MCT: Sunday, March 29, 2020

Third Case;
Shelter Animals;
Local Shopping;
Philo Schoolhouse;
My Shrink;
Green Hills;
Ed Notes;
Ukiah Overlook;
Suicide Reporting;
Sunny’s Donuts;
Boont Menu;
First Case;
Covid Explained;
Airbnb Notice;
OB Closing;
Rental Nuance;
Coronavirus Advice;
Garden Club;
Covid Tracker;
True Insurance;
Tax Extension;
Handyman Al;
Miserable Bastard;
Courts Order;
5-Minute Test;
Crafty Cat;
Huffman Said;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Great Healing;
Operation Covid;
Elmhurst Hospital;
Look Glamorous;
Vote Trump;
Mr Superlative;
U.S. Stats;
Athlete Activists;
Locust Swarms;
Great Friday

MCT: Saturday, March 28, 2020

Light Rain;
Stuck Inside;
Ted Talk;
Sunny’s Donuts;
Supe Interview;
Cruise Passengers;
Super Judgy;
Cautiously Optimistic;
Pilot Speaking;
Employee Screening;
Mime Troupe;
Testing Results;
California Numbers;
Ed Notes;
Rubble Removal;
Ukiah Mural;
Nourishing Food;
Guns Essential;
Economic Lesson;
National Health;
Insurance Racket;
Demand Medicare;
Insurance Gaps;
Leaf Litter;
Forced Liquidation;
Amazon Workers;
Milk Truckers;
Lutz Alone;
Pandemic Literature;
China Numbers;
Found Object

MCT: Friday, March 27, 2020

Increasing Clouds;
Health Order;
Planetary Distancing;
Serious Problem;
Grate Again;
Ed Notes;
Restraining Order;
Treatment Practice;
New Ventilators;
PA Closures;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Tragic Karma;
Our Leader;
Financial Relief;
Tests Negative;
Demoralized Masses;
Communist Bride;
Terrence McNally;
Dresden 75;
Bathroom Slot;
Corona Spain;
U.S. Hotspots;
Owner Greed;
Lockdown Scenarios

MCT: Thursday, March 26, 2020

Dry Day;
Press Conference;
Noyo Suicide;
Boonville Cleanup;
Stimulus Checks;
Socialism Price;
Saturday Supper;
Balo Gates;
Local Fare;
Changing Light;
Ed Notes;
Touching Hands;
Crucial Questions;
Pill Monday;
Pandemic Guidelines;
Park Closures;
TP Tailgunner;
Big Rock;
Silver Linings;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Networked Ninth;
No Guarantee;
Virus Q&A;
Money Power;

Letters (March 25, 2020)

Twice now over the past week, county officials, replying to the question of offering some property-tax relief to homeowners, have answered that only the state can extend the due date. This is true, but what they are not saying is the county can waive penalties and interest for late payments.

Off the Record (March 25, 2020)

TRUMP SAID LAST TUESDAY he wants to send cash to Americans suffering from the coronavirus crisis. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin added that “The payroll tax holiday would get money to people over the next six to eight months. We’re looking to send checks to Americans immediately. Americans needs cash now and the president wants to give […]

Valley People (March 25, 2020)

THE WAY it seems to be working out, we’re the beneficiaries of a kind of cordon sanitaire that has so far kept the plague to the south of Mendocino County. The virus is centered, as of Sunday, in the Bay Area and decreases with each county north, and even in the Bay Area it hasn’t […]

MCT: Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Cold Wet;
Stimulus Bill;
Second Case;
Help Poor;
Today’s Society;
Courts Suspended;
Supes Discuss;
Last Supper;
Closing FB;
Superiority Demo;
Ed Notes;
Dimwit Proclamation;
Dr Fauci;
Alcohol Therapy;
Covid Postcard;
Dystopian Nexus;
Yorkville Market;
Empty Shelves;
Wine Mask;
Olympics Postponed;
Change Direction;
Healthy Diet;
Quarantine Size;
Unsafe Amazon;
Press Access;
Titan Concern;
Emerald City;
Found Object

MCT: Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Frost Advisory;
Confirmed Cases;
Revised Order;
Street Scenes;
Ed Notes;
Returning Home;
Little Dog;
Little Valleys;
Vet No;
Planning Cancelled;
Doing Nothing;
Low Info;
Waldo Distancing;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Plague Journal;
Testing Tip;
Power Politics;
Freezer Run;
Mother Nature;
Bailout Logic;
CV Observations;
Disaster Response;
Hologram Fading;
Iceberg Mask;
Food Distribution;
Not Invited;
Beachcomber Motel;
SF Coyote;
July Olympics;
Extra Ingredient;
Criminal Negligence;
Tough Nancy;
Hawaiian Lockdown;
On Coughing;
Next Move