ATM Comes to Boonville!

On Tuesday ground was broken on the new ATM project here in Boonville. I’ve been in meetings with Redwood Credit Union for the past year or so to bring an ATM associated with the credit union to the Live Oak property. We had a few discussions regarding location that had to encompass electrical and access […]

Illogic & Waste at the Building Department

This is my story of my recent experience with the Building Department for Mendocino County. It is probably not going to be a surprising story for anyone who has had to deal with this department but if my experience is typical, things really need to change. Before I get started, I want to say that […]

Boonville’s a Century Late, But…

On Tuesday evening, January 29, 2019, I attended a “Boonville Planners” meeting regarding the water and sewer project for the town of Boonville. The project has been in the works for about four years, although the idea has been around since the 1950s. This current iteration was prompted by Frank Wyant who was frustrated that […]

Fair, Not Falling & Fall Again

The County fair two weekends ago was a fun one; the nicest weather in a long while for the fair was enjoyable too. My husband and I went down on Friday evening and explored as much as possible in a few hours – this means we saw the ag building, the arts building and the […]

Going to LA for WomanUP!®

I’m going to WomanUP!® in LA this week.  I haven’t done anything like this in a long time; in fact, not since I worked at Century 21 and went to a one-day event.  That was about eight years ago, so perhaps I’m due?  The California Association of Realtors® is hosting this event.  It’s for women brokers […]

Infrastructure? For Boonville?

Yes. Eventually. An actual water and sewage disposal system is well into the planning stages, and we learned last Thursday evening (June 7th) where it all is in the process at a meeting of the people planning this project for the Anderson Valley Community Services District (CSD). This meeting included members of the CSD; members […]

To Philly & New York

I had a wonderful trip to Philly and New York. It started out a little rough as I missed my flight out of SF at 8:30am – there was a lot more traffic than I expected. However, I did safely make it to Philadelphia around 11:30pm. I took my first Lyft ride with a nice […]

Visiting Friends In New York & Philadelphia

Later this week I’m flying to Philadelphia to visit friends that just moved there from Brittany, in France.  Then I’ll be driving up to New York with another friend from Philly to spend the weekend with a bunch of gals I went to Fordham with.  We all turn(ed) 50 this year and we’re gathering to […]

Paris to Boppard

The room — Our trip, what I’m calling our European Adventure, began on the 30th of May with our flight to Paris. This segment of the trip is from Paris to Boppard. That morning we drove to the airport arriving in plenty of time; we made our way through security, though not without Van getting […]

Water & Sewer In Boonville

Last Thursday evening two engineers from Brelje & Race, Consulting Civil Engineers out of Sonoma County, met with a group of local folks calling themselves the Boonville Planners. The engineers are Dave Coleman and Jack Locey; Mr. Coleman spoke on the prospective sewer system and Mr. Locey on drinking water. Members of the local group […]