Zozobra: Santa Fe’s Burning Man

Wrap up all your troubles and woes and give them to Zozobra to be carried away. Zozobra is a 40-foot tall marionette that has been torched by a dancer for the last ninety years in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Part Burning Man part Magic Company; Zozobra is also called EL Rey del Diablos and Old […]

The Ballerat Bandit

The story of a man named the “Ballerat Bandit” has many parallels and contrasts to the Aaron Bassler story that captured the North Coast’s attention in 2011. The Ballerat Bandit ran in the desert in and around Death Valley while Bassler roamed the tree covered wilderness of coastal Mendocino. The Ballerat Bandit, identity unknown, broke […]

Tribes Sue Over Desert Solar Sites

On January 7, a confederation of native American groups sued the federal government over the location of six planned Solar sites. According to court documents, the projects include the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating Project (Bright Energy), the Blythe Solar Power Project (Chevron Energy Solutions and Solar Millenium, LLC), the Imperial Valley Solar Project (Tessera/NTR), Chevron […]

More Greed Than Green: Desert Solar Gone Mad

The iconic Mojave Desert is viewed by most as a bar­rier to Las Vegas, the water parks of the Colorado River or spring training. Vast, lifeless, barren, desolate, monotonous, nothing but sun wind and gravel. Nothing lives there — an ideal place for solar power. Except the desert is not lifeless. In the old days, […]