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Monk Visitation

[Mar 31]

At 9:30 this Sunday morning 3/31, the members of Abhayagiri Monastery in Redwood Valley will mark the end of their winter retreat with a visit to Three Jewels Hall in Fort Bragg to share conversation, their daily meal, and likely an oceanside walk. There will be no formal meditation or teaching, so this will be a special opportunity to share time and companionship as well as food with the monks. Please bring a dish, being aware that since the monks eat from single bowls, soupy items are awkward for them. There are no restrictions on their diet, so anything else is fine. On April 15, monks will resume visits every third Monday evening to Three Jewels for meditation, teaching, and discussion. These monthly visits will continue for the rest of the year until the next winter retreat, from January through March 2020. Monday 4/1, as on all Monday evenings, mindfulness meditation will be the focus of the gathering from 7:00 to 8:30 at Three Jewels. All are welcome to attend when they can to enjoy mindful practices together. Mindfulness meditation techniques beneficial to beginners as well as longtime meditators are taught and practiced. Also at Three Jewels every Sunday morning (except this week) from 9:30-11:00, Buddhist teachings are explored through guided meditation and reflections on well-known texts. These reflections provide tools useful in everyday life. All are welcome to all events at Three Jewels, regardless of their beliefs and experience. There is no charge, though donations to support the hall are welcome. 

For directions and more information, please visit the Three Jewels website:

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