MCT: Monday, February 10, 2020

ENE Winds;
Variety Show;
Scofflaw MRC;
Fixing B;
Boon Moon;
Where’s Asha;
Low Scores;
Safe Valentines;
School Money;
Job Hunter;
Walter Liggett;
Beetle Bar;
Ed Notes;
Forgot Toddler;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Safely Green;
Bee Weeds;
Ali Statement;
Wildlife Lawsuit;
Ultimate Truth;
Status Crooner;
Two Poems;
Waking Up;
Thistle Removal;
Rush Judgment;
Electrical Checks;
Farmers Convergence;
Found Object

MCT: Sunday, February 9, 2020

Shifting Winds;
Negligent House;
Pet Stephanie;
B Details;
Bohemian Chemist;
V Enforcement;
1923 Fire;
Female Polygamist;
Ed Notes;
No Country;
Nowhere Trail;
Pence Returns;
Widespread Outages;
1876 Scientist;
Civic Failure;
Norma Jean;
Lion Shot;
Groj Sale;
Devil Himself;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Bebe Grande;
Fonseca Art;
Progressive Gathering;
Demented Song;
Roger Kahn;
DCI Vera;
Investing Hitler;
Iowa Saboteurs

MCT: Saturday, February 8, 2020

North Winds;
Ryan Aday;
Eighth Debate;
First Five;
Garberville Cowboys;
Urban Campers;
Online Chatter;
Beatnik Eyeballs;
Whale Watching;
Trophy Hunting;
Doobie Desk;
Whitesboro Spaghetti;
California Prisons;
Yesterday’s Catch;
DNC v Sanders;
Whoa Donald;
Corporate Dems;
Fracking Bills;
Angry Contest;
Slapstick Suicide;
Well Hummed;
MOVE 2030;
Poached Pate;
Acrylic Painter;
Sneaky Pete;
Political Spectrum;
OJ Trump;
Balmy Antarctica;
Trump Koan;
Crane Case;
Found Object

Variety Show

[Mar 6, 7] It’s happening folks! Come be a part of The 2020 Vision at the AV Philo Solar Grange Variety Show! Fri & Sat, March 6 and 7. Different shows each night! Pre-show Tickets Go On Sale at Lemon’s Philo Market and the AV Market in Boonville, March 2-6. Tickets Will Also Be Sold […]

MCT: Friday, February 7, 2020

Candidate Responses;
High Pressure;
Khadijah Gathering;
Renaming Roads;
Boonville Rats;
Tree Trimmers;
Edu Funding;
Mythical Woodpecker;
Top Scum;
Expanding Options;
Dry Spell;
Empire College;
Credibility Problems;
Far Left;
Unintended Evicting;
Medical Extortion;
PA Earthquakes;
Twice Burned;
Risk Assessments;
Tidal Event;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Troop Support;
Bipartisan Puppet;
Epic Gesture;
Dangerous Music;
GOCO Power;
Von Trapping;
Democratic Travesty;
Found Object

MCT: Thursday, February 6, 2020

High Pressure;
CPS Story;
112th Birthday;
Abreu Update;
Flynn Astaire;
Allman Auction;
V Enforcement;
Kirk Douglas;
Recommended Reading;
Cocktail Napkin;
Supervisor’s Report;
Joan Crawford;
Yorkville Market;
Drugs Bag;
Narcissus Bloom;
Zebulon Popped;
Noe 1901;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Failed Impeachment;
Pumping Pete;
McGourty Radio;
Inbred Sociopaths;
Election Hypocrisy;
Bad Calls;
Bluster Check;
Republican Plan;
Barbaric Dispossession;
Rose Care;
Klingon Politics;
Agent Orange;
Counting Help;
Iowa Update;
Education Funding;
Found Object