MCT: Sunday, September 15, 2019

THE AREA’S FIRST FALL-LIKE WEATHER SYSTEM of the season is expected to bring precipitation to the northern half of CA and NV in the Sun-Mon time frame. The image shows expected amounts. Additional light precip is possible in far northern CA/NV through midweek. ====================== UKIAH SHELTER PET OF THE WEEK – VANILLA Delicious Vanilla is […]

MCT: Saturday, September 14, 2019

Cooling Soon;
Clyde Doggett;
Dem Show;
Roycroft Guilty;
Holy Dope;
Chamberlain Escapee;
Pudding Creek;
Caltrans Projects;
Bad Ideas;
Coit Tower;
Biter Scuffle;
Woof Garcia;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Serra Interview;
Flynn Case;
Prison Bill;
New PA;
Revolving Door;
Vampire Squids;
Beach Crowd;
Shooter Prep;
Fascist Liars;
Quilt Art;
Found Object

MCT: Friday, September 13, 2019

Sunny Day;
Harvest Lot;
Mendo Meeting;
Boonville Services;
Pampas Grass;
Farmers’ Market;
Philo Produce;
Unfaithful Wives;
AV Firefighters;
Home Invaders;
Lady Wisecarver;
Ed Notes;
Reddy Kilowatt;
Ominous Edgar;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Perplexing Cabinet;
Rent Bill;
Firefighting Tactics;
Flood Warning;
Offshore Drilling;
Top 40;
File Claim;
Black Market;
Found Object

MCT: Thursday, September 12, 2019

Heat & Smoke;
Collision Rollover;
Fair Weekend;
Fire Starter;
FB Headlands;
Wildlife Management;
Cop Coffee;
Vaccination Rates;
Ask Me;
Phase I;
Remembering Vern;
Make English;
Quiz Night;
Big Kitty;
Ed Notes;
Manhattan Farmhouse;
Publisher’s Note;
Leaven Truth;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Cremated Remains;
Miles Playboy;
Downtown Ukiah;
Whimsy Art;
Fire Somebody;
County Vacancies;
In Memoriam;
Symphony Concerts;
Huge Brain;
Bloom Blast;
Betty Ong;
Found Object

Valley People (Sep. 11, 2019)

IF YOU’VE NEVER experienced a Boonville Fair, this weekend it’s on, on, on! Fun stuff for children of all ages. I try to get down to the Fairgrounds early afternoon of the opening Friday, when everything’s still fresh, often seeing people not seen in many a moon. Last couple of years there’s been something of […]

Off the Record (Sep. 11, 2019)

THE WINDOWLESS FORTRESS on Low Gap Road called Ukiah High School launched into lockdown for half an hour one afternoon last week because of a vague student comment involving a weapon. School architecture itself was weaponized by Ukiah and most American communities in the 1960s, as a comparison between any new school anywhere compared to […]

MCT: Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Fair Weather;
Abreu Opinion;
CoCo Resignation;
Supes Notes;
Solar Apprentice;
Medical Baseline;
Sailing Yarns;
Two-Basin Solution;
Ed Notes;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Great Strike;
Customers Only;
Poor Parenting;
Tabloid Respect;
Climate Strike;
Union Officers;
Abandoned Wells;
Mo Memo;
Lightning Rainbow;
Eternal Rambler;
Mudslide Tussle;
Flow-Kana Investigation;
Immigration Proposal;
Found Object

MCT: Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Cool Day;
Fair Weekend;
Redwood Highway;
1902 Postcard;
Slower Times;
Hobo Issues;
Ethnic Generalizations;
Virtue Signaling;
Orchard Buyback;
Airstrip Denizens;
Big-Screen Debates;
Courthouse Swindle;
Urchin Infestation;
Recycling Wastewater;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Language Skills;
Needs Glasses;
Old Days;
Blind DNC;
Deep Rot;
Peak Capitalism;
Entitled Victims;
Healthy Flesh;
Open Studios;
100 Years;
Nuclear Power;
Bear Food;
Album Cover;
Naked Ladies;
Big Stories;
Found Object

MCT: Monday, September 9, 2019

Philo Produce;
Native Plants;
Mendo Coast;
Orchard Buyback;
Climate Action;
Peak Boo;
Comptche Arts;
AV Village;
Kritter Karnival;
High Rent;
Manual Entry;
Ed Notes;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Mother’s Voice;
Opening Day;
Park Lions;
Minuscule Wages;
Dem Clubbing;
Tree Bombs;
Outage Plans;
Both Sides;
Nordic Hellscape;
Pentagon News;
Present Collapse;
Official Sources;
Future Listening;
Schrodinger’s Patriot;
Barbarian Country;
Exit Afghanistan;
Fascism Choice;
Losing It;
Cannabis Scares

MCT: Sunday, September 8, 2019

AVFD Henthorne;
Kelseyville Fire;
Shutoff Legislation;
Humco Underwater;
Comptche Arts;
Census Workers;
Unjust Occupation;
Agenda Items;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Las Pulgas;
Your Sign;
Border Angels;
Library Events;
Autumn Colors;
Generator Alternative;
Firesafe Fundraiser;
Dem Differences;
Marcel Proust;
Expanding Base;
Channeled Scabland;
Naval Cats;
9/11 Attacks;
100 Years;
Planting Trees;
Found Object

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