Threshing Day in Anderson Valley

As far back as the mid 1800s, wheat has been raised in Anderson Valley. In 1864, John Gschwend converted his water powered sawmill on Mill Creek to mill flour. In 1881, a flour mill with an 16 foot diameter water wheel was built on Indian Creek, near Philo. However, most of the wheat raised in […]

Where Was That Railroad, Anyway?

The Albion River Railroad was incorporated in 1885. It started out as a logging railroad to supply logs to the Albion Mill. The locomotives were brought in by sea and the rail line started at Tidewater Gulch, 3 miles up river from the mill. From there, the logs were floated to the mill and the […]

Forty Years of Homesteading

In 1973 I bought forty acres of steep, forested land at the end of a dead end road on the Nash Ranch. It was five miles from the paved road and was totally off-grid. My nearest neighbor was over two miles away. There was a one-room summer cabin with a propane cook stove and a […]