MCT: Tuesday, March 26, 2019

MSP’S ‘EYE ON THE NAVARRO RIVER’ Level Starting To Rise — No Flood Danger The Navarro River watershed received around an inch of rain from this last system and the latest reading (12:15pm) from the (upstream) USGS river gauge found the level at 5.60 feet. (Via MendocinoSportsPlus) ======================== PATRICIA BOUDOURES Patricia Ann Ward Boudoures passed […]

MCT: Monday, March 25, 2019

Cold Front;
Russian Aid;
Frisco Bern;
Cannabis Program;
Shooting Suspects;
Mueller Investigation;
Ed Notes;
Watching Vaughn;
Yesterday’s Catch;
War Hawks;
Modest Suggestions;
Candidate Kishineff;
Sister Rosetta;
Glyphosate Ban;
Red-Tail Return;
Berserk Parents;
Sanctuary State;
Philbrick Factcheck;
Impressing Hitler;
The Simpletons;
Citizenship Workshop;
MD 2020;
Transistor Radio;
Low Journalism;
Foley Book;
Harry Houdini;
420 Waldos

MCT: Sunday, March 24, 2019

Rain Cometh;
AV Sirens;
Adios Juan;
Salmon Season;
My Bust;
Navarro Mouth;
Lake Pillsbury;
Justine Fiction;
Mill Valley;
Ed Notes;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Bach Doodle;
Lard Joy;
Climate Talks;
Economic Structure;
Card-Carrying Socialists;
Our Republic;
Nelson Algren;
Pancake Breakfast;
Dem Rot;
Secret Docket;
Old Age;
Succulent Trend;
Marco Radio;
I Bow

MCT: Saturday, March 23, 2019

Mueller Report;
Budget Review;
Gualala Tweakers;
Baseballer Andy;
Cult Radio;
Hoggren Remembers;
Streamlined Process;
Permitting Event;
NAMI Letter;
Yesterday’s Catch;
College Demise;
Annoying Spring;
Greedy Boeing;
College Degree;
Climate Change;
Gender Inspection;
Aussie Skeptics;
AG Says;
Speed Forgets;
Stolen Land;
Earth Day;
Marco Radio;
Found Object

MCT: Friday, March 22, 2019

March Showers;
River Rise;
Spay Day;
Food Crisis;
Equinox Moon;
Moores Appeal;
Erin’s Auction;
County Museum;
BOS Agenda;
Overexcavation Lawsuit;
Gualala Sky;
Shots Fired;
Heroism Awards;
Ed Notes;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Opiate Epidemic;
Be Kind;
Reinventing Beto;
Dem Debate;
Baseball Rot;
Happy Man;
Bad Vibes;
Nuh Uh;
Karma Sparkle;
Military Spending;
Women Composers;
Cal Worthington;
Spring Stehr

MCT: Thursday, March 21, 2019

Rain Coming;
Indoor Sunset;
Remember Yaz;
Rent Legislation;
One-Way Ukiah;
Ed Notes;
Spring Sounds;
Theatre Review;
Biloxi Standup;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Ukiah Concert;
Brady Updates;
NY 1929;
Exemption Check;
Naked Picnic;
Illegal Produce;
American Myth;
LA 1931;
White Trash;
Fox Geographic;
Biden Record

Off the Record (March 20, 2019)

CEO CARMEL ANGELO shocked the Board of Supervisors last week with a surprise mention — not in her CEO report — that the County’s pot permit program was about $2.4 million (!) in the red. The CEO said the figure is based on preliminary numbers to be finalized at the “mid-year” (?) budget review on […]

Valley People (March 20, 2019)

GO, ERIN! It’s Senior Project time at Anderson Valley High! Erin Lane, an 18-year-old horsewoman, daughter of Tara Evans and Robby Lane of Anderson Valley, has an exhibit at Lauren’s Restaurant through Friday, March 29th. Be sure to see it. A couple of years ago, Erin rescued a wild mustang from Shingletown Wild Horse Sanctuary. […]

MCT: Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Some Rain;
Flood Aftermath;
Nacho Tsunami;
Abreu Hearing;
Cannabis Shuffle;
BOS Notes;
Train Trip;
Addiction Knowledge;
Tyranny Lessons;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Better Weapons;
College Fraud;
Middle Class;
Bob Meadows;
Abel Woman;
Lucy Trek;
Chicano Batman;
KZYX Blacklist;
Irish Cures;
Dozer Impact;
Band Audition;
Same Note;
Director Lenberg;
Worship Greed;
Better Chicken;
Cold Beer;
Winter’s Bone

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