MCT: Friday, April 3, 2020

Approaching Storm;
Doohan Duration;
Turkey Tail;
Stabber BOLO;
Distress Calls;
Lost Soul;
Ukiah Homeless;
No Shortcuts;
RCS Statement;
Seed Edict;
Volunteers Needed;
Elderhome Rental;
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Test Everyone;
Local Food;
Joltin’ Joe;
Virus Trafficking;
Doohan AWOL;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Cultish Atmosphere;
Movie Montage;
Pandemic Blessings;
Emile Zola;
Biloxi Days;
Amazon Contagion

MCT: Thursday, April 2, 2020

Pleasant Weather;
Social Distancing;
Grace Brodjeski;
Farrer Building;
Covid Updates;
Black Capitalism;
Spring Is;
Powerhouse Dayla;
Cat Mother;
Kayo Memories;
Foolhardy Policy;
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Pushed Back;
Covid Fund;
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Russian Gulch;
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Pear Festival;
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Paris Commune;
Capitalist Society;
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Stimulus Checks;
Caspar Turkeys;
My Dreams;
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Smell That;
PD Memo;
Transformative Month;
Defense Production;
Opportune Time;
Congressional Reform;
No Excuse;
Only Lonely;
Baby Puff;
Huff Biden;
Found Object

Financial Assistance Tips

When the Mendocino Public Health Official issued the Revised Shelter-in-Place Order on March 24th, it had a termination date of April 7, 2020 but is now extended until further notice.  This is consistent with Governor Newsom’s Stay-in-Place Order.  President Trump just extended his social distance guidelines through the end of April.  Likewise, the Mendocino County […]

MCDH Rumors

As other places in the US start to see exponential rise in the number of patients in their hospitals, we continue to work diligently here on the Coast to be prepared.  Since we still have no patients with COVID-19 in our neck of the woods yet, this is giving us some important extra time to […]

Off the Record (April 1, 2020)

AS OF LATE MONDAY, plague stats for Mendocino County reveal only four infections, all of them travel-related. Ms. Dukett of Public Health explained that Mendo’s tests are sent by courier to a public health lab in Santa Rosa, the round-trip process taking 4-5 days. In theory. But given the number of pendings, it’s taking longer.  […]

Valley People (April 1, 2020)

THIS SILENT CATASTROPHE is moving faster than the reports of its already dire consequences. In the Anderson Valley, people are self-isolating, meaning that citizens are heeding medical advice that social distancing is the best way to beat back the beast. Most businesses around the county, except those selling food (and a few construction operations), are […]

MCT: Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Frosty Mornings;
Rain Totals;
Adventists Prep;
Medical Emergency;
Pay Up;
Covelo 1876;
Ed Notes;
Spit Not;
Wine Sanitizer;
Fog Light;
Garden Starts;
Best Closing;
Farm Box;
Drunken Judge;
$1200 Limit;
Hospitalized Her;
Travel Reasons;
CA Covid;
Release Denied;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Lockdown Results;
Oak Health;
Who’s Delusional;
Chinese Virus;
Hospital Ship;
Civic Reforms;
No Mercy;
Found Object

MCT: Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Lingering Showers;
Confirmed Cases;
Court Measures;
Election Results;
Red Cross;
Covid Life;
Online Friends;
Plague Journal;
Ed Notes;
Distant Stars;
Open Spaces;
Impossible Sale;
Virtual Gathering;
Drunken Judge;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Attitude Adjustment;
Retarded DNC;
Too Much;
Pomo Life;
Do Something;
Small Town;
Dream Journal;
Long Haul;
Paper Fort;

MCT: Monday, March 30, 2020

Fourth Case;
Pipe Vine;
Mail Lady;
Lockdown Duration;
Mendocino Headlands;
City View;
Homeless Response;
Bluff Bucks;
AV History;
Logging Camp;
Arkansas Traveler;
I’m Sick;
Benefit Websites;
Two Toned;
Quarantine Abuse;
Yesterday’s Catch;
NY Spring;
Covid Reparations;
Gothic Update;
Under Pressure;
Housing Homeless;
Fauci Frosting;
Legal Buzz;
Abnormally Dry;
Dream Weekend;
Pothole King;
Hart Documentary;
Heroes & Patriots;
Inordinate Wealth;
My $1200;
Found Object