Valley People 2/3/2010

 UNCONFIRMED reports say the Boonville Brewery is in escrow, with the sale valued somewhere between $7 and $10 million. The Boont brews were first concocted in downtown Boonville in the middle 1980s by Ken Allen and David Norfleet, a chiropractor and a carpenter respectively. Soon, the beer was winning awards and distributed throughout the United […]

Valley People 1/27/2010

WHEN 128 COLLAPSED last week and stayed collapsed not far from the Sonoma County line for three days, locals got in and outtahere either by the Ukiah Road or via Mountain House Road through Hopland. (Caltrans deserves high praise for its quick and ingenious repairs at that clay-slidey site.) Is it even necessary to report […]

Valley People 1/20/2010

A FIRE at Highland Ranch destroyed a cabin and a vehicle parked beside it Saturday night. The blaze was reported about 11, sending fire trucks speeding along Ray’s Road, across the Navarro, through Shenoa, and deep into the west hills where the resort is located. Chief Wilson said by the time the first crew arrived […]

Valley People 1/13/2010

BOB MATHIAS was found dead Monday morning at his ranch six miles south of Boonville. Mathias was a former school superintendent and the founder of the Redwood Classic Basketball Tournament. An obituary will appear in next week’s paper. BOONVILLE was eerily quiet this week, the first week without the Lodge. Central Boonville has a big […]

Off the Record 1/13/2010

MENDO PEOPLE close to the dope trade say “dimes were dropped” in the Schlosser case, probably lots of them. Ukiah resident Deborah Schlosser, 56, wife of Bert Schlosser of the Mendocino County Alternate Defender’s office, has been sentenced to 18 months probation and a $10,000 fine in Utah (of all places) for transportation of 162 […]

Off the Record 1/6/2010

THIS POOR GUY, a walking advertisement for single payer health coverage, was booked into the Mendocino County Jail a few days ago for missing probation appointments, probably because he couldn’t lift his tumor off his pillow. Seriously, though, this is the kind of thing that happens to people in a country with NO health care for […]