Off the Record 7/29/2009

THE CLINT SMITH case will be back in the haphazard Willits courtroom of Judge Clay Brennan on August 4th. Smith is the charter school teacher who has pleaded guilty to unlawful sex with one of his students, a 15-year-old girl. He’s supported by a large bloc of morally blind Willits Nice People, pardon the redundancy, […]

Valley People 7/22/2009

DR. APFEL of the Anderson Valley Health Center called Tuesday to say that the late Salvadore Aguilar, only 20 when he died, had not been seen at the Anderson Valley Health Center, let alone informed there that he had AIDS. Aguilar was found dead at the Greenwood Bridge two weeks ago. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s […]

Off the Record 7/22/2009

CLINT SMITH appeared in court last Thursday, the Honorable Clay Brennan presiding, presiding in the Willits branch of the Mendocino County Superior Court over what’s shaping up as an Only In Mendo Classic. Smith is the Willits teacher who, for months, had regular intercourse with a 15-year-old female student, downing Viagra for daylight sessions with […]

Moroccan Adventure

 Last winter I had the opportunity to discover my roots on my father’s side in the country of Morocco. This was my first time flying by myself and so I was nervous about switching planes, but managed just fine and arrived in France in one piece. I was born and raised in France and so […]

Valley People 7/15/09

CHRISTIAN CAMARILLO, 17, of Boonville was seriously injured early Tuesday morning when Agustin Balandran’s 1989 Honda, with Mr. Balandran, 18, apparently asleep at the wheel, ran into a tree, causing the Balandran’s vehicle to roll over several times, throwing young Mr. Camarillo from the vehicle before it came to rest on Mountain View Road near […]

Off the Record 7/15/09

TYLER NELSON is the son of Hopland Grape Grower and County Planning Commissioner Greg Nelson. Tyler appeared on News last week, posed as he stood beside the Nelson’s huge full-to-the-brim pond as he sung the praises of drip irrigation. Drip irrigation is better than flood irrigation or sprinkler irrigation, but how much better? Don’t […]

Off the Record 7/8/2009

THE SCANDAL-RIDDEN Redwood Coast Senior Center, Fort Bragg, just keeps on reeling. The center’s business manager, Janice Tholmaides, is being sued by a Louisiana-based bank for defaulting on a $650,000 property deal in Baton Rouge. THE SENIOR CENTER’S former director, Joe Curren, as revealed by this year’s Mendocino County Grand Jury, took severe advantage of […]

A Very Special Where Are They Now?

 Two sisters who are graduates of Anderson Valley High School- Isidora (Dora) and Claudia Jimenez have come a long way. This summer I encountered both of them working for Jose Delgado in Migrant Education through Americorp as we share an office in the AVHS Career Center. Claudia has just completed her BA at Mills College […]

Valley People 7/08/2009

HUNTER JOHN BLOYD, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Bloyd, Navarro, died suddenly in his sleep last week. Graveside services were held for little Hunter at the Studebaker Cemetery, Philo, this morning, Wednesday, July 8th. LOCAL INTERNET Pioneer Scott Pratt has discontinued his attempts to expand services much beyond the Farrer Building, downtown […]

Valley People 7/1/2009

PAPERS were delivered a day late most places last week because of a techno-mix-up at our usually infallible Willits printer, Printing X-Press. A COMMUNITY BLOOD DRIVE will be held at the Boonville Firehouse Saturday, July 11th from 11am to 2pm. The Blood Bank of the Redwoods will be tapping AndersonValley’s highly coveted Boont Royal Blue, […]