Valley People 12/30/2009

OF ALL THE FILMS that will be shown at the forthcoming Anderson Valley Film Festival at the Philo Grange the weekend of January 29th to January 31st, don’t miss Rivers of a Lost Coast, a documentary narrated by Tom Skerritt who played the Rev. Maclean in A River Runs Through It.

Off the Record 12/23/2009

THE COUNTRY may be sliding into permanent Depression, but Mendocino County’s judges, already more numerous in relation to the County’s sparse population than they are in any other county in the state, are apparently going to get themselves a new Courthouse, complete with indoor parking to spare their majesties the indignities of sharing public sidewalks. […]

Off the Record 12/16/2009

DR. RICHARD MILLER, MA, PhD and New Age audio avatar, may also be a literal carpet bagger. The doc seems to have bagged a valuable carpet belonging not to him but to the Mendocino Art Center where Miller also functions as trustee. During preparations for the Art Center’s 50th Anniversary celebration this Saturday, Dr. Miller […]

Valley People 12/16/2009

 THOSE FETCHING little woolen dolls at the Knitted Brow in downtown Boonville are the creation of a young Polish artist named Katrin Laskowski who was born in Lodz where she also attended Art College and received her B.A. in Graphics and Painting before going off to post-graduate work in Basel, Switzerland. Ms. Laskowski now lives […]

Valley People 12/12/09

 THE FARMER’S WEATHER report is the only accurate one around here. Last Saturday, as the weather cuties on television were warning of a huge rain storm that would smack NorCal by Monday, the farmers said it wouldn’t rain for another week but it would get real cold indeed. Sure ’nuff, no rain, a half dozen […]

Off the Record 12/9/2009

THIS GUY SAID to me the other day, “You know what the problem is with this county?” Limo Libs running everything? I guessed. “Nope,” he said, “it’s our government bringing in all these Mexicans and giving them Escalades.” I hadn’t heard about Immigration’s Escalade program, but I had just read the latest study by the […]

Off The Record 12/2/2009

TRAVEL ADVISORY: The Heeser bathrooms in downtown Mendocino have been closed. They proba­bly aren’t dank enough, but whatever the reason the Heeser tombs been replaced by a coed Port-A-Potty which, in the words of a recent visitor, “Are unbe­lievably dirty, beyond anything I’ve seen any place in the world.” GRINGO, origins of. A scholar named […]

Valley People 12/2/2009

GUIDO PRONSOLINO died Monday at his home in Yorkville. He was 83. A full obituary will appear next week, but a potluck celebration of Guido’s life will be held this Friday (December 4th), 1pm at the Home Arts Building, Boonville Fairgrounds. SEPARATION of church and state notwithstanding, a Las Posadas celebration sponsored by Sueno Latino […]

Valley People 11/24/2009

THE BOONVILLE LODGE and its 13 jobs are being killed by an absentee landlord, a Sebastopol man named Johnson. The Lodge will be dead by January the first. Johnson has more than doubled the lease price he charges the popular bar and restaurant from $1500 to $3500. The increase is not only beyond unreasonable, it’s […]

Off the Record 11/25/2009

A COUPLE of phone calls to Fort Bragg officials were not returned, silent confirmation that an outside investigator based in Danville has been hired by Fort Bragg to evaluate the job performance of Fort Bragg Police chief, Mark Puthuff.  THE TENTATIVE PROPOSAL to apply the 10% bed tax to Mendo campgrounds has been abandoned, as […]

Off the Record 11/18/2009

AS STATE PARKS cut back access hours they’re also closing many park restrooms as additional cost saving measures. I say privatize all public toilets! Of course the free enterpriser winning the contract would have to agree to attend to them during the hours the park was open. Wouldn’t you pay a buck to relieve yourself […]