysis the most exposed areas in Fort Bragg which would first be affected by sea level rise are:

Increased flooding of the Ocean Lake [sic] senior homes project located just north of Pudding Creek Bridge, with high tides and storm surge which according to surging seas data would directly impact five homes.

Flooding of the Pudding Creek dam and estuary, possibly causing dam failure.

Flooding of developed portions of Noyo Harbor, including the southern most portion of North Harbor.

Additionally the flooding would eliminate road access to the entirety of the North Harbor and make it very vulnerable to storm surge and high tides.

Full Report:

(Warning: Large file. Could take a while to download.)

* * *


HERE'S TEDDY ROOSEVELT talking in 1903 about the same problem grown exponentially worse in 2019: "It is our clear duty to see, in the interests of the people, that there is adequate supervision and control over the business use of the swollen fortunes of today, and also wisely to determine the conditions upon which these fortunes are to be transmitted and the percentage that they should pay to the Government whose protecting arm alone enables them to exist."

TEDDY WAS NO LIBERAL, that's for sure, but he recognized that the disproportionate political power accumulated in the hands of the very rich was bad for everyday citizens, and here comes the cautiously liberal "socialist" Bernie Sanders with a timid proposal to tax Big Money at 30 percent and from the media hullabloo that the word "socialist" was again being pronounced out loud that you'd have thought Lenin was back. Then along comes Ocasio-Perez to out-Bernie Bernie with a 70 percent tariff on Bezos and Gates, and the fine-haired fatboys at Fox are still in full panic mode that not only is Lenin back he's come back as a woman!

WHICH reminds me of Boonville's white proletariat, much of it anyway, most of it Trumpian unto Confederate flags, all of it with zero awareness that their political opinions are opposite their true interests. Mexican proles have a much firmer grip on economic and class realities, having drawn the correct conclusions from their working experiences, and have the intellectual advantage of coming from a country where there are real leftwing political parties that represent the interests of working people. A white Mendo prole, plunked down in, say, France or even England, would be laughed at as a person off his economic head by his French or Brit counterpart.

HELLO HISTORY? Get me re-write. Almost exactly one year after voting to remove the McKinley statue from the Arcata Plaza, the Arcata City Council has unanimously voted to relocate the statue to the city of Canton, Ohio. Today's libs won't like to hear that McKinley wasn't all that bad a guy, not nearly as eager an imperialist as his contemporary Teddy Roosevelt. I think of him as a kind of late 19th, early 20th century version of Gerald Ford, or even Obama The Arab Slayer and Great Friend of Wall Street. Among McKinley's virtues count his great devotion to his wife, an epileptic, and his service on the correct side of the Civil War as a combatant, not safe in the rear with the gear. With the McKinley statue gone from the Plaza I nominate a likeness of Mickey Lima, born in Usal and went to work in an Arcata shoe factory as a 12-year-old, rising to become spokesman for the Communist Party, USA and, I think, jailed during the McCarthyite 1950s. Lima is probably a little too outre for HumCo libs but he is a true son of  the Northcoast and, say what you will about American communists, if you take away their Stalinism, heck, they were perfect libs!

THE WILLITS POLICE DEPARTMENT is investigating an indoors cannon explosion that seriously injured the guy who was doing whatever he was doing with it. But even more interesting is this on-line comment: "I know of several dozen people in S. Humboldt/Northern Mendocino County that have home made cannons. There are organized cannon shoots on Bell Springs roads several times a year. Before the Simpson gun range shut down, there were large cannon shoots every year. There were Civil War mortars (that shoot bowling balls), and cannons, French 75’s (WW1), these shot a round that was made by filling a beer can with concrete."

RE THE LATEST SHOOTING IN COVELO, an on-line comment: "Covelo. Damn. It’s the perfect storm. Sweet little isolated place. Over ran by the freaking cartel and 100 various meth, black and dust dealers. Beautiful, rich valley with all the resources of clean water, air, flat land for farming. Most of the youth seem hell bent on living loose and fast, shirking education, self worth and hope. Freaking a crying shame! So much lives wasted before they even BEGIN. Starting young, living with addictions of some sort, never to sort “it” out! Bang bang put the gun away! This ain’t no mother fucking video game. It’s real life you can’t play. Let’s stop all the negativity. Yo Yo you know I’m saying? Wake up before it’s TOO LATE! Bang bang put the gun away!"

* * *

TEN STUNNING WATERFALLS in Sonoma, Marin and Mendocino

Fern Canyon Trail, Russian Gulch State Park, Mendocino County: 

Though a popular Mendocino Coast walk, there is nonetheless something intimate about the hike up Fern Canyon to the 36-foot waterfall in Russian Gulch State Park. Delicate ferns line the canyon and woodland trees and draw visitors onward as they follow the meandering creek along the canyon floor. You can get right up close to the broad stone face of the waterfall and stand amid fallen trees, or hike above the falls, taking care not to slip on wet rocks. (Photo by John Burgess)

* * *

JIM ARMSTRONG on yesterday's Highway 20 closure: "I suppose the CHP and/or MCSO will not provide any useful details about yesterday afternoon’s tie-up on Highway 20, but it would be nice. An apparent single vehicle vs. power pole collision happened about 1:30 PM near Blue Lakes. Both lanes were closed with no close-by detour available. This condition lasted for hours on into the surprisingly heavy daily commute both ways. Along the way a complete closure of 10 to 12 hours was predicted, but no effort was made to keep traffic off 20. The back-up at about 4 PM started at 101 and was stop and go to the Potter Valley turn where everyone not going to Potter was u-turned to head back to Hopland and HWY 175. The new ill-conceived configuration at the intersection made truck turn arounds almost impossible and things were a total clusterf*** for hours. Right about the height of the commute, a single east bound lane was opened, too late for those headed to 175. CHP should explain the decisions made.

ED NOTE: James Marmon said matters were complicated by a downed power pole.

* * *

* * *


Route 1 (3.5/5.5) - AT&T has been granted a Caltrans Encroachment Permit for utility work from Road 8067 to Fish Rock Road beginning on Monday, February 25. One-way traffic control will be in effect 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. weekdays. Motorists should anticipate 5-minute delays.

Route 1 (75) - Emergency work at Blue Slide Gulch will continue. One-way traffic control will be in effect. Motorists should anticipate 5-minute delays.

Route 20 (39/44) - Emergency work from Road 260 to Old Lake County Road will continue. One-way traffic control will be in effect 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. weeknights. Motorists should anticipate 10-minute delays.

Route 101 (35/39) - Emergency work from Reeves Canyon Road to Ridgewood Ranch Road will continue. Lane closures will be in effect. Motorists should anticipate 10-minute delays.

Route 101 (105) - Emergency work north of Piercy will continue. Lane closures will be in effect. Motorists should anticipate minor traffic slowdowns.

Route 175 (8.5/9) - Emergency work at Lake County Line will continue. One-way traffic control will be in effect 24 hours a day. Motorists should anticipate 10-minute delays.

Route 271 (17.9) - Bridge work at McCoy Creek Bridge will continue. One-way traffic control will be in effect from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. weekdays. Motorists should anticipate 10-minute delays.

* * *

CATCH OF THE DAY, February 21, 2019

Alexander, Blagg, Colson, Hoaglin

FRED ALEXANDER JR., Ukiah. Elder abuse, domestic abuse.

ODDIE BLAGG, Fort Bragg. Probation revocation.

JASON COLSON, Fort Bragg. Controlled substance, paraphernalia, saps/similar, concealed dirk-dagger.

RICARDO HOAGLIN JR., Willits. Parole violation.

Ireland, Lewis, McCoy

ASHLEY IRELAND, Ukiah. Child endangerment, probation revocation.

DANA LEWIS, Ukiah. Domestic battery, probation revocation.

JODY MCCOY, Covelo. Concentrated cannabis, suspended license, probation revocation.

* * *

‘IT’S SIMPLY SHAMEFUL’: Chicago’s top cop angry over alleged Jussie Smollett hoax

“Why would anyone, especially an African-American man, use the symbolism of a noose to make false accusations?” Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said. “How could someone look at the hatred and suffering associated with that symbol and see an opportunity to manipulate that symbol to further his own public profile? How can an individual who’s been embraced by the city of Chicago turn around and slap everyone in this city in the face by making these false claims?”

BEST LINE on the Jussie Smollett affair: Jussie's the first American to scam Nigerians.

* * *

* * *

SAVING THE GREAT PHILIPPINE EAGLE -- March 1 at Wildlife Film Fest

Award-winning documentary featured at International Wildlife Film Festival Tour

by Roberta Werdinger

On Friday, March 1, for the second of five Friday evenings of notable films from the International Wildlife Film Festival of Missoula, Montana, the RVOEP is proud to present the nationally acclaimed film “Bird of Prey.”

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s first feature-length film explores the vanishing world of the Great Philippine Eagle and reveals the people determined to save it. The film has garnered top awards at film festivals around the country. Declared “a masterpiece of documentary filmmaking” by the Marin Post, "Bird of Prey" is beautifully shot in incredibly challenging circumstances.

The Wildlife Film Festival takes place at the Ukiah Civic Center at 300 Seminary Avenue. Mellow, bluesy guitar music by Kim Monroe, snacks, and socializing will begin at 6:15 p.m. and the film will screen at 7 p.m. Tickets are available at Mendocino Book Company or at the door. Series tickets are $45 and single tickets are a suggested donation of $10 for adults and $5 for children.

With the screening of this unique film, the Redwood Valley Outdoor Education Project (RVOEP) would like to acknowledge Peregrine Audubon Society for its many years of funding and leadership support for the RVOEP Flight School Program. Since its inception in 2004, Flight School has engaged thousands of fourth and fifth grade students in firsthand experience with the scientific process as they study local birds, participate in birding adventures, and learn about the important role that each bird plays in the ecosystem in which it lives.

Proceeds from the film festival are an important funding source for the Redwood Valley Outdoor Education Project (RVOEP), a special program of the Ukiah Unified School District that provides outdoor environmental education programs to over 2,000 students a year.

For a full program of the film series and more information about the RVOEP visit its website, For further inquiries, contact Maureen Taylor, RVOEP Education Coordinator, at 489-0227.

* * *

* * *


California State Parks is recruiting and hiring Seasonal Park Aides. Visitor Services and Maintenance Jobs available. Visitor Services Park Aides operate the entrance stations and are responsible for collecting fees, daily accounting, registering campers, answering questions and explaining the rules and regulations. This is a high profile customer service position requiring good people skills. Candidates should have a basic knowledge of and be able to perform basic tasks using a computer. Experience with cashiering and basic accounting desired. Part time and full time positions may be available. Applicants must be willing to work evenings, weekends and holidays. Maintenance Park Aides are are responsible for housekeeping and maintenance of facilities and grounds, cleaning and maintaining equipment and tools, and repairing and servicing of light vehicles. Primary duties include cleaning and maintaining grounds including park facilities, picnic tables, lockers, toilets and showers, litter and garbage collection. Park aids answer questions on rules, regulations and facilities for the public. Full time positions available, must be willing to work weekends and holidays. For more information call 707 964-3689. Applications can be picked up at the Mendocino Sector office at 12301 N HWY 1, Mendocino. Please specify on your application “Visitor Services or Maintenance.” Applicants must have a valid California Driver’s license. State Parks include MacKerricher (Fort Bragg), Russian Gulch (Mendocino), Van Damme (Little River) and Hendy Woods (Boonville).

State Parks

* * *

* * *



The Press Democrat headlined its Feb. 14 editorial “Huffman gets a chance to lead on climate change.” But what does “lead” really mean in this time of climate crisis?

Rep. Jared Huffman calls climate change “the greatest moral, economic, and environmental imperative of our time,” and he has endorsed the Green New Deal put forth by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Why, then, has he been unwilling to publicly insist that the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis have some teeth, instead of having no subpoena power and no power to write legislation?

That question is resonating among Huffman’s constituents, especially now that he has accepted Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s appointment to the select committee. The restrictions rendering the panel toothless have been imposed by Pelosi.

Without subpoena power, the committee cannot force government agency heads appointed by the Trump administration to testify on economic and environmental issues. Nor can the committee compel fossil-fuel industry officials to provide documents or testify at hearings.

Now is the time for Huffman to become the leader we need. He should be outspoken — on an ongoing basis — to assert that Pelosi should give real power to the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis.

Alice Chan


* * *

* * *

TULSI GABBARD'S MSNBC INTERVIEW defending her "controversial foreign policy positions"

PHIL BALDWIN WRITES: “Amigos, if you view this brief interview, I am betting you'll join me in contributing to our fantastic, brave antiwar candidate. Help us assure that Tulsi's calm, charismatic voice is heard in the debates.”

* * *

* * *


The Mendocino County “Youth Project” through its private non-profit arm Mendocino Family and Youth Services, is pleased to announce that the 2019 Jim Levine Legacy Scholarship Award program is accepting applications from graduating seniors throughout Mendocino County. Six scholarships are awarded in recognition of a student’s personal journey in overcoming significant barriers or obstacles that impacted their education at some point, and may have curtailed their plans to further academic or training goals after high school graduation.

Students interested in learning more about the Jim Levine Legacy Scholarship can obtain an application packet from: 1) their high school counseling departments; 2) by calling MFYS/MCYP at 707-463-4915; or 3) by going online at The application deadline is May 3, 2019.

Individuals and organizations wishing to make a tax deductible contribution to the Jim Levine Legacy Scholarship Fund may send a donation to: Mendocino Family and Youth Services (MFYS), 776 S. State Street, Suite 107, Ukiah, CA, 95842.

Randi Sanchez, 707-463-4915,


  1. james marmon February 22, 2019


    The pole fell across the road and onto the cab of a parked Semi Truck. Both lanes were blocked and PG&E and ATT had to be called in before cleanup could take place. A very odd event. It’s all hush hush over here too. I learned the details of the accident on social media. Our local newspaper mentioned it briefly, but no follow up.

    Highway 20 under extended closure due to Blue Lakes area crash

    “Initial reports from the scene indicated a truck had hit a utility pole, and that a big rig also may have been involved. Utility lines also were reported to be down.”

    James Marmon
    ‘news you can trust’

  2. Lazarus February 22, 2019

    Are you aware that there’s an issue with your certificate? My Mac using Safari says you may be a fake web site…Just thought you should know.
    As always,

    • james marmon February 22, 2019

      The truth is finally out, the AVA is indeed a fake web site. I’m getting the same message on Opera, but I already knew that about the AVA.

      James Marmon

    • AVA News Service Post author | February 22, 2019

      Yes, an error/bug at our new webhost caused the SSL certificate problem early this morning. We got that sorted out, but we still need to upgrade to a more robust server, to speed up the response times of the website (you may have noticed sluggish or non-responses on the site recently, especially in the mornings, when we seem to do our best traffic). Apologies for the hiccups, and hope to have them all behind us soon.

  3. Lee Edmundson February 22, 2019

    Note to Michael Koepf:
    Stephen King was into alcohol and cocaine.
    See his, “On Writing”” Page 96.

    Lee Edmundson

  4. Harvey Reading February 22, 2019

    Let Canton have the statue. It’s McKinley’s home state. They can then adopt “Assimilation of Our Little Brown Filipino Brothers” as the state motto. McKinley is the one who let Roosevelt run wild with his imperialistic agenda by appointing him Assistant Secretary of the Navy.

    • Harvey Reading February 22, 2019

      … IN Mckinley’s home …

  5. Lazarus February 22, 2019

    The Remco article, if you can call it that, is about as vanilla as it gets. No mention of the x-mayors’ previous stances on the devil weed, no mention of how he screwed the Skunk out of the deal, through backroom manipulation while he was mayor. Just a bunch of no comment or we’re just remodeling, new roofs and siding…la-di-da-di-da …
    As always,

  6. Harvey Reading February 22, 2019
    • Betsy Cawn February 23, 2019

      Harvey, that’s a wonderful list of handy links. I read the last and thoroughly enjoyed it; I have never liked Sanders and waited out the local fever for his assuaging platitudes. Perfect descriptions of Clinton and Trump, and lovely spinning of glorious adjectives in every sentence. Cheered me up no end.

  7. Craig Stehr February 23, 2019

    Hi everybody, Am still chillin’ on Oahu chanting the Mahamantram and not being attached to anything at all. Contacted the Peace Vigil tonight across the street from the White House, and said that whereas politics is mainly a fair weather sport in America, I’m willing to return there in the spring. I need somebody who is sane to offer me long term housing. So far, I have received one offer for five nights on a couch, plus all of the park bench space I need for as long as I want. Therefore, I’m having messages delivered to the radical left wing spectacle in front of the White House tonight. I don’t think that it would be a good idea to space me out and offer me a park bench. I don’t think that’s going to work well with me. I don’t think that I could ever be that stupid.

  8. Eric Sunswheat February 23, 2019

    RE: The back-up at about 4 PM started at 101 and was stop and go to the Potter Valley turn where everyone not going to Potter was u-turned to head back to Hopland and HWY 175. The new ill-conceived configuration at the intersection made truck turn arounds almost impossible and things were a total clusterf*** for hours.

    ——>. I wondered about the highway 20 Potter Valley Road interface seemingly dormant construction site. It looks like a baited public controversy agency intermediate phase, before an intersection Round About is proposed, after reconstruction switches into high gear (if ever in the foreseeable future) for shovel ready Eastside Potter Valley Road widening, now that PG&E power poles have been relocated. No doubt the pending retirement of Supervisor Carre Brown is a consideration, since her historic adament opposition to locating a Round About at the north end of the Willits 101 corridor during the Willits Bypass wetlands discussion, and CalTrans deception on need for 101 two lanes.

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