AV Rents & Wages

A few weeks ago a client asked me to fill a rental vacancy for her.  I posted the home on Craigslist and on the local Facebook page for Anderson Valley, Boont-Swap. A bit of a verbal dust-up ensued because one person commented about what she perceived as the high cost of rentals in the Valley. […]

Water & Sewer for Boonville?

Last Wednesday evening I attended the Community Services District’s (CSD) water and sewage meeting held at the Fairgrounds dining room in Boonville. It was a very informative meeting, well-run, speakers kept on topic and kept moving and ending on time. And well attended. I didn’t take a head count, but my guess is that about […]

Philo to Vegas to Sedona

The days before we left for Las Vegas were a bit of a whirlwind. It seemed that several people decided that week was the week to do real estate related stuff – showings, new listings, just talk about showings and new listings and so forth. It was great and I even felt a little guilty […]

Adventures In Hauling Grapes

I have now hauled a total of 14 tons of grapes from our vineyard on Greenwood Ridge. About half of that went to Sonoma and half to Forestville. The Forestville drive is shorter and the roads are nicer. My first load went to Sonoma and I used Google Maps to get directions and they were […]

Valley Dilemma: Housing

I was recently part of a group of Valley folks gathered to discuss issues in the Anderson Valley and to suggest some possible ways forward. This was all theoretical and at the behest of a local non-profit. There were several areas of concern, but one of the biggest and the one that concerns me the […]

Wrecked! Greatest Mendo Maritime Disaster!

After easing into the harbor and finding the loading chutes occupied, the Cabot’s captain decided to put to sea and wait out the choppy water. As she came about she got very near the cliff on the south side of the bay and found herself in a precarious position despite dropping both anchors. A rowboat […]

Fog & Tomatoes

Just a couple of days ago I sat sweltering in the heat, feeling like even a sundress was too much clothing for the temperature of the day. Today I wear long sleeves, tights and boots as I watch the fog swirling around town. It’s like winter swept in overnight and it’s a bit discon­certing. Is […]

Rural Neighborliness

Hi all. I’m taking a different tack this month and fol­lowing up on something requested: In last week’s edition of the Anderson Valley Advertiser a local woman wrote a letter to the editor complaining about her new neigh­bors trespassing on her property. They were apparently trying to find their property lines — by walking around […]

Home Buyer Tax Credits Expiring

The two home buyer tax credits are expiring at the end of April. To take advantage of them, besides meeting their general requirements, you need to be under contract to buy a home before the last day of April. This should also be a wake-up call to anyone thinking of listing their home for sale […]