Off the Record 7/15/09

TYLER NELSON is the son of Hopland Grape Grower and County Planning Commissioner Greg Nelson. Tyler appeared on News last week, posed as he stood beside the Nelson’s huge full-to-the-brim pond as he sung the praises of drip irrigation. Drip irrigation is better than flood irrigation or sprinkler irrigation, but how much better? Don’t […]

Off the Record 7/8/2009

THE SCANDAL-RIDDEN Redwood Coast Senior Center, Fort Bragg, just keeps on reeling. The center’s business manager, Janice Tholmaides, is being sued by a Louisiana-based bank for defaulting on a $650,000 property deal in Baton Rouge. THE SENIOR CENTER’S former director, Joe Curren, as revealed by this year’s Mendocino County Grand Jury, took severe advantage of […]

A Very Special Where Are They Now?

 Two sisters who are graduates of Anderson Valley High School- Isidora (Dora) and Claudia Jimenez have come a long way. This summer I encountered both of them working for Jose Delgado in Migrant Education through Americorp as we share an office in the AVHS Career Center. Claudia has just completed her BA at Mills College […]

Valley People 7/08/2009

HUNTER JOHN BLOYD, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Bloyd, Navarro, died suddenly in his sleep last week. Graveside services were held for little Hunter at the Studebaker Cemetery, Philo, this morning, Wednesday, July 8th. LOCAL INTERNET Pioneer Scott Pratt has discontinued his attempts to expand services much beyond the Farrer Building, downtown […]

Valley People 7/1/2009

PAPERS were delivered a day late most places last week because of a techno-mix-up at our usually infallible Willits printer, Printing X-Press. A COMMUNITY BLOOD DRIVE will be held at the Boonville Firehouse Saturday, July 11th from 11am to 2pm. The Blood Bank of the Redwoods will be tapping AndersonValley’s highly coveted Boont Royal Blue, […]

Off the Record 7/01/2009

WHEN GOVERNOR SCHWARZENEGGER proposed closing 220 state parks to help ease the $24 billion (and deepening) state budget shortfall, the federal government said that if the state shuts its parks, the feds will take them over. The feds say closing state parks violates two laws that require state parks receiving federal funding (most of them) […]

California Ballot Propositions, AVA Recommendations

BUDGET ASSUMPTIONS at all levels of government, at this point in the ongoing and clearly irreversible economic collapse, change from day to day as the bad fiscal news rolls in. Even if the recent budget balancing works temporarily with these stop-gap initiatives, the state faces a renewed deficit commencing July 1st when the new fiscal […]

Great Moments in Public Radio

KZYX, January 1, 2009. Wildoat Living. Host: Joanna ‘Wildoat’ Cummings. Cummings: How can we use communication and connecting with each other to continue to fuel our level of energy for, for, for making changes in the world, uh, in a way that nourishes and feeds us as opposed to draining us? Caller Maire Alight: I’m […]

Quick Draw Wattenburger

JIM WATTENBURGER no longer functions as County supervisor. He decided, he said, to retire after one four-year term. Wattenburger has now attended his last meeting as an elected official. His four years in office paid him $65,000 annually plus an array of perks for himself and his family most Americans do not enjoy. As a […]

Deconstructing Glenda

Last Wednesday, there was an article in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat entitled “North Coast water plan greeted with howls,” by the PD’s Ukiah reporter Glenda Anderson. The piece was loaded with spectacular errors and much misinformation. The second sentence declared, “The proposed state regulations are intended to improve salmon habitat and primarily affect farmers seeking […]

What’s Wrong With Wiggins?

STATE SENATOR PAT WIGGINS, whose increasingly erratic public behavior was recently noted by the AVA, startled a public hearing last week when she suddenly and inexplicably swore at committee witness Pastor Robert Jones. Sen. Pat Wiggins interrupted Jones’ testimony to say, “I think your arguments are bullshit.” The exchange left Jones, the senior pastor at […]