MCT: Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Light Rain;
Lizarraga Resigns;
Disaster Fund;
Grange Dinner;
Cove Explorers;
Howe Update;
Meth Hub;
AV Brewing;
Gary Webb;
Willits Furniture;
For-Profit Medicine;
Heli-Saw Brooktrails;
Vicchione Case;
Tre Cool;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Our Times;
Plant Warning;
Official Dishonesty;
Wealth Dominance;
Bar Jokes;
Impeachable You;
Second Saturday;
Found Object

MCT: Monday, December 9, 2019

Sunny Day;
René Auberjonois;
Fire Recovery;
Ed Notes;
Overwhelmed Methodists;
Disaster Planning;
Sandbar Breach;
Nightscape Images;
Services Consolidation;
Wrong Number;
Insurance Moratorium;
AV Village;
Bed Tax;
Dumb Dems;
Held Corrections;
2008 Collapse;
Navarro Flooding;
People Flushing;
Courageous Caroler;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Russian Homeless;
Medically Bankrupt;
Cockamamie Schemes;
Long Island Sound;
Braindead Followers;
Found Object

MCT: Sunday, December 8, 2019

Rain Respite;
Fire Relief;
Sandbar Breached;
Classic Results;
Pet Tortilla;
Tuar Ceatha;
Ms Megan;
Mental Health;
Hospitality Failure;
Medical Holdup;
GP Wasteland;
Garberville 1920s;
Ed Notes;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Judge Advice;
Beverly Blvd;
Yore Mistakes;
Yemen Action;
Bern Surge;
Christmas Lane;
Madalyn Murray;
Marco Radio;
Chomsky 91;
Xmas Blues;
All Russians;
Mundane Circumstances;
Found Object

MCT: Saturday, December 7, 2019

128 Closed;
Fire Notes;
Crafts Fair;
Homeless Shack;
Classic Scores;
Holiday Bazaar;
Ed Notes;
Candidate McGourty;
Martini Madness;
Rise Up;
Willits Ambulance;
Adventist Experience;
A Pinion;
Ocean Buoys;
Centrist Ticket;
Santa Brownies;
Mental Staffing;
Retroactive Agreements;
Great Life;
Riotous Year;
DA Reports;
Police Reports;
Garage Sale;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Altamont 69;
Lake Pilfer;
Swap Shop;
Whitey Claus;
Dem Demise;
Comments Sections;
Radioactive Olympics;
Santa Letters;
Meet Sako;
42nd Street;
Unfettered Capitalism;
Pearl Survivor;
Found Object

MCT: Friday, December 6, 2019

Windy Rain;
Boonville Fire;
Redwood Classic;
Ambulance Service;
Lil Mama;
Canoe Dog;
Wildlife Management;
Community Dinner;
Refrigerator Needed;
Vicchione Clarity;
Young Philanthropists;
Brewery Sold;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Holiday Readings;
Garage Sale;
Craft Fair;
Museum Shots;
Clinic Fundraiser;
Light Festival;
Value Truth;
Holiday Fun;
Completely Confounded;
Controlled Burning;
Africa Big;
Resiliency Project;
Hurt Feelings;
Dem Club;
Found Object

Fire in Downtown Boonville

A fire that began in a small home next door to Anderson Valley Market blew up into a fast-moving blaze that burned two more small homes, Lizzby’s Restaurant and the Pic ‘N Pay Market. The fire was stoked by a stiff 10-15 mph wind blowing out of the southeast toward the northwest. The flames then […]

MCT: Thursday, December 5, 2019

Approaching Front;
Bill Sterling;
Roof Fire;
Duane Missing;
Adventist Skeptics;
Abortion Service;
No Quiz;
Brewery Sale;
Francisco Mayhem;
Siddhartha Claus;
Ed Notes;
Less Buggy;
Shelter Funding;
Volunteer Training;
AV Village;
Trading Time;
Eel Canyon;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Bargain Books;
Saying Cheese;
Throat Scratch;
Census Jobs;
Warm Thoughts;
Bulldozing Hebron;
Gutless Sanders;
Edmund Wilson;
Marijuana Reform;
Found Object

Letters (December 4, 2019)

[Sonya Nesch] Why would you spend Measure B money to build a money-losing Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU)? As the Kemper Report tells you, CSUs lose money in Napa County and Nevada County, and the one in Sonoma County has lost millions

MCT: Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Lingering Showers;
Bean Bails;
Big Band;
V Shenanigans;
B Squandered;
Future Disaster;
PSPS Forum;
Author Event;
Crafts Fair;
Kent 50th;
Eating Noses;
Ed Notes;
Swedish Politicians;
Wrong-Way Jacobs;
Hospital Measure;
Physics Museum;
Garage Sale;
Beach Babes;
McGourty Announcement;
Mo Memo;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Baldwin Speech;
White Panther;
Homeless Weedpatch;
Bad Writing;
Knee Taking;
Bouncer Mary;
Holiday Blues;
Maggie Reception;
Rat Race;
Remain Sorry;
Greedy Rulers;
Bad Habits;
Not Frozen;
Frack Freeze;
Found Object

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