MCT: Sunday, June 28, 2020

Cool Windy;
Pet Sister;
Bloyd Tales;
Red-Shouldered Hawk;
TWK Defenders;
City Lights;
Mask Fine;
Calpella 1910;
PA Testing;
Ukiah 1933;
Lackey Story;
Ed Notes;
Community Policing;
Coyote Valley;
Marijuana Grows;
Art Shelf;
Critical Supe;
Ukiah 1885;
School Scenarios;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Records Hall;
Selfless RCS;
Ukiah Baseball;
Feudalism Returns;
Circular Reasoning;
Fox Style;
Peaceful Officers;
Rock Climbing;
Found Object

MCT: Saturday, June 27, 2020

Cooling Trend;
Mendo Covid;
Sheriff’s Statement;
Ukiah 1956;
TWK Uproar;
Stipp Ranch;
Brown Out;
Opera House;
B Landscaping;
Handley’s Resort;
Fairgrounds Funding;
Museum Decision;
Fawn Cafeteria;
Streetscape Update;
Respect Montauk;
Owl Curse;
Orr Springs;
Ed Notes;
Indian Removers;
Police Reports;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Rotten Apples;
Happy Homeowner;
Kill Law;
Introducing Christianity;
Show Biz;
Trump Girls;
Black v Negro;
Gun Moll;
Stale Fortune;
Fake Candidate;
Shared Frontier

MCT: Friday, June 26, 2020

Hot Today;
FB Punts;
Rejecting Braxton;
Popcorn Clouds;
Oversight Proposal;
Poppy Mix;
Unconfirmed Rumor;
SoCo Lawsuit;
Usal Housing;
Ed Notes;
Covelo Bust;
Rider Gulch;
Scam Calls;
Skyhawk Clot;
Usal Mill;
Department Auditing;
Boonville Farmstands;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Racist Thoughts;
Cottoneva Store;
Progressive Fight;
Arizona Protesters;
Politicizing Masks;
Losing Wetlands;
Rockport Town;
High-Speed Rail;
Found Object

Point Arena Testing

[Jun 29] Redwood Coast Medical Services, Mendocino County Public Health and the City of Point Arena have collaborated to provide free surveillance testing for COVID-19 to residents of Point Arena and the South Coast. The drive-thru testing will be conducted on a first come-first serve basis on Monday June 29 starting at 9:30am and is […]

MCT: Thursday, June 25, 2020

Hot Days;
Budget Approved;
PA Testing;
Macdonald House;
Sacto Tip;
PO Movers;
Who Cares;
Melbourne Store;
School Memories;
Ukiah Pears;
Ed Notes;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Newsroom Fear;
Space Tourists;
Philbrick Overload;
Miracle Diet;
Baby Boomlet;
Hank Aaron;
Oxen Team;
Sweating Bullets;
Tree Fox;
Gagging Applebee’s;
Comptche Melbourne;
Race Relations;
Ida Jackson;
Hendy Women;
Found Object

Off the Record (June 24, 2020)

AN MCN COMMENT deserves a reply, and by golly I’m at the ready: “According to Ted and Johnny’s excellent and clear questions and answers, it appears that there is no oversight authority for the sheriff’s office, other than elections. Can this be correct? Who then deals with complaints (use of force, overzealous plant-pulling, etc)? If […]

Valley People (June 24, 2020)

A TRAVELER WRITES: “I was driving back from Manchester towards Boonville on Mountain View Road on Tuesday, 16 June at around 7pm. All of a sudden I saw blinking red lights in a place where I didn’t think any light should be. It was a semi with two big trailers behind it heading  east on Mountain […]

MCT: Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Slightly Cooler;
Boonville Protest;
Renaming FB;
Hokey Pokey;
72 Cases;
Horse Team;
Ed Notes;
Watered Oxen;
Canned Wine;
Fox Kits;
2020 Class;
Handley To-Go;
Police Reports;
Bath House;
Bostrom Solutions;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Ox Team;
Junipero Serra;
Hot Springs;
Rouse Dislikes;
Bolton Legacy;
Castro Street;
Failing Systems;
Starter Kit;
Political Dysfunctional;
Logs Out;
Horse Whipping;
Climbing Rose;
Gentrification Beautification;
Ran Out;
Black Victims;
Found Object

COVID Cases on the Rise

Miller Report for the Week of June 22, 2020 By William Miller, MD – Chief of Staff at MCDH As of this writing on Tuesday evening, June 23rd, today ten additional new cases of COVID were identified in our county bringing the total number of confirmed cases up to 72, with one patient currently hospitalized […]

MCT: Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Hot Cool;
Media Attention;
Crawford Mill;
Racial Justice;
Blue Meadow Farm;
B Agenda;
Black Phoebe;
Pollinator Week;
Census Week;
Log Spooling;
Testing Costs;
James Gardner;
Bear Hunt;
Ed Notes;
Covelo Main;
Early LakeCo;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Round Valley Creamery;
Germ Theory;
Rough Rider;
Event Horizon;
Rez School;
Storm Warning;
Safe Birthday;
Hands Up;
Typographical Howitzer;
Found Object