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Letters (March 6, 2019)

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Hello Everyone:

Sheriff Allman and Fire Chief Avila will be here on Sunday March 10th, to provide us with information on how to organize our neighborhoods for emergencies. I'm sure this will be valuable to all of us. 

It is not necessary to be an AV Village member to participate in this event, so please join us at Lauren's at 4:00.

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Planning Tomorrow, Enjoying Today!

Sunday, March 10th at Lauren’s


Refreshments provided!

Emergency Response Planning in Anderson Valley Neighborhoods 

Fire Chief Andres Avila, Sheriff Tom Allman and other speakers will discuss how to organize your neighborhood to be ready for an EMERGENCY.


Gwyn Smith


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When ground is paved over or roofed-over structures are built, water that would normally soak into the ground up to its saturation point is diverted into creeks and storm drains, flowing eventually to the ocean.

When rain falls in the Tahoe Basin, a major part of that stormwater is directed into dry wells, eventually replenishing the groundwater with at least some of what was cut off by pavement and roofing.

For years, many unkind words were directed toward the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, but one doesn’t hear much criticism now, at least not about the mandated salvage of rainwater.

Why, one wonders, is this not common practice everywhere? And why was it not included in editorial comments about saving rainwater?

Raymond Alden


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To the Editor:

The National Alliance on Mental Illness, NAMI, is a nonprofit organization advocating for improved mental health services at the local, state and national level. NAMI Mendocino is a growing membership of local people with mental illness, their families and friends who come together to advocate for additional and better mental health services in our community. 

NAMI Mendocino worked side-by-side with Sheriff Tom Allman to support the well authored Measure B Initiative. There are many interpretations of what Measure B was voted in to do. We believe the true advantage of the Measure B Initiative is to improve the overall mental health system by creating services that eliminate service gaps. Delivering the appropriate level of care will create less need for mental health clients in our jails and emergency rooms.

Crisis Residential Programs (CRPs) are an imperative part of an efficient mental health system. CRPs reduce unnecessary stays in psychiatric hospitals, reduce the number and expense of emergency room visits and incarcerations, provide positive outcomes and can be utilized for preventative and after care services, individualized care, stabilization, support wellness and recovery and meet people at their current need at a lower rate of cost.

A Psychiatric Health Facility (PHF) is an inpatient facility that treats individuals in psychiatric crisis who cannot be safely served in outpatient services. While a PHF is also a necessity in our community we believe it should be considered a last resort rather than a first option.

NAMI Mendocino encourages all Mendocino County residents to concentrate on the mental health system of care rather than any one level of service. Building a PHF and no other services will surely fail in this community. Our goal is to have a PHF but also to reach people before they need it. 

NAMI Mendocino Board of Directors

  • Donna Moschetti – Chair
  • Sonya Nesch - Vice-Chair
  • Gladys Telschow – Treasurer
  • Jan McGourty – Secretary
  • Raven Price
  • Pokie Dunlap
  • Mel Lockey

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I don’t want to add insult to injury, but after traveling along the Russian River to get to Point Arena since 1959, and living in Sonoma County for 30 years, I find myself frustrated that precious taxpayer-financed resources are used every time the river floods to rescue people who refused to evacuate, even with plenty of advance notice. Said resources are also used to rescue those foolish enough to drive through standing and even rushing water on flooded roads with no clue as to what lies beneath. Time to get a clue, people.

Karen McMillen

Santa Rosa

* * *



If I hurt anybody's feelings or make a bad impression, I'm sorry.

We have a professor at UC Davis who is advocating killing cops. He's teaching his students how to kill cops when their backs are turned or they're busy or something. One of his students turned him in. It was on the news. How can a town like Davis support a college that has Professor like that? I can't believe that the police in Davis allow that. Advocating to students how to kill cops. Isn't that typical of California? It's a California college. A lot of the other professors in their own way teach the same thing. He should have a hole sliced in his scrotum sack and his leg run through the hole and then be turned loose on the freeway which would be too mild for him. But with political correctness it won't happen in California. Sanctuary states, the worst infrastructure, filthiest city in the world, San Francisco. And many more to make you cry. Makes me sick.

Mr. Severn, I see where you wrote a long article to spread your stupid gibberish gab that most people can't understand because you sound like a poet who has had a hysterectomy. I don't know what you're talking about. But I know that you hate our president because of the rotten things you say about him. You should get the hell out of the United States and move to another country. I get sick of people who get down on our president. You can say what you want about me but leave the President alone. The only people who don't like President Trump are the liberals who like to kill babies and like open borders and sanctuary cities, who hate law enforcement. They hate everything about the United States of America. When you talk bad about President Trump you are just declaring yourself a liberal, a baby killer, a sanctuary city guy, open borders, climate change, this that and the other, Filthy cities like San Francisco. Good luck Mr. Severn.

Sometimes I wonder why I stay in California. I should sell everything and get out of this shithole. It's not the state's fault, it's the people running it. People like Mr. Severn are so well educated that they become airheads and get stupid. He is the kind of people who make rules like the bullet train to nowhere. They don't care about overpriced medicine or that nobody can afford insurance or that we can't afford workers comp. No respect for law enforcement. Every outlaw radical child molester rapist murderer in the state gets protection. The filthiest slums in the United StatesL Oakland, San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles. Sickening.

Last week just north of Pudding Creek outside of Fort Bragg there were 14 Caltrans employees and five vehicles there for four and a half hours just to put up a Share The Road sign. They could have done that in half the time and with half the people and fixed the god damn highway next to Taco Bell with the rest. You just about to tear the front end of your car when you hit the bumps there. And that's not the only place. It’s just as bad on the south end of the Caspar Bridge. The southbound lane will make your front wheel go through your radiator when you hit it. It's sad to watch people spending our tax money doing nothing, absolutely god damn nothing!

God Bless Donald Trump.

Jerry Philbrick


* * *



Some examples of socialism in the U.S.A. are the public schools, libraries, roads, Cal-Trans, freeways, police and fire departments. 

As kids, most of us went to public schools here, that were funded collectively by U.S. taxpayers, not just our parents money. That is Democratic Socialism, U.S.A. style. 

I love the new Covelo public library, and I support it with donations and public tax money. I see many kids using this freebee who haven't paid any money. If we had a strictly capitalist country, then those kids would be forced to pay! I suspect most of those who demonize socialism, have in fact used the public libraries. 

Roads and freeways benefit all of us here in the U.S.A. and were paid for collectively by taxpayers, not just your money, capitalist guy. CalTrans is funded with collectivist taxpayer money and capitalist guy couldn't get far without that absolute FACT! 

Police and fire departments are funded with taxpayer money, once again, collectively! That is, we the people agree to pay for services all together, as a society, rather than totally separate. 

Yes, we are individuals under a constitutional republic system, but that does not discount the fact that we live in a society. 

On 9/11 the evil Socialists destroyed the World Trade Center, killing thousands and... Oh wait, no, that was the Saudi backed terrorists. But, the evil Socialists are torturing women who want equality with men. Oh no, wait, that's The Saudi Arabian Kings and rulers that Trump loves so much. 

Trump and the repugs demonizing of Socialism, completely ignores the fact that the U.S.A. and our allies are mostly democratic socialist in how we operate, with the Europeans more so. 

This anti-socialism crusade also ignores the Saudi crimes against its own people and Yemen. 

Completely immoral disgusting hypocrisy and criminal complicity. That's just Trump being himself! "I know what Trump is. He is a racist he is a con-man, he is a cheat!" Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen. 

Best Regards,

Rob Mahon



  1. Jeff Costello March 6, 2019

    Philbrick should move to Wyoming, but stay clear of Harvey, who relocated there for very different reasons.

  2. cee March 14, 2019

    tell us how socialism has worked out for Venezuela…Cuba…USSR (Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics)…..

    • Bruce Anderson March 14, 2019

      How about Hitler’s national socialism? I would try to explain how it’s all worked out, but it’s complicated and involves the ability to make distinctions, plus some elementary knowledge of history. I can say it’s worked out quite well in many parts of Europe.

      • Charles March 14, 2019

        I can’t tell from your reply if you are being: 1) sarcastic 2) condescending 3)obtuse. But go ahead. Since I have 6 years of college and worked in the medical field for 40 years I should be able to understand. You can even include some countries where you claim socialism has “worked quite well.” (Socialism: •(in Marxist theory) a transitional social state between the overthrow of capitalism and the realization of Communism. OR a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole. or as in China, regulated/controlled by the all knowing, benign, we-know-what’s-best-for-you (and if you don’t agree well there’s always the “re-education” plans).

        • Bruce Anderson March 14, 2019

          Socialist theory didn’t begin with Marx. The political right, or the demagogues among them, always point to murderous regimes as examples of socialist failures, neglecting to address, for instance, the successful democratic socialism of the Scandinavian countries. Roosevelt’s New Deal enacted socialist programs to save capitalism. The oligarchs who run this country are terrified of people like O-C because she will tax them to pay for socialist-inspired programs that will benefit all of us.

          • james marmon March 14, 2019

            And your so called oligarchs will take their money and factories off shore again. To hell with the repatriation of jobs and money here in America. I guess the Obama Administration didn’t teach you anything?

            Make America Stupid Again

    • Mark Scaramella March 14, 2019

      American Socialist Party Platform, 1912 — Oh the horror!:

      Working Program

      As measures calculated to strengthen the working class in its fight for the realization of its ultimate aim, the co-operative commonwealth, and to increase its power against capitalist oppression, we advocate and pledge ourselves and our elected officers to the following program:

      Collective Ownership

      The collective ownership and democratic management of railroads, wire and wireless telegraphs and telephones, express service, steamboat lines, and all other social means of transportation and communication and of all large scale industries.
      The immediate acquirement by the municipalities, the states or the federal government of all grain elevators, stock yards, storage warehouses, and other distributing agencies, in order to reduce the present extortionate cost of living.
      The extension of the public domain to include mines, quarries, oil wells, forests and water power.
      The further conservation and development of natural resources for the use and benefit of all the people . . .
      The collective ownership of land wherever practicable, and in cases where such ownership is impracticable, the appropriation by taxation of the annual rental value of all the land held for speculation and exploitation.
      The collective ownership and democratic management of the banking and currency system.


      The immediate government relief of the unemployed by the extension of all useful public works. All persons employed on such works to be engaged directly by the government under a work day of not more than eight hours and at not less than the prevailing union wages. The government also to establish employment bureaus; to lend money to states and municipalities without interest for the purpose of carrying on public works, and to take such other measures within its power as will lessen the widespread misery of the workers caused by the misrule of the capitalist class.

      Industrial Demands

      The conservation of human resources, particularly of the lives and well-being of the workers and their families:
      By shortening the work day in keeping with the increased productiveness of machinery.
      By securing for every worker a rest period of not less than a day and a half in each week.
      By securing a more effective inspection of workshops, factories and mines.
      By the forbidding the employment of children under sixteen years of age.
      By the co-operative organization of the industries in the federal penitentiaries for the benefit of the convicts and their dependents.
      By forbidding the interstate transportation of the products of child labor, of convict labor and of all uninspected factories and mines.
      By abolishing the profit system in government work and substituting either the direct hire of labor or the awarding of contracts to co-operative groups of workers.
      By establishing minimum wage scales.
      By abolishing official charity and substituting a non-contributary system of old age pensions, a general system of insurance by the State of all its members against unemployment and invalidism and a system of compulsory insurance by employers of their workers, without cost to the latter, against industrial diseases, accidents and death.

      Political Demands
      The absolute freedom of press, speech and assemblage.
      The adoption of a graduated income tax and the extension of inheritance taxes, graduated in proportion to the value of the estate and to nearness of kin-the proceeds of these taxes to be employed in the socialization of industry.
      The abolition of the monopoly ownership of patents and the substitution of collective ownership, with direct rewards to inventors by premiums or royalties.
      Unrestricted and equal suffrage for men and women.
      The adoption of the initiative, referendum and recall and of proportional representation, nationally as well as locally.
      The abolition of the Senate and of the veto power of the President.
      The election of the President and Vice-President by direct vote of the people.
      The abolition of the power usurped by the Supreme Court of the United States to pass upon the constitutionality of the legislation enacted by Congress. National laws to be repealed only by act of Congress or by a referendum vote of the whole people.
      Abolition of the present restrictions upon the amendment of the Constitution, so that instrument may be made amendable by a majority of the voters in a majority of the States.
      The granting of the right of suffrage in the District of Columbia with representation in Congress and a democratic form of municipal government for purely local affairs.
      The extension of democratic government to all United States territory.
      The enactment of further measures for the conservation of health. The creation of an independent bureau of health, with such restrictions as will secure full liberty to all schools of practice.
      The enactment of further measures for general education and particularly for vocational education in useful pursuits. The Bureau of Education to be made a department.
      The separation of the present Bureau of Labor from the Department of Commerce and Labor and its elevation to the rank of a department.
      Abolition of an federal districts courts and the United States circuit court of appeals. State courts to have jurisdiction in all cases arising between citizens of several states and foreign corporations. The election of all judges for short terms.
      The immediate curbing of the power of the courts to issue injunctions.
      The free administration of the law.
      The calling of a convention for the revision of the constitution of the U. S.

  3. Pat Kittle March 14, 2019


    Hate to poop in your Socialist Punchbowl, but…

    Socialism is a legitimate response to unbridled capitalism — and vice versa. But when the smoke clears, both economic systems are merely endless-growth industrial paradigms.

    In both the “economy” of one species reigns supreme; ecological limits be damned. And that species has coopted a preposterously large fraction of planetary life support for itself, shoving aside maybe 100,000,000 other species.

    In the numerous planks in the American Socialist Party Platform, only one hints at ecological awareness — and it is preposterously self-contradictory:

    [“The further conservation and development of natural resources for the use and benefit of all the people…”]

    “Further conservation AND further development”? Double-talk like that is what we get from the likes of Trump & Obama… & Karl Marx, who considered the wilderness of the Louisiana Purchase to be a vast “wasteland” awaiting only the proper kind of human “development.”

    Socialism fails under the tragedy of the commons. Capitalism fails because it inexorably leads to monopoly.

    Another plank in that Socialist Platform needs some serious debunking:

    [“The absolute freedom of press, speech and assemblage.”]

    “Absolute freedom” my ass. Antifa criminals nowadays physically attack peaceful White rights advocates on sight — Mayor Daley’s cops are ancient history, today’s cops actually stand by and do nothing, often under orders from corrupt anti-White local mayors. And the anti-White media are happy to seize every opportunity to blame Whites for the consequences.

    “Absolute freedom” my ass.

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