MCT: Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Rain North;
875 Cases;
Todd Capazelo;
Evacuations Reduced;
Kimberlin Book;
Home Invaders;
Princess Bride;
McCarthy Interviews;
Farmers’ Market;
Cop Rally;
Mobile Dems;
Protest Vote;
Peg House;
Pot Permits;
Ukiah Money;
Decent Respect;
Falling Faster;
Library Photos;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Holy Solution;
Contentious Election;
Pomo Hoppers;
Old Ukiah;
Swamp Thang;
Counting Votes;
Planning Commission;
Water Trough;
Irony Dead;
Evacuation Scofflaws;
Found Object

Evacuation Orders Reduced

August Complex- West Zone Evacuation Orders Have Been Reduced To An Evacuation Warning For Areas Of Hearst / Eden Valley WHEN:     Effective Immediately WHERE:     Areas of Mendocino County: Zone AB: South of the Middle Fork of the Eel River, west of Eden Creek, north of Salt Flat, east of Salt Creek. Zone AC: […]

MCT: Monday, September 21, 2020

Autumn Weather;
Evacuations Lifted;
Largest Wildfire;
851 Cases;
MRC Sins;
Rawles Service;
Dem Van;
Pipe Work;
SF Burning;
Pot Program;
Southern Pacific;
Moonstone Beach;
Family Wagon;
Ed Notes;
Healthcare Stocks;
Fox Dream;
Home Invasion;
Desired Object;
Trashy People;
Old Ukiah;
Lord Cat;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Gay Obsession;
Six Guns;
Livery Stable;
Trump Logic;
Creamery Coaster;
Good Writing;
Found Object

More Evacuation Orders Lifted

August Complex – South Zone Evacuation Orders Have Been Reduced To An Evacuation Warning, East Of Covelo, CA WHAT: Mendocino County, Evacuation Orders in Mendocino County have been reduced to an Evacuation Warning. WHEN: Effective Immediately WHERE: Areas of Mendocino County: Zone A: West of the Mendocino County line, south of Anthony Peak and north of Hull Mountain, east […]

MCT: Sunday, September 20, 2020

Paul McCarthy;
Warm & Dry;
849 Cases;
National Guard;
Janet Planet;
Pet Noyo;
White Deer;
Intractable Supes;
Coastal Views;
Ed Notes;
Double DeGurse;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Midwest Campaigns;
Fire Clouds;
CA Sheeple;
Calculated Risks;
Dammit Jim;
Selling Division;
FB Footballers;
Execution Witness;
Proud Cheerleader;
BS Savant;
Gun Love;
Oregon Firefighting;
Replacing RBG;
Found Object

Terrible News From Elk. Paul McCarthy Has Died.

Shane (his son) just announced his death. He died during the night. I don’t know how to best post this, and truthfully, I wish more than anything I didn’t have to. But I would rather you heard it from me. Sometime last night, my father, Paul McCarthy, Passed away. I’m in shock, and … disbelief. Part […]

MCT: Saturday, September 19, 2020

Warm Dry;
Ukiah Hispanics;
Evacuations Reduced;
Ruth Bader Ginsburg;
Radio Covelo;
Sheriff’s Budget;
Early Coast;
Street Trash;
Yard Signs;
Streetscape Update;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Eel Story;
Groundwater Sustainability;
Ken Kesey;
Retard Beauties;
Black Progress;
Soul Possession;
River Name;
Willits Depot;
Journalist Testifies;
Gone Miracle;
Libtard Checkpoint;
Removing Trump;
Laying Hands;
Election Fraud;
Broken System;
Yee Ha;
Overpopulation Issue;
Burning Beatles;
Leaf Blowers

Evacuations Reduced

August Complex – West Zone  Evacuation Orders in Mendocino County have been reduced to an Evacuation Warning. WHEN:     Effective Immediately WHERE:     Areas of Mendocino County: Zone S:  South of the County Line, East of Bell Springs Rd, North of Bell Springs Creek and West of the North Fork of the Eel River. Zone Q:  South […]

MCT: Friday, September 18, 2020

Rain North;
822 Cases;
Modest Arky;
Talmage Sluggers;
Farmers’ Market;
Fair Fundraiser;
Homeless Housing;
Mister Pet;
Herd Immunity;
Sample Ballots;
Vaccine Delivery;
Cannabis Surge;
$33 Million;
Ed Notes;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Alienated Voter;
Election Problem;
Stimulus Tour;
Old Willits;
Democracy Whimper;
Ukiah Playland;
Stalking Tommy;
Ukiah Stables;
Cop Attack;
Horse Team;
Landlord Pres;
Bark Camp;
American Demise;
Rodeo Parade;
Old Ukiah;
McGourty Endorsements;
Found Object

Free Testing

AV Health Center is testing for COVID this Thursday 9/17 at 9-10am at the high school. First-come, first-serve. If you had any risk from labor day, it’s a good time to test!

MCT: Thursday, September 17, 2020

3.3 Quake;
Shower Chance;
817 Cases;
Blue Skies;
Covid Testing;
Todd Capazelo;
Stay Vigilant;
Stanley Crouch;
Tabatha Report;
Ghost Gun;
Another Arson;
Car Radio;
Gualala Broadband;
River Dam;
Marbut Schmarbut;
1949 Bridge;
First McEwen;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Dental Assist;
Old Phones;
California Notes;
More Offended;
Prejudiced Cops;
I’m Free;
Election Fraud;
Herd Immunity;
Old Bottles;
Holocaust Aware;
Shareholders First;
Open Seat;
Online Boycott;
Who Said;
Assange Hearing;
Found Object