Valley People

CURTIS ‘CURT’ BERRY, long-time resident of upper Greenwood Road, has died. We hope to have a full obituary in next week’s paper. POINT ARENA’S high school baseball team is justly proud of being the first Mendocino County small school baseball team to win a Northcoast Sectional championship. Coached by Jerry Moyles and assisted by Trevor […]

Mendocino County Today: June 6, 2012

PLEASE WRITE LETTERS OF SUPPORT FOR BILLY MAYFIELD’S PAROLE TO: GOVERNOR JERRY BROWN, STATE CAPITOL BUILDING, SUITE 1173, SACRAMENTO, CA, 95814. CURTIS ‘CURT’ BERRY, long-time resident of upper Greenwood Road, has died. We hope to have a full obituary in next week’s paper. POINT ARENA’S high school baseball team is justly proud of being the […]

Mendocino County Today: June 5, 2012

RAY WHITTAKER is a good ref and a good guy. Anybody who’s attended a local ball game over three generations of Mendocino County high school kids can attest to his steady, competent fairness. He has belonged to the Redwood Empire Officials Association (REOA) for more than 34 years — football, baseball, softball, volleyball and basketball […]

Mendocino County Today: June 4, 2012

A READER sends along this comment with some unkind assessments of the mental acuity of AVA staff: “Every time someone tells me how ‘logical’ and ‘rational’ males are relative to females, I merely point to the nearest tax-subsidized sports stadiums where middle class moron males are swilling beer that costs $8 a cup after paying […]

Mendocino County Today: June 3, 2012

ACCORDING to Saturday’s SF Chronicle, the city’s coyote population has grown to 13. How the cunning little beasts got established in the city was a mystery until DNA testing, and then a photo, revealed that the SF coyotes were from Marin County. Golden Gate Bridge cameras confirmed a lone coyote jogging across the Bridge late […]

Mendocino County Today: June 2, 2012

THE FEATURED FILM at this weekend’s Mendocino Film Festival is — ta dah! — Who Bombed You Know Who, featuring Darryl Cherney who will be present “for what promises to be a lively discussion.” Saturday night, Crown Hall. A narcissistic monologue is what the saps who pay their way in will get, as Cherney and […]

Mendocino County Today: June 1, 2012

ON A VOTE 74-0 Assembly vote Wednesday, Assemblyman Huffman’s bill to create new funding sources for state parks now moves to the State Senate. It would also require State Parks to upgrade and expand its fee collection to allow people to donate to parks by buying special license plates or checking a donation box on […]

Mendocino County Today: May 29, 2012

OCCUPY MENDOCINO has been denied permission to hold meetings at the spacious Fort Bragg Senior Center. Which is odd because most of Coast’s Occupiers are themselves fully certified geezers. It’s not as if a gang of Black Bloc-ers wanted to use the place to assemble Molotov cocktails. WE HADN’T HEARD anything about the FB Senior […]

Letters To The Editor

NOT JUST WOMEN Editor, Mendocino Coast Clinics sent an article to the Fort Bragg Advocate-News about celebrating National Women’s Health Week. “It’s Your Time” is the theme of the article with the implication that women sacrifice and put their own needs last compared to men and children. But men and boys need equal time when […]

20 Minutes From Disneyland

Dear Editor and readers, Thanks again so much for the support and subscription all this time I’ve been down. It’s made this state tour almost bearable. I’m currently locked down in Chino, California on a “layover” awaiting a bus seat to Jamestown. I know when the California Department of Corrections calls this a “layover,” it […]

Valley People

JUAN LERMA, 46, of Fort Bragg, has been identified as the man killed by a falling limb early Monday morning off the old Masonite Road near Navarro. An experienced faller with Shuster Logging, Lerma was struck by a “widowmaker,” as the sudden fall of unexpected tree limbs is known among loggers. Unheard by their victims […]