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Creepy Joe Biden?


  1. Gerapd April 3, 2019

    What the fuck is this propaganda

  2. Zack Anderson Post author | April 3, 2019

    Biden inappropriately touches Ukraine.

  3. james marmon April 3, 2019

    Q: What took Creepy Uncle Joe’s victims so long to go public with their stories?

    A: They were biden their time

    • Harvey Reading April 4, 2019

      Why does anyone give a damn how long it took them to go public? It’s like it’s a crime not to go public immediately, or so conservatives (whose ranks include most democrats) bellow repeatedly and loudly. Personally, I could see why they might wait, perhaps a lifetime, in the face of knowing full well they’ll be trashed by the media and much of the public … the ignorant, racist, misogynist almost-majority part of it that is: the fools who swallow whole whatever the newsreaders say or write.

      You’re the supposed mental expert, so why don’t you “enlighten” us? Just don’t expect everyone to buy your “wisdom”.

      The big question for me is why anyone, male or female, would choose to be around scum like Biden or Trump, or the Kennedys, or any of the other self-entitled wealthy bums.

  4. George Hollister April 3, 2019

    Remember the Sixties thing when everyone was supposed to hug and kiss? I guess no more hugs, and no more kisses. How about creepy athletes who slap each other on the butt? Football players all do it, too. I saw creepy Giants players hugging last night, too. From now on, it’s an extended handshake, and that’s all. I Joe Bidened a female friend the other night, in public. HS, I hope no one noticed.

    • Mark Scaramella April 4, 2019

      I can’t stand Joe Biden, much less Schumer, Pelosi and the rest of the “limousine liberals.” I also think Biden is some kind of creep; obviously, you can’t put hands on women unbidden. What kind of a-hole would even think that’s ok? But that said, there’s the other side of this coin: Men getting unwelcome hugs from women. Yes, mostly harmless, and obviously some number of men are fine with it. But it assumes a level of familiarity that is usually not the case, kinda like people I hardly know calling me “Mark.” If you turn down a women’s unwelcome, uncomfortable hug, you’re some kind of cold, stand-offish “man.” (And I’m leaving out the few times when drunk women have gone further than just hugging me.) The pushy hugger-women like to think they’re so nice, so friendly, so holier than thou as they hug you for no particular reason, even if they’re not so nice otherwise. It may be innocent and harmless but it seems silly and fake and overly familiar. So a good rule of thumb in most social situations: Hands off. OK?

      • james marmon April 4, 2019

        As a single male working in human services, “don’t hug the bears” was Social Work 101. I was accused by many of my female co-workers as possibly being gay because I was so hands offish. In a way it kind of helped me, people thinking I was gay, because CIS gender males don’t last long in that business without allegations of sexual harassment being made against them.

        James Marmon MSW

      • George Hollister April 4, 2019

        Or how about when I was a youngster, and these grandmother type women just had to hug and kiss me? I was like, Holy Cow, where can I wipe off the slobber. I didn’t care for the perfume, either. Huck Finn had to deal with the same. So it’s not new.

        But the hippie thing was, everyone hug, all the time, every time. It became a part of the culture. It was part of the Love-Peace movement. There was not anything sexual about, either. Or there was not supposed to be. The line where this gets creepy, is not defined. The problem women had with Joe Biden, should have been brought up with him, by them, “Hey Joe, you are being demeaning, we don’t know each other that well, so knock it off, or I might square you up.” Going to the press can also be called “creepy”.

    • Harvey Reading April 4, 2019

      No, George, I guess I missed that part of growing up in the 50s and 60s. Probably was a more middle and upper class behavior pattern.

  5. Bruce McEwen April 4, 2019

    It’s like Beauty and the Beast, extemporized in the classical forum. Unfortunately, the players are rather mediocre. We no longer suffer from a plethora of geniuses, no left-over Shakespeares to put this in a relevant perspective – And I fear I’ve opened a can of dissention on Shakespeare from the Bacon-wrote-the-plays faction, and they could be right – but, still, nobody would deny that Shakespeare on stage with a rapier could not draw a blood-curdling roar of applause from the peanut gallery, maybe a gasp from the balconies –!– and now everybody’s going to jump to the conclusion that I think The Hon. J. Biden was the fellow Hamlet laid the flat of his blade across the old gent’s wrist smartly enough to raise a welt, when he was murmuring those platitudes in Ophelia’s pink shell of an ear and that’s not what I meant, because a truth shines forth from all this show for even the meanest intelligence, even eejits like me & my ilk, that is to say folks pickled in scripture, hip to myth, and pretty fluent – not to say flatulent –in just plain street-talk, where it is widely accepted as a expression of the Universe Oo000m: …the handmaiden of virtue is the consort of Auld Nick, the red devil, by definition of the terms (not to mention the classical tradition) and — by the by, the personification is purely incidental, that the Vice President could be subtle as sin, strong as a python; and use his sinews to hold you, and that you, young lady – the squirming adolescents he snuggles so intimately—again, you, young lady, you must submit to him as he licks your now red ear with his forked tongue and tightens his coils around your body (and soul).

    • Bruce McEwen April 4, 2019

      *My apologies to Mr. Yearsley “The Master” — the fellow whose sentence-structure I was attempting (above) to emulate–emulate, I repeat; not parody!

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