MCT: Monday, August 26, 2019

MEASURE V & EXEMPTION by Jim Shields Before getting down to business, I want to commend 3rd District Supervisor John Haschak for keeping a campaign promise to establish a scholarship fund for Round Valley, Willits, and Laytonville high school seniors. Haschak seeded the fund with an unpopular and ill-advised salary raise the Board of Supervisors […]

MCT: Sunday, August 25, 2019

Coastal Clouds;
BOS Responses;
Missing Cop;
Seafood Harborfest;
Hebrew Hollerer;
GG 1935;
Tweaker Testimony;
Family Circus;
Emergency Services;
Lion Attack;
Farm Report;
1959 Class;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Little Italy;
Blowhard Fixation;
Great Love;
Golden Light;
Paper Delivery;
Sans Swing;
Moral Cantatas;
Anxiety Bingo;
Pabst Spray;
Danish Relief;
Inheritance Question;
Damn Dems;
Marco Radio;
Found Object

MCT: Saturday, August 24, 2019

Hot Ahead;
Attempted Murder;
Prairie Sunset;
Nautical Collection;
Book Hazard;
Hospital Future;
Thesauri Spill;
Pancake Breakfast;
Caltrans Projects;
12 Pages;
Yesterday’s Catch;
SS Dem;
Jackson Five;
Bobcat Hunting;
Patient Intake;
Cyber Insecurity;
PA Agenda;
Boredom Cure;
Proud Boys;
Herbal Crap;
Doctor Doohan;
Kenneth Rexroth;
Coherence Please;
Semiautomatic Matches;
PG&E Rates;
Found Object

MCT: Friday, August 23, 2019

Kit Leaving;
Ambulance Benefit;
AV Football;
School Enrollment;
Stoen Retires;
1994 Mexico;
Flynn Writing;
Colored Fork;
Comptche Cooking;
Hospital Update;
B Agenda;
Book Box;
Pilot Rock;
Climate Plan;
Housing Project;
Gunstock 1969;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Art Quilt;
Madame Wong;
Flatten Settlement;
Older People;
Daphne Galizia;
Moral Superiority;
4000 Miles;
Google Not;
Donnie Green;
Uncle Jay-T;
Amazon Fire;
One Helicopter;
Antifa Mirrors;
Electric Biking

MCT: Thursday, August 22, 2019

Kit Rumor;
Warming Trend;
B Ideas;
Pomo Bluff;
Outage Anxiety;
Ed Notes;
Livermore Tour;
Quiz Night;
Homeowners Insurance;
Groundwater Appeal;
Flatware Jewelry;
Name Painting;
Casablanca Screening;
Village Events;
Art/Craft Show;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Huxley Tripping;
Grant Deadline;
Trump Greenland;
Fair Audit;
12 Galaxies;
Vindicator Down;
Good Deed;
Dunham Out;
Peripatetic Stehr;
Truth Book;
Climate Day;
Name Flower;
Sarah Scanner

MCT: Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Light Rain;
Hunnicutt Investigation;
Patriot’s Day;
BOS Doings;
Free Cats;
Rogue Cops;
Guitar Show;
Great Day;
Mawk Master;
Ukiah Report;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Satanic Stroll;
Single Shot;
Unicorn Books;
Increasing Crappiness;
Thanksgiving Fair;
Name Painting;
Pesky Journalists;
Tie Binds;
Home Castration;
Robinson Jeffers;
Found Object

MCT: Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Missing Hans;
Criminal Enterprise;
Flea Market;
Scanner Snatcher;
Old Grader;
Pressed Flowers;
Epistolary Irritations;
Book Sale;
Chamber Mixer;
Ukiah Trail;
Evacuation Placards;
Great Day;
Organized Religion;
Dead Trees;
Remain Linear;
Sad Stories;
Planning Agenda;
Big Tree;
Clerk’s Tale;
Record Player;
Festival Donations;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Repo Future;
Fifties Eating;
Sanctioned Violence;
Private Spurs;
What’s Ahead;
Tie-dyed Tippler;
The Wheel;
Banning Miscreants;
Marco Radio;
Continuous Improvement;
Maned Wolf;
Drag Racing;
Diminishing Fortunes

MCT: Monday, August 19, 2019

Evacuation Procedures;
Quake Seam;
Tour Bragg;
Hedgehog Books;
Wine Down;
Fairy Godmothers;
Ed Notes;
Henry Kissinger;
MAC Board;
Tree Fro;
Yokayo Bowl;
Electrical Spaghetti;
Boomer Grade;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Weed/Wine Coturri;
Hedy & Jimmy;
Groupthink Journalists;
Why Denied;
Pure Mendocino;
Neoliberal Agenda;
Not Enough;
House Spiders;
Zimmer Interview;
Bandit Act;
Liberals Bad

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