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Climate Reality Slide Show

[Mar 4, 5]

Greenwood School in Elk, March 4 @ 7pm

And at Fort Bragg Town Hall in Fort Bragg, March 5 @ 6pm

Doug Nunn will present his Climate Reality Slide Show, which graphically illustrates why and how our environment is heating up and what we can do about it, at the Greenwood School on Monday, March 4, at 7pm and at the Fort Bragg Town Hall. The public is invited to both these free, one-hour+ presentations which will be followed by questions from the audience. The 2007 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded jointly to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and former Vice President Al Gore "for their efforts to build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change, and to lay the foundations for the measures that are needed to counteract such change." Part of Gore’s work led him to found the Climate Reality Project, an organization which has trained more than 17,000 presenters, all with the goal of educating the public about the dangers of human caused climate change and the measures we need to take to overcome it. In late August Albion resident Doug Nunn joined over 2200 Climate Reality trainees at the Los Angeles Convention Center where Al Gore and a group of educators, scientists, and political figures worked to pass on their scientific training, knowledge and passion. Nunn is now working to educate citizen groups on the realities of Climate Change and the work we need to do to begin the process of overcoming the damage being done. This December 13th presentation in Albion is a part of Doug’s effort to address community groups, school classrooms, and interested citizens over the next many months. The main questions Gore posits in The Climate Reality Project slide show are “Must we change?”, “Can we change?” and “Will we change?” Initially the presentation explains how the atmosphere works, how we have polluted it since the Industrial Revolution and the resultant rapid changes in climate during the past 40 years. Evidence of increasing climactic disruptions like weather fluctuations, floods, droughts and wildfires are explored. In the “Can we change?” portion of the slide show, large increases in solar and wind power and decreases in the percentage of fossil fuels used are presented. Climate Change denial and its preponderance in the US is explored as are political solutions. We also discuss things citizens can do to influence the future of this debate. Doug Nunn is a comic/improviser and recently retired teacher who has been an activist/environmentalist since his time at UC Berkeley in the early 1970s. Nunn has worked as a cook, truck driver, construction worker, warehouseman, actor/improviser and school teacher. He co-taught the inspiring Eco-Literacy class of Mendocino’s SONAR (School of Natural Resources) from 2008-17, as well as Drama, History, and Continuation School at Mendocino High School from 2001-17. Along with Marshall Brown and Ken Krauss, Doug recently launched the podcast “SnapSessions!”, dedicated to interviews with artists as well as political and cultural commentaries. He is delighted to be involved with the Climate Reality Project. If you would like to have Doug present his Climate Reality Slide Show before your group, contact him at or at 707-937-0360.

Show before your group, contact him at or at 707-937-0360.

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