Mendocino County Today: May 8, 2012

RYANE SNOW has passed away. The popular Coast mycologist was best known for generously sharing his vast knowledge of mushrooms with three generations of locals. Snow, who held a PhD in chemistry, was the go-to mushroom guy on the Mendocino Coast. He’d lived in Mendocino County since 1982. ABSENTEE BALLOTS were mailed out to Mendo […]

Mendocino County Today: May 6, 2012

THE CITY OF FORT BRAGG has presented the late Vern Piver’s family with a proclamation honoring the universally popular Piver, known and admired thoughout Mendocino County, for his many years of community service. The new flagpole at the high school varsity baseball field features a plaque at its base in memory of Piver, among the […]

Mendocino County Today: Cinco de Mayo, 2012

MENDOCINO REDWOOD COMPANY is selling 1,138 acres of timberland in three parcels for $3.7 million. One parcel is 589 up the Noyo River Valley east of Fort Bragg. The other two are near Montgomery Woods. Mendocino Redwood, owned by the Fisher family of San Francisco and GAP clothing, maintains 229,000 acres in Sonoma and Mendocino […]

Mendocino County Today: May 4, 2012

CHRIST JESUS SAVE US ALL! According to the most terrifying press release we’ve ever received, Stacey Lawson has announced the formation of her “Mendocino County Leadership Cabinet,” not one of whom has the slightest influence with any more or less cognizant Mendo Person but there’s an ongoing debate as to the reach of cognizance in […]

Chris Diaz Update

To Honorable Judge Ellis: I am writing to inform you that I was coerced into signing the plea agreement. This is my motion to withdraw my plea agreement, entered on the 29th of March 2012. I move to have a hearing on the illegal coerced plea. I also move to represent myself and have counsel […]

Mendocino County Today: May 3, 2012

LAWSUIT Challenges Four-lane Willits Bypass Freeway That Would Destroy Wetlands, Salmon, Rare Plants. SAN FRANCISCO— The Center for Biological Diversity, Willits Environmental Center, Redwood Chapter of the Sierra Club and Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC) filed a lawsuit in federal court today challenging the approvals and environmental review for the Willits Bypass, a proposed four-lane […]

Letters To The Editor

BRAUTIGAN: WARTS & ALL Editor, Make no mistake about it: I love Richard Brautigan. I really love Richard Brautigan. He was as much a part of my early literary training at the Writing Seminars Department at the Johns Hopkins University as anyone I can think of. Brautigan was out-of-this-world creative — otherworldly, innocent, child-like, fanciful, […]

Off The Record

ALTHOUGH MENDOCINO COUNTY law enforcement, from the Sheriff’s Department to the DA’s Office, seems unanimous in their conviction that Dr. Peter Keegan murdered his wife of 30 years, Susan Keegan, the case against the Ukiah family practitioner and marijuana advocate appears to be stalled, if not case closed. Why? In a word, incompetence. In two […]

Valley People

A FIVE-TON truck registered to Veritable Vegetable of San Francisco overturned on 128 Monday shortly before noon about a quarter mile from the Yorkville Fire Station. The truck, which had just made a stop at Boonville’s Boont Berry Farm, was southbound empty after delivering the organic produce Veritable specializes in to markets from Boonville to […]

Mendocino County Today: May 1/2

THE PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY, TUESDAY, JUNE 5TH, 2012 — THE AVA RECOMMENDS: • PRESIDENT: There’s no choice. Both candidates represent the concentrations of wealth that have brought us to where we are, which is rolling, unaddressed catastrophes negatively affecting every area of American life. We suggest a vote for Rocky Anderson, former mayor of Salt Lake […]

Mendocino County Today: April 30, 2012

THAT WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENTS’ DINNER the other night nicely sums up the true state of the nation. We had the president functioning as co-master of ceremonies with a comedian as unamusing as he was, along with a bi-partisan collection of mediocre professional officeholders of the Panetta-Gingrich type supplemented by female “celebrities” with large breasts and […]