MCT: Friday, May 1, 2020

Mild Dry;
Medina Missing;
Grad Quintanilla;
Blood Drive;
Grad Ferreyra;
Plant Sale;
Grad Martinez;
Lockdown Questions;
DA Request;
Closed Sign;
1925 Bookmobile;
Lucky Owners;
Honey Pie;
Egg Stand;
Strong Man;
Wifi Concern;
Big Fir;
Farmers’ Market;
Bearded Iris;
Ed Notes;
Sea Hawk;
Superhero Logic;
Silver Lining;
Clip Art;
Filmmakers Respond;
Comfortably Smug;
Beach Wood;
Historic Drop;
Shill Biden;
Shopping v Camping;
Big Shots;
Found Object

MCT: Thursday, April 30, 2020

Light Drizzle;
Covid Update;
Grad Anguiano;
Evelyn McManus;
Grad Kerski;
Opie Hendricks;
Grad Medina;
Exorbitant Lease;
Testy Exchange;
SIP Updates;
Floral Art;
Cookhouse Mayhem;
Willits Sunset;
Bridge Jumper;
Who Rules;
Ed Notes;
Trust Science;
First Wave;
Wear Mask;
Nabbing Thieves;
Chinese Village;
Beach Access;
NY Stickball;
Student Photographs;
Yesterday’s Catch;
Economic Weaknesses;
Healing Behavior;
Trump Cult;
Ambulance Drivers;
Rural Broadband;
Market Volunteer;
Spiritual Renewal;
Challenging Time;
November Election;
Soft Strong;
Food Cooperatives;
Found Object

Off the Record (April 29, 2020)

RECOMMENDED VIEWING: Michael Moore’s “Planet of the Humans,” available free now on YouTube. COUNTY CEO ANGELO asked the Supervisors today to consider diverting some Measure B money to Camille Schrader’s psych programs, the CEO cryptically mentioning “somewhat of a disaster” without identifying which disaster she was referring to. Not to be too harsh about it, […]

Valley People (April 29, 2020)

ETHEL MEEKS Age 93. Passed April 18, 2020 Ukiah. Ethel was preceded in death by her husband Jim and her son John, son-in-law and three great grandchildren. Ethel is survived by her daughter Helen (Rick), daughter Carol, son James, 9 grandkids, 17 great grandkids, and 6 great great grandchildren. Due to the pandemic, there won’t […]

Surveillance Testing Results

Last Wednesday, April 22nd, Mendocino County, Mendocino Coast Clinics, Coastal Street Medicine, Mendocino Coast Hospitality Center and the City of Fort Bragg collaborated to launch community surveillance testing for COVID-19. Surveillance testing is used to determine if undetected community spread is present. No one tested showed any signs of the virus. That’s the point. It […]

About COVID Testing

There are two different types of tests for COVID-19 caused by a coronavirus named CoV-SARS-2.  These tests either use something called PCR to detect the genetic material of the virus by swabbing either the nose or the back of the throat; or test blood for the presence of antibodies to the virus.  Let’s look at […]

Comptche BBQ Cancelled

Dear Friends, Family and Comptche Community, Due to the uncertainty of Covid-19 spread and in the interest of public safety the Comptche Volunteer Fire Department is cancelling our annual Father’s Day Chicken BBQ for 2020. Please plan on joining us for our best ever Fathers Day Celebration in 2021. We deeply appreciate your tremendous support. […]

Music Festival Cancelled

It will likely come as no surprise to you that we have had no choice but to cancel our Festival 2020 season and the benefit events scheduled during that time. Given the ongoing Coronavirus crisis, it became increasingly unlikely that gatherings would be possible in July, so we finally had to make this difficult and […]

MCT: Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Cooling Trend;
Surveillance Results;
Coast Color;
Covid Testing;
Cleone Store;
BBQ Cancelled;
Stone Amuck;
Reopening Mendo;
Philo Produce;
Steiner Vent;
Belligerent Gabel;
Coon Sentenced;
Laroy’s Tantrum;
Red Cross;
Call Al;
Camp Funston;
Liberate Tasting;
Joe Notes;
Liberate Bookstores;
Farrer Store;
Liberate FB;
Ed Notes;
Yesterday’s Catch;
No Music Fest;
Orange Pickers;
Novel Virus;
Water Filter;
MCBG Online;
Rifle Shack;
Our Caligula;
Sea Fortress;
Mideast Conundrum;
Found Object

MCT: Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Warm Inland;
Fuzzy Steiner;
Boont Memories;
Wasson Tower;
Chief Report;
River Protection;
Boonville 1915;
Insidious Bug;
Milky Way;
Covelo Testing;
Heroin Search;
Neighborhood Burglar;
Mill Creek;
Yesterday’s Catch;
13 Things;
Acrobatic Archer;
Feline Predators;
1970 Unrest;
Sculpture Trail;
Davos Dreaming;
Everybody Knows;
Bigger Cheaper;
Early SF;
Great Conundrum;
Young Journalist;
Supply Chain;
Lucky Strike;
Dog Poop;
Old SF;
FB Library;
Found Object

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