MCT: Sunday, February 16, 2020

Mild Week;
William Ornbaum;
Renter’s Deposit;
Ballots Missing;
Baldwin Bench;
Cruise Virus;
Dr. K;
Willits PD;
Best BLT;
Colonel Taylor;
Sako Interview;
Pet Alex;
Hit & Runners;
Print Subscription;
LakeCo Follies;
Cow Wanda;
Homegrown Weed;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Existing Laws;
Reproductive Rifles;
Cad Bloomberg;
Masked Lovers;
Congressional Pettifoggers;
Socialism Scare;
Bronze Agers;
Speaker Twoface;
Decent Guy;
Ask First;
Tat Bros;
God Rules;
Found Object

MCT: Saturday, February 15, 2020

Weak Pulse;
Local Fascism;
Futcher Ashore;
Community Acupuncture;
Returned Wallet;
Funny Valentine;
KZYX v Sako;
Interview Summary;
Dysfunctional Valentine;
Conflating Isms;
CSD Agenda;
Duct Tape;
Tired Driving;
Wildlife Alliance;
Hippie Chicks;
Criticizing AIPAC;
Welcome News;
Tanning Tablets;
Census Jobs;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Hermit Crabs;
Spectacle Fatigue;
Pity the Nation;
Corrupt Democrats;
Conscience Declaration;
Everybody Out;
Pot Wars;
Bernie Bothered;
Impure Thoughts;
Found Object

Saint Patrick’s, Elk

[Mar 14] Sponsored by: Blessed Sacrament Church and Greenwood Community Church Saturday, March 14, 4pm-8pm, Greenwood Community Center Entertainment: Matthew Tyson and the Wild Elk band Corned Beef and traditional rum cakes provided by the churches. Bring a dish of your choice and BYOB. Silent Auction and 50-50 raffle No charge but bring one of […]

MCT: Friday, February 14, 2020

Weak Pulse;
Valentine’s Dance;
Cambodian Welcome;
Grape Harvest;
Weidner Found;
Seeking Calder;
Census Jobs;
Balloon Man;
V Enforcement;
Abortion Access;
B Analysis;
Author Event;
Survivable Weather;
Elk Extinction;
Relax Gringo;
Pekin Promises;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Humboldt Hell;
1956 Platform;
MCBG Arts;
Privilege Pete;
Fo Mo;
Machiavellian Messina;
Red-Baiting Bernie;
Libtard Agenda;
After Trump;
Smug Pilots;
Dalton Story;
Found Object

MCT: Thursday, February 13, 2020

Cloudy Cool;
Noyo Gang;
Quiz Night;
Virus Cruise;
Yorkville Valentines;
Veterinarian Visit;
Eel River Cafe;
District 2 Candidates;
Chainsaw Carving;
Distemper Cases;
No Wi-Fi;
Ed Notes;
Mt Shasta;
Newspaper Gig;
Golden Gate;
Wildlife Films;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Longhair Sound;
Blue Witch;
Corporate Cooperation;
Who Pays;
VD Coming;
Bee Life;
Buddy Card;
Rodin Endorsement;
Three Wishes;
Push Back;
Found Object

Off the Record (February 12, 2020)

DURING PUBLIC EXPRESSION last Tuesday morning, John Sakowicz mentioned in passing that “little oversight is provided for the $20 million the County gives Redwood Community Services.” Sako’s primary subject, however, was the thuggish dismissal of public health director Barbara Howe, who has re-filed an “amended” wrongful termination lawsuit.  SUPERVISOR John McCowen immediately denounced Sakowicz, saying […]

MCT: Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Cooler Days;
Sanders Wins;
128 Open;
Saint Valentin;
RQMC Data;
Coach Needed;
Measures D&E;
Affiliation Endorsement;
Weed v Wine;
Futcher Adrift;
Vineyard Meditation;
Reflective Signs;
FBI Complicity;
Sanctuary Sanctions;
Captains Fantastic;
Humco Tips;
Deescalating Camargo;
Owl Ravens;
Half Educated;
Today’s Youth;
SMART Farce;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Be Afraid;
Millionaire Solidarity;
Carville Obsolete;
Medical Jail;
Seeking Selby;
Brown Derby;
Senior Survey;
Voting Thoughts;
Art Experimentation;
Rodin Fans;
Haul Road;
Cannabis Stories;
Men’s Egos;
Parasite Film;
Deep State;
Presidential Tyrant;
Found Object

MCT: Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Warm Afternoon;
128 Closed;
Dogleg Left;
Ted Talk;
Variety Show;
FUD Antidote;
Boonmoon II;
Mental Data;
Hedge News;
Smokey’s Friend;
Vineyard Stop;
Waldo Affair;
Bean Court-Date;
Gowan Cider;
BOLO Earbiter;
Birthday Snapshot;
Wine Decline;
Mansion Moon;
Queenie’s Return;
Selfish Men;
10,000 Annoyances;
Export Import;
Grim Times;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Battering Market;
Returned Eyesight;
Electoral Combat;
Mind Reclamation;
Hapless Apps;
Practical Centrists;
Easy Amy;
Building Fashion;
Nice Threads;
Exam Prep;
Educator Training;
Paper Redemption;
Target Employee;
Dear DNC;
Found Object