Where Are The Old Timers When We Need Them?

There is a timelessness to Marshall Newman’s recollections of the “way it used to be” in pre-urbanized Anderson Valley (not The Anderson Valley you and Jed Steele imagine exists). His perspective, however, on the rarity of the California Nutmeg and Incense Cedar differs from mine and from other ramblers about the Valley’s woods and pastures. […]

Research And The River (Part 4)

One of the ways this reporter has lived the Navarro River is visiting its swimming holes on those steamy hundred degree days in August when there’s nowhere else in the Valley to be after 11 AM. Bobby Glover, the renowned Navarro historian and last of the Guntlys to live here used to recite a mantra […]

Who Uses What? Research & The River (Part 3)

This week’s inquiry attempts to identify the other major kinds of water usage in the Valley beside irrigated agriculture the community needs to acquire information about in order to understand the extent of its water resource available to residents and businesspeople today and in the future.

Research & The River (Part 2)

These articles were begun in early February this year in an atmosphere of deep anxiety from the driest thirteen months this reporter had ever seen in 43 years in Anderson Valley. Since then, at least at my station, the gods have smiled, over seventeen and a half inches of rain at our end of the […]

Research & The River

Almost a year ago an important document about a primary resource sustaining the Anderson Valley community was published with little local notice or comment. A report called Meeting Agricultural Water Needs In The Navarro River Watershed is the work of the University of California Cooperative Extension Service Mendocino County office research team of seven under […]