Murder On Peachland Road

This is a sequel to my story about the burning of Lone Tree. Maybe ten or twelve years later, along about 1993, my daughter Wendy had gone off to college (not at 18, but a couple of years later) to UC Santa Cruz. One weekend she came home to Boonville with a college friend named […]

Lone Tree

How many of you remember Lone Tree? Is the long ridge running south east and north west, north of Boonville still called Lone Tree Ridge? My daughter, Wendy Rowe, painted the accompanying picture back in the 90s, based on her idyllic childhood memories of living on Tony Delaqua’s homestead on Peachland Road. When Guy and […]


I imagine you all know who Freda Fox is. Isn’t she the oldest living person in Anderson Valley now? Freda is not only the oldest person in the Valley, but she is also the friend I have known the longest. Here’s why. Before I moved to Anderson Valley in 1973, my sister and brother-in-law, Charity […]

Protecting Peachland

I was recently chatting with Jan Pallazola and she mentioned the current project of the Save the Redwoods League purchasing a conservation easement on the Maillard Ranch. So I found the flyer online and was delighted to read about this project. It is exactly, on a large scale, what we were trying to do, on […]

Homesteading in Anderson Valley

The recent story about the Hollisters in Comptche and their history prompts me to want to share some of my experiences from the 1970s on Peachland Road, as well as what I know of the previous history of our property. I transcribed the diary of Clem Heryford which the AV Historical Society has for sale. […]