C. R. Johnson Knew What He Was Doing

There’s no Wikipedia page on C. R. Johnson but there should be. He could have named Fort Bragg “Johnsonville”, had he been vain, rather than the visionary he turned out to be. When Johnson obtained the Civil War-era Fort buildings in the formation of what became Union Lumber Company he had a generational family photograph […]

The Guest House Museum Road Show

New York City is investing $43 Million into their “New Museum” this year, as cities all over America invest tens of millions into their museums with new wings, additions and restaurants with fine dining attracting millions of tourists. The City of Fort Bragg has decided that museums are for private proprietors like the Triangle Tattoo […]

Eating Out With BB Grace

If it wasn’t for the Fort Bragg mayor’s award, Taco Bell would get no award at all according to Mexican Food Lover’s poll last March that lauded Dallas based Taco Bueno the BEST Mexican food in the USA. Taco Bueno has 175 locations, none in CA, where Chipolte’s owns hundreds of their 1500 franchises, and placed second.

Mendocino Coast’s Best Sacred Cows

For years, my favorite burger in Mendocino County is Mina’s Burgers in Covelo. Worth the awesome drive, which is saying a lot for someone who prefers to cook at home, and thinks my own burger is the best. Now what I’m about to share, some of you may disagree, and some may not appreciate because I understand that when you have a special place you really don’t want everyone to know about it because you’re already phoning your order in as to not wait in a long line. Also, there is such a thing as too much success, and it could be that Sea Pal Cove Restaurant, 32390 North Harbor Drive, (707) 964-1300, is going to experience too much success this year. Why?

Eating Out on the Mendocino Coast

What I really wanted was a spicy bloody Mary. I don’t know what it is about the bloody Mary, as it really doesn’t matter how it’s made, but where it’s made. The bloody Mary is the perfect choice of beverage when dining near the ocean. Breakfast, noon or night, the tomato enhances the saltiness of […]