‘Massive Increase in Abnormal Behaviors…’

Mendocino County Sheriff Matt Kendall said this weekend that Covid is sparking “a massive increase in abnormal behaviors” among citizens, attributable to pandemic fatigue and shelter in place orders. These human behaviors play out in small ways – at first – like shorter fuses on anger, and increased substance abuse. When these issues are not […]

Standoff On Albion Ridge

A traffic stop attempted by a Mendocino County Deputy Sheriff on the morning of July 17 in Point Arena ended 15 days later in dramatic fashion with more than a dozen police cruisers and an armored personnel carrier deployed against a local man barricaded inside his truck and threatening to light himself on fire on […]

What’s in a Name?

In predictable if disappointing fashion, the Fort Bragg city council voted late Monday night to punt on the issue of changing the name of the only California town from that honors a Confederate general. When presented with the opportunity to make a historic and bold statement, the council, after a marathon public meeting, instead voted […]

With Calum

I met two young men in the dark and lonely intersection at Little Lake Road and the Coast Highway on Wednesday night. I was on my way back home, walking up Little Lake, past the ballfield in Friendship Park. It was very dark, but I had a small flashlight and I was reassured by the […]

The Summer of Apollo 11

The fast approaching 50th anniversary of the successful launch, landing upon the Moon, and recovery of Apollo 11 this week seems an auspicious and fitting occasion to remember my father and some of our times. My father is 87 years old. His name is Skip, and odds are will turn 88 on the 27th of […]

An Encounter

My female companion at the water mentioned it first. The closeness. But I had also seen the girl and a man, almost certainly her father, as they waded in the stream 25 feet away. She was about 12, he in his 40’s, and they were were barefooted in the cold water of the one of […]

Mural, She Wrote?

Mendocino, CA. July 17, 2017 — It had all the trappings of the shopworn and thread-bare 1980-something NBC-TV mellow-drama “Murder, She Wrote.”  Strange stuff indeed.  The only reason that the old bird has any wings at all in these parts is that it was set at our lovely and authentic Hill House here in Mendocino-town. […]

Alex Osorio, Requiescat in Pace

Alex Osorio died on April 24, 2017. He was killed in the woods. He was 22 years old. When Alex was three his mother moved from Mexico and singlehandedly settled her family in Fort Bragg. Just her, Alex, and older sister Jasmin, then 10, now a young woman of 29. Alex attended the local schools […]

Cardinals Place Second, and Move On

The Mendocino High girls varsity basketball squad continued their extraordinary season last week  in mixed fashion last week, convincingly beating Emery in the opening game of NCS playoffs before losing the League title match against Rincon Valley Christian in Santa Rosa Saturday night. One result of last week’s action is a new banner for their […]

Cardinals Advance to Championship

The Mendocino High school girls Varsity basketball team delivered an after-school lesson in the fundamentals of the game to Emery High school as they thrashed the visiting Spartans 58-34 in the second round of Division 6 NCS League playoffs on March 1. And now the Cardinals will travel to the big city – to Santa Rosa – on Saturday night as they carry the hopes of Mendocino County with them into the Championship game of the CIF NCS League Division 6.

Gunfight At The Boonville Corral

One thing is certain about the first meeting between these two cross-county rivals, which Mendocino won when they hosted Anderson Valley on the stormy coast last month: The game was far closer than the 61-48 final score suggested.  And there was no way to rate the sheer physical intensity of the game on the scoreboard. […]