Who Saw It Coming?

(from the AVA of September 12, 2001) Tuesday’s onslaughts on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon are being likened to Pearl Harbor and the comparison is just. From the point of view of the assailants the attacks were near miracles of logistical calculation, timing, courage in execution and devastation inflicted upon the targets. The Pearl Harbor […]

Animal Rights & The Nazis

In April 1933, soon after they had come to power, the Nazis passed laws regulating the slaughter of animals. Later that year Herman Goering announced an end to the “unbearable torture and suffering in animal experiments” and—in an extremely unusual admission of the existence of such institutions—threatened to “commit to concentration camps those who still […]

Butterfly’s Descent

The Butterfly has landed with a thud heard round the Northwest. On Saturday December 18, Julia Hill, aka Butterfly, descended from her aerie in a redwood near Stafford, California, touching ground for the first time in two years. The landing earned encomia from the press, including a spot on ABC’s Good Morning America, and a […]

The Battle for Seattle

SEATTLE — Tuesday evening, this city is under martial law. National Guard helicopters are hovering over downtown and sweeping the city with searchlights. There was a 7pm curfew flouted by thousands — those same thousands who captured the streets, sustained clouds of tears gas, volleys of rubber bullets, concussive grenades, high powered bean cannons and […]