Life on the Navarro

The air still cuts and the wind is ringing every tree leaf in The Valley, but before you know it, we will all be back at our favorite swimming holes, looking for shade trees. My favorite place to swim, as a kid, was what we called, the “Tie Chute”. At one time, this was a […]

The Death of Mickey Bloyd

Many years ago this summer, I was standing in the Shield’s Cemetery at the graveside services for Mickey Bloyd. It wasn’t necessary for me to think back to my high school years in Boonville — they were all around me.  Mickey was the youngest and largest of the Bloyd brothers. Mickey had died of natural […]

The Knife Fight

I directed the actor Slim Pickens in a TV spot for the Forest Service one time. He was an actual cowboy in his early years and then got into acting. His most famous role was in the movie, “Dr. Strangelove” where he played the character, Major ‘King’ Kong. He was also a rodeo announcer and […]

My Summer Of Dope

When I returned from vacation, the field separating my house from the cottage was filled with marijuana plants, 22 in total, and they were all about six feet in height. The smell, in the warm summer air, was quite potent.