MCT: Thursday, April 9, 2020

MENDOCINO COAST HOSPITALCOVID-19 UPDATE for the Week of April 6, 2020. by William Miller, MD, MCDH Chief of Staff and Tabatha Miller, Ft. Bragg City Manager From William Miller, MD, our hospital’s Chief of Staff: Efforts to slow the spread appear to be working here in Northern California and especially for us here on the […]

Coast Hospital Update

Efforts to slow the spread appear to be working here in Northern California and especially for us here on the Coast.  Initial projections were that we would start seeing a surge of COVID patients in mid-April peaking in a potentially overwhelming volume by mid-May.  However, this has notably changed thanks to everyone’s efforts to shelter-in-place, […]

Surveillance Testing

Mendocino County Public Health, in partnership with Adventist Health Ukiah Valley, and with the Public Health Regional Lab in Sonoma County, will be conducting focused testing (formally known as ‘surveillance testing’) for COVID-19 in vulnerable populations. Surveillance testing is a tool used to look for asymptomatic people who may be infected with COVID-19 and to […]

Letters (April 8, 2020)

Dear Supervisors,
There is an unconfirmed rumor our county now has 8 positive COVID-19 cases.
No credible news entity has confirmed this thus far.
Here’s the rub: You have a county website which purports to provide current COVID-19 news.
And yet up to date news is not being provided.

Off the Record (April 8, 2020)

FORT BRAGG isn’t monkeying around with its social distancing directives. (Unlike Ukiah, where it’s all monkeys.) The Haul Road and the Big River beach and trail, and every other Mendo Coast public area, are cordoned off. It’s not as if the Haul Road is ever what could be described as “crowded,” but the shutdown certainly […]

Valley People (April 8, 2020)

MURIEL ELLIS of Yorkville has died. Mother of Terry Ryder also of Yorkville, Muriel was perhaps best known in the Anderson Valley as a devoted and formidable participant in the Trivial Pursuit nights at Lauren’s Restaurant. A full obituary is pending. An interview with Muriel by Steve Sparks is available on-line at BOONVILLE’S a […]

MCT: Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Dry Days;
Sanders Out;
FB Foodbank;
Boon Moon;
Supes Notes;
Noyo Guard;
Surveillance Testing;
Yolla Bolly;
Pandemic Motel;
Harbor Span;
Tax Relief;
Ed Notes;
Ukiah 1905;
Mendocino Jam;
Feisty Seniors;
Bisson Apprehended;
Essential Defense;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Ridiculous Figures;
Screw Everybody;
Wounded GI;
Lemon’s Account;
Angry God;
Death Flood;
Cyclone Shrub;
Virus Vigilantes;
Guadalcanal R&R;
Psycho Killers;
Satchel Paige;
Zero Fish;
Safety Joe;
Found Object

Property Tax Due

No Changes To Property Tax Payments Due To Covid-19: As Mendocino County Tax Collector, I understand and share in the public’s anxiety and concern about the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.  So the pubic is aware, County Tax Collectors cannot change the April 10 deadline for the second Installment of secured property taxes because the […]

MCT: Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Isolated Showers;
Surveillance Testing;
Foggy Landscape;
National Guard;
Better Practices;
Pet Precaution;
Empty Pier;
Ed Notes;
Noyo Rainbow;
LakeCo Report;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Sanders 2020;
Captain Williams;
Incompetent Government;
GG Construction;
Pod People;
Charity Game;
Sugarcandy Sports;
Flower Bud;
Con Man;
Redwood Notch;
Not Afraid;
Doctor’s Warning;
Merry Pranksters;
Political Lies;
Ponzi Collapse;
Kinda Busy;
Swines’ Holiday;
Found Object

MCT: Monday, April 6, 2020

Lingering Showers;
Daily Updates;
Testing Results;
Ed Notes;
About Spinardi;
Leaf Lizard;
Confirmed Cases;
Defer Tax;
Storm Clouds;
Penalty Waiving;
Police Reports;
Yesterday’s Catch;
NY Report;
Mask Dammit;
F-35 Order;
Newspapers Crucial;
Symptoms Chart;
Boomer Bummer;
Financial Impacts;
Resnick Kingdom;
Fireside Tweets;
Crisis Management;
Mask Briefs;
Virus Exception;
Pandemic Warning;
Petitioning Power;
Testing Shortfall;
Red Crossers;
Pretty Day;
Hell Empty;
Major Transformation;
Pox Credit;
Water Stress;
Pigeon Spotting;
Found Object

Library Closures

Mendocino County library branches and mobile services closures have been extended past the original date of April 6 until further notice. Book drops are closed and locked, and you are encouraged to keep your materials borrowed from the library until it is reopened. All due dates on materials are extended. Karen Horner, county librarian, says, […]

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